Fake Teeth, Zombie Teeth, and Undead Teeth Prosthetics

The sight of zombie teeth can be traumatizing, as they often accompany a close brush with death! At Dark Knight Armoury, we eliminate the threat and the risk of infection by instead offering a selection of fake teeth that are perfect for completing a variety of zombie costumes and looks. Our zombie teeth are great costume accents, changing your healthy human teeth into horror themed teeth that look ready to chew, tear, and gnash their way to undead victory. Many feature rotting color combinations for that undead look, and others possess swollen gums or broken teeth, to simulate all the damage that a zombies mouth might experience. Great for horror and humor alike, our fake teeth and zombie teeth are just the ticket to transforming yourself into a zombie, adding one final touch to the perfect zombie appearance.
Rotted Zombie Teeth
No self-respecting member of the undead would dare be caught with perfect teeth! Given all the munching and crunching that zombies do, the Rotted Zombie Teeth are just about what a zombies teeth might really look like.
Price: $2.00
Rotten Hillbilly Teeth
It just goes to show you that you do not have to be a zombie, a monster, or any other sort of living dead to have bad thing. The Rotten Hillbilly Teeth is a prosthetic row of teeth that will transform your teeth into a dental nightmare!
Price: $4.00

"A lady named Kayla helped me make my order.' She went above helpful when she made two trips into the warehouse.' Then the sword I wanted was out of stock and now discontinued.' She went and found another sword.' She took a lot of time with me.' That's why I order from you.' Nobody's going to beat your customer service.' I've never sent anything back yet, only my third order.' But I'm sure, with people like Kayla, it would not be a problem!'"

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