Girls Zombie Costumes

Cute little zombie girls are a staple of classic horror. Unassuming and innocent looking, they lure heroes and heroines in, who remain unaware until the danger is all too real to avoid. Dark Knight Armoury allows your little girl to transform herself into a zombie, either for Halloween or for special events so that she can shock, awe, and amuse others with her undead antics. Our kids zombie costumes for girls includes a variety of classic looks for little ones to feature, including traditional zombie styles, little girl zombie looks in bright colors, and even cheerleader zombies. Each costume is a complete look, so they are ready to go the moment you get them. They all also mesh well with our zombie accessories, so masks, blood, and prosthetics go well with them too. Whether it is for Halloween, for a zombie walk, or just for fun, Dark Knight Armoury has girls zombie, undead, and horror costumes that are perfect for your little own to wear and enjoy.
Cheerless Leader Girls Costume
Somebody has to cheer on the dead, right? If your young girl wants a costume that is both cute and creepy, this Cheerless Leader Girls Costume is the perfect way for your little one to have the best of both worlds this Halloween.
Price: $38.00
Child's Orange Biohazard Zombie Jumpsuit
If it has always been your childs dream to become a zombie, then there is no better way than with this Childs Orange Biohazard Zombie Jumpsuit. In this attire, they will be the worst, or the best, zombie that they can be!
Price: $30.00
Zombie Girl Costume
Dress your little one in this Zombie Girl Costume and she will look like a tiny gothic beauty. She will also happen to look like a member of the walking dead, as well as possibly the only zombie in history to be labeled cute.
Price: $32.00
Zombie Girl Tween Costume
During the zombie apocalypse, the undead come in all shapes and forms, even that of little girls! Your pre-teen can transform herself into an adorable member of the walking dead with the help of the Zombie Girl Tween Costume.
Price: $26.50

"Got here very fast and my son absolutely LOVES it (DK4000). It's constructed beautifully and he'll be able to wear it for a long time. He's a small six year old and wears the buckles fully closed, so this can be part of his Ren Faire costume for years. Thanks!"

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