Survival Shovels

A good survival shovel is a hard weapon to beat. Blending a variety of features, a reinforced shovel or military trench tool is a tactical choice that blends weaponized features into a helpful tool to have around the camp. It goes without saying that the survival shovels at Dark Knight Armoury are great for digging. They are a big help for fortifying your camp with barricades or digging holes and trenches to use as traps or pitfalls. However, once preparation for the zombie attack ends, these survival shovels become deadly weapons. Made from quality materials like tool and carbon steel, these shovels feature sharpened edges and weighted heads that allow them to easily take a zombie apart. Swung like an axe, they can chop with ease. The flat of a shovel can also work like a makeshift hammer to smash zombie skulls. Our survival shovels come in a variety of sizes. Military trench tools and tactical shovels are generally smaller, about the size of a hatchet, while our reinforced civilian models recreate full sized garden tools with more combat applications. So if you need a tool and weapon but can only afford to get one, grab a survival shovel from Dark Knight Armoury.
Colombian Field Survival Shovel
The multi-use Colombian Field Survival Shovel can be used as an axe, throwing knife, shovel, or saw. This all purpose tool is a great addition to your camping gear or bugout bag, freeing up space from more cumbersome equipment.
Price: $55.00
Folding Claw Shovel
If you are going to use a shovel as your weapon of choice, then the Folding Claw Shovel is the one to use. Far from your normal shovel, this unique tool has a rotating head that can be used as a weapon in three distinct ways.
Price: $40.00
M48 Tactical Shovel
The M48 Tactical Shovel is the ultimate heavy-duty shovel, as well as a fine defensive weapon. You can use it to dig trenches and work around camp, and then turn around and smash, slash, and bash zombie heads with ease!
Price: $77.00
Round Survivor's Shovel
Anything is better than nothing when it comes to arming yourself for a zombie outbreak. Even a shovel, like the Round Survivors Shovel, can make an effective weapon for defending yourself from the shambling hordes of walking dead.
Price: $25.50
Special Forces Shovel by Cold Steel
Never underestimate what a good shovel can do. This Special Forces Shovel was designed to be great, not just good. Modeled after the Soviet Spetznaz shovel, this item is a survival and utility tool and potential self-defense weapon.
Price: $32.00
On Sale For: $25.60

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