Womens Zombie Costumes

Who said that a zombie lady cannot be elegant or lovely? Well, it can be kind of hard to achieve, thanks to the gore, although that has not stopped Dark Knight Armoury from trying. Our selection of womens zombie costumes includes plenty of classic zombie looks that heavily feature blood and gore, as well as more tasteful costumes that show off a unique sense of style alongside its undead theme. Our womens zombie costumes are all stellar kits that include almost everything a lady needs to transform herself into a member of the undead. Great for Halloween, themed events, zombie walks, haunted houses, and more, our selection includes zombie bride costumes, zombie maiden costumes, bloody nurse costumes, corpse bride costumes, bloody lab coats, and more. Good for a scare and fun to wear, the womens zombie costumes at Dark Knight Armoury are a perfect way to show off how lovely the undead can truly be.
Biohazard Zombie Nurse Costume
Nurses normally offer comfort and care when you are injured or sick. Not so with this nurse. When you are dressed up in this Biohazard Zombie Nurse Costume, you will look like a flesh eating ghoul ready to feast on the weak and sickly.
Price: $30.00
Bloody Apron
Is that human blood, zombie blood, or animal blood? You will never know. The Bloody Apron looks like it could have belonged to a butcher before the zombie outbreak. But now, it looks like it could belong to a flesh-eating zombie.
Price: $2.00
Bloody Butcher Apron
You will look just like a real butcher when you put on this Bloody Butcher Apron! What kind of butcher you are, though, is left to personal choice, although the gratuitous blood spatters will lead others to their own conclusions.
Price: $21.00
Chop Shop Butcher Costume Apron
Customers who prefer the taste of human flesh frequent the shop of this murderous fiend. Inspire fear in the hearts of your fellow partygoers, or send haunted house participants screaming with the Chop Shop Butcher Costume Apron.
Price: $15.00
Dark Zombie Bride Costume
Traditionally, all a zombie bride had to do to find a zombie groom was pick a man and turn him into a zombie. With the Dark Zombie Bride Costume, you will have men lining up to join the ranks of the walking dead, all for you.
Price: $40.00
Enchanted Zombie Princess Costume
Who said that happily ever after had to end? With the Enchanted Zombie Princess Costume, you can have an eternity with your dream prince! Crafted entirely from fine polyester fabric, this whimsical maiden brings life to the undead.
Price: $60.00
Lady of the Swamp Witch Costume
They say that deep within the toxic swamp lives an old witch who could grant you a single wish, but beware the consequences of such an act. Now you can wield this incredible power by wearing the Lady of the Swamp Witch Costume!
Price: $109.80
Undead Cheerleader Costume
Sometimes even zombies need help to put a pep in their step. By combining the spirit of a cheerleader with the iconic zombie, you can give them the motivation to continue their march when you wear the Undead Cheerleader Costume!
Price: $35.00
Womens Bloodless Bride Costume
You will experience more than just cold feet on your wedding day when wearing this dress. In the Womens Bloodless Bride Costume, you will feel the chill of the grave in the tattered remains of your wedding gown.
Price: $45.60
Womens Corpse Bride Costume
This unfortunate lady did not made it long past the altar! When you dress in the Womens Corpse Bride Costume, you will look like an undead bride who has just risen from the grave to locate her similarly unfortunate groom.
Price: $132.00
Womens Drop Dead Gorgeous Costume (Plus Sizes)
A beauty queen, this lady certainly is not. This Womens Drop Dead Gorgeous Costume (Plus Sizes) will transform any girl into deathly diva who has had a bad run-in with a knife. Not that a little impaling has slowed her down any.
Price: $38.00
Women's Punk Zombie Costume
Why stop partying when the sun comes up when you can embrace the living dead and party for an eternity? In the Womens Punk Zombie Costume, you will look like a gothic rocker chick who chose an undead life of rock and roll.
Price: $32.00
Zombie Beer Maiden Costume
Since the worldwide spread of a strange virus, the Oktoberfest has become the OktoberFeast. Try to avoid getting stains on your Zombie Beer Maiden Costume when serving up a platter of brains and a tankard of blood to undead customers.
Price: $38.00
Zombie Bride Costume
Are you a bride who dreams of marrying the zombie of her dreams? Instead of a traditional dress, you should wear the Zombie Bride Costume to ensure that when that special day comes, you look like the ghoul of his dreams.
Price: $40.00
Zombie Butchers Apron
The hunt for fresh meat has left the apron of this undead butcher a little the worse for wear! The Zombie Butchers Apron shows off fake blood smears, hand prints, and other gore, including exposed intestines and ribs.
Price: $14.00
On Sale For: $11.20
Zombie Housewife Costume
This dress is a dreadful piece that will go a long way in transforming a mild-mannered housewife into a ravenous, flesh-eating ghoul. With its black and white polka-dot design, the Zombie Housewife Costume was once quite trendy.
Price: $48.00
Zombie Lady Costume
If there is one way to look like an elegant lady before and after death, then it is to dress stylishly. After you come back as the walking dead, as long as you are wearing your Zombie Lady Costume, you will continue to look pretty.
Price: $60.00
Zombie Leggings
Why does zombie clothing wind up looking tattered and ragged? Because zombies are not all that concerned with taking care of garments. Despite that, the Zombie Leggings are still a stylish pair of black leggings that any woman can wear.
Price: $8.00
Zombie Pirate Women's Costume
With its tattered, old-world look, the Zombie Pirate Womans Costume gives the appearance of a ghostly pirate wench who looks as though she were chased down and attacked by something that cared not for gold and jewels but human flesh.
Price: $40.00
Zombie Prom Costume
All eyes will be on you when you shamble onto the dance floor wearing your Zombie Prom Costume! They could be watching you because of your sleek, stylish dress, or they might be worried that you are going to eat their brains.
Price: $36.00

"'As an all around Rennie and LARP Gamer, i enjoy, love and worship every aspect of the things you do especially by bringing to life the items from the Lord Of the Rings trilogy. Because of your wonderful service and'exquisite items i have every bit of my Dragon Tamer Outfit completed and simple enjoy the looks on kids faces when they pass me at fairs. Soon i will have the Eldarian Elf costume created all thanks to the wonderfully glorious & extensively Divine Items your Shop holds. Thank you all for making my dream of being a Prince Come true."

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