Zombie Masks

When it comes to great zombie costumes, you have a few options. You can do face paint and apply prosthetics, or you can wear a mask. At Dark Knight Armoury, we support both options, and for those who prefer the mask, we offer a stellar selection of sinister, striking, and scary zombie masks that will inspire nightmares in all those who see them! Quality is a key factor in our zombie and monster masks. Each one is made from the best materials with the utmost detail possible. Our zombie masks range from decayed monstrosities to freshly turned corpses, allowing you to create the zombie look best suited to you. Others feature bloody boils and gory wounds, so you can also look like a zombie that recently attacked some of the living. For survivors, we also offer a selection of gas masks, so you can shield yourself from the noxious fumes and infected air. Undead monster and corpse masks of various sorts can also be found here, as Dark Knight Armoury wants to make sure that you have as many options as possible, to better build your ideal undead look with the perfect zombie mask.
Aida Mask
This gruesome looking mask is ghoulishly unpleasant, inspiring all sorts of unpleasant thoughts. With its festering sores and haggard features, the Aida Mask is an impressive look no matter what type of unpleasantry you wish to be.
Price: $43.80
Ancient Nightmare Costume Mask
Letting out its spine-chilling shriek, this monstrous creature announces its reawakened thirst for human blood. The Ancient Nightmare Costume Mask depicts a menacing, vampiric monster as it opens its fanged mouth in a howl.
Price: $46.00
Ancient Skull Mask
There is nothing that time has not touched. A skull from times long past is no exception. Embrace the remnants of what time leaves behind with the Ancient Skull Mask, the best way to combine the classic skull with everyday adventures.
Price: $31.80
Armageddon Android Skull Mask
Replace the bone with metal, the muscle with hydraulics, and the blood with oil, and you will transform a skull into a robot, just as this Armageddon Android Skull Mask has transformed the skull into the visage of a mechanical monster.
Price: $33.00
Army Green Costume Combat Helmet
No good soldier would ever march into enemy territory without a combat helmet. Zombie survivors can learn a lesson from this and only advance towards a zombie horde when protected by an Army Green Costume Combat Helmet.
Price: $10.00
Aztec Skull Costume Mask
Sacrificed in a brutal display of might and power, this ancient warrior has risen from the grave to seek vengeance. The Aztec Skull Costume Mask displays a weathered skull with intricately carved designs over its head.
Price: $50.00
Beast Silver Wolf Mask
Transformed into a hideous beast by the power of the full moon, this lycanthrope has lost all sense of humanity. The Beast Silver Wolf Mask shows off long pointed ears, large fangs, and a blackened nose at the end of its snout.
Price: $26.00
Beast Wolf Mask
Transformed into a hideous beast by the power of the full moon, this lycanthrope has lost all sense of humanity. The Beast Wolf Mask shows off long pointed ears, large fangs, and a blackened nose at the end of its snout.
Price: $26.00
Big Rotten Zombie Mask
Zombie experts know that not all zombies rot and waste away to nothing. Some mutate and become something more. This Big Rotten Zombie Mask allows you to become one of the undead, bloated and ravaged by infection.
Price: $66.00
Billy Punk Zombie Mask
What do you get when you combine punk rock and zombification? You get the Billy Punk Zombie Mask, a gory zombie look that features classic punk style, as well as an insatiable hunger for human flesh, blood, and brains!
Price: $47.80
Biohazard Agent Mask
When the risk of zombie infection reaches pandemic levels, the only thing you can do is strap on your gas mask and hope for the best. This Biohazard Agent Mask will make you look like a hardened survivor, complete with gas mask.
Price: $24.00
Biohazard Zombie Dust Mask
This Biohazard Zombie Dust Mask might seem oxymoronic, although any zombies who find themselves wearing it will not mind a bit. This accessory looks like a classic dust mask, only it is covered in radioactive waste.
Price: $2.00
Biohazard Zombie Respirator Mask
This Biohazard Zombie Respirator Mask could almost be mistaken for the real thing, if not for its vivid toxic-green coloration. Mimicking the appearance of a respirator mask gives this accessory incredible detail and versatility.
Price: $8.00
Biohazard Zombie Surgical Mask
A surgical mask covered in certifiably dangerous, biohazard materials qualifies as an oxymoronic item at its finest. It is this definition that makes the Biohazard Zombie Surgical Mask a fantastic accessory for a zombified doctor!
Price: $2.50
Biter Costume Mask
The gnawing teeth on this creepy member of the undead are sure to send a shudder up the spine of anyone who sees them! The Biter Costume Mask begins your transformation into a grotesque figure that belongs deep in the grave!
Price: $40.00
Blind Zombie Mask
There is nowhere on earth you can hide from zombies forever, for even the blind can sniff you out. With the Blind Zombie Mask, you can remind everyone you come upon just how futile their chances of escaping your clutches truly are!
Price: $39.80
On Sale For: $29.85
Blood Feast Mask
The Blood Feast Mask is the fourth out of six licensed designs created by Jeff Death in collaboration with Trick or Treat Studios. This elaborately realistic latex mask covers the entire head and features a vampire demon appearance.
Price: $50.00
On Sale For: $39.10
Blood Lust Monster Mask
The very image of vampiric violence, this Blood Lust Monster Mask offers a chilling glimpse at how monstrous a true vampire can really be. And that makes it perfect for bringing a sense of terror to your next monster or vampire costume.
Price: $150.00
Bloodsucker Costume Mask
Unreasoning thirst is the only drive that this creepy monster feels as it pursues its next meal. The Bloodsucker Costume Mask transforms your visage into the vicious snarl of a freaky orc-like creature that is spattered with gore.
Price: $44.00
Bloodthirst Costume Mask
This horrifying monster has recently sated its powerful bloodlust, yet it will gladly gorge itself if another victim comes too close. The Bloodthirst Costume Mask shows off the wrinkled gray visage of a demonic vampire.
Price: $44.00

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