Zombie Survival Weapons

To survive the zombie apocalypse, you are going to need real weapons. Dark Knight Armoury has you covered in that area, because we have functional weapons and survival tools that are perfect for keeping you alive in the worst of situations. So if you need a hatchet, a knife, a trail axe, or a machete for your own survival, pay us a visit and we will get you one that suits your need. When it comes to fighting off the zombie horde, you have a lot of choices. Axes are always a good choice, whether they are small belt hatchets or big wood axes for splitting logs and cutting down trees. Blades are a standard, and you cannot go wrong with either a good combat knife or a full-sized machete. You can even arm yourself with throwing blades, to assault zombies from afar! Those are just the basics. You can expect to find things like baseball bats and combat shovels here as well. Some are dedicated weapons, but most are multipurpose tools that you can easily use while camping, as well as to fight and slay zombies that might ambush you in the night! We also carry an assortment of unconventional weapons, swords, and slingshots. All of them, though, feature elements that mark them as great zombie apocalypse tools and weapons, including cool zombie and Z-hunter graphics, patterns, and designs. You will not be able to scavenge weapons like these during the apocalypse, so make sure you to get them from Dark Knight Armoury before the zombies rise!
Zombie Axes, Skull Hatchets, Fire Axes, Wood Axes and Hand Axes
When it comes to zombie slaying, no weapon is more iconic than the fire axe. Of course, that is not the only type of axe. Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a wide selection of different axes and hatchets for you to choose from. Some have inherent zombie or skull graphics, making them quite impressive to see, while others are straight-forward survival and camp tools that also double over as great zombie slaying weapons.
Zombie Knives, Zombie Daggers, Zombie Combat Knives and Zombie Survival Knives
It may not be your main zombie slaying weapon, but that does not mean that your knife is any less important. Something of a catch-all, a good knife is a must-have for any number of situations. Any of the knives and daggers offered here at Dark Knight Armoury in our zombie section will serve you well in virtually any task, and that makes any one of them a must-have. You just have to find the one that suits you best.
Zombie Hunter Machetes, Zombie Slaying Machetes, Bush Machetes, Black Machetes and Survival Machetes
Time and time again, when a zombie hunter needs a weapon, it is the machete that many look for, and for good reason. The machete is a well-balanced and easy to use tool, as useful camping as it is at hunting zombies. For that reason, Dark Knight Armoury has plenty of machetes to offer in our zombie section, so that you can have the perfect blade for battling the undead in your own adventures.
Zombie Throwing Weapons, Zombie Throwing Knives, Zombie Throwing Axes and Zombie Throwers
Few can deny that fighting a zombie up close and personal is a dangerous thing to do. After all, one bite or scratch, and it might just be all over for you! So why take the risk, when you can instead arm yourself with an array of incredible throwing weapons from Dark Knight Armoury. That way, when you face down a zombie, you can put a knife through its skull and ensure it never even reaches you!
Tactical Slingshots, Survival Slingshots, and Slingshot Ammo
The slingshots at Dark Knight Armoury are lightweight and worthy of consideration as a weapon to survive the zombie apocalypse. These tactical survival slingshots are made to be functional weapons, with strong bands that propel shot at high speeds to create a significant impact. They also sport comfortable grips and arm supports, to ensure the best hold and steady aim when used.
Survival Shovels, Combat Shovels, Military Shovels, and Trenching Tools
Common tools become survival weapons in the zombie apocalypse. The survival shovels at Dark Knight Armoury mimic traditional shovel shape but are made with tactical combat in mind, creating a durable tool that is as helpful around camp as it is deadly to the zombies you face. Many echo military styles, while a few are reinforced civilian models.
Unconventional Weapons, Zombie Katana, Zombie Swords, Bats, Spears, and War Hammers
Grab an unconventional weapon from Dark Knight Armoury when you want to stand out in a crowd. Our selection includes a variety of historical and fantasy weapons that are not exactly common during a zombie apocalypse, including military sabers, katana, war hammers, and spears. We also offer unique weapons, like bats, functional fantasy swords, pick axes, bladed knuckle dusters, claws, and more.

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