Bloody Bandages

If you see people running around in bloody bandages, that is likely a very bad sign. Blood stained bandages are a quick and easy way to simulate wrapped wounds and hectic medical care, creating a horror scene par excellence. For that reason, Dark Knight Armoury offers a variety of different bloody bandages, including loose rolls and static accessories, so that you can simulate trauma without applying a prosthetic. Great for survivors and zombies alike, bloody bandages by the roll are quick and easy to use. Just wrap and bind the bandage like you would traditionally, optionally keeping all the worst blood stains visible, and voila! You have an instant injury that has been hastily tended. Our more static pieces are already pre-wrapped and fitted, so they can easily slide onto legs, arms, and heads, allowing you to use loose bandages for more difficult areas. Bloody bandages are also great for zombies, making it seem as though the zombies are recently turned. Optionally, for even bloodier bandages, combine with some of our fake blood! A great accessory that is easy to apply, the bloody bandages at Dark Knight Armoury are perfect for adding depth and gore to your survivor or zombie look.
Bloody Arm Bandage
Turn your arm into a mangled wreck with the Bloody Arm Bandage! This bloody wrap is the perfect way to make yourself look like you were the victim of a zombie attack, whose only medical treatment was to wrap the arm in bandages.
Price: $2.50
Bloody Brain Headpiece
As far as zombies are concerned, brains are the most important organ, and when you add the Bloody Brain Headpiece to your undead garb, you can embrace apocalyptic style in a headpiece that lovers of the living dead can appreciate!
Price: $4.00
Bloody Head Bandage
You know, you should get that head wound looked at. Those are the words you will hear every time you wear the Bloody Head Bandage, because you will always look like you just suffered a severe and debilitating head wound.
Price: $2.50
Bloody Leg Bandage
Whenever you are running for your lives from the shambling undead hordes, you do not always have time to dress a wound. Sometimes, you wind up with something like the Bloody Leg Bandages, a makeshift wrap that is covered in blood.
Price: $3.00
Roll of Bloody Bandages
This Roll of Bloody Bandages is the perfect choice for simulating the field dressing a zombie survivor might have covering their wounds or the wrap that might be found on a zombie, applied after infection but before zombification.
Price: $2.00

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