Junior and Youth Zombie T-Shirts

Zombies and horror are not just for adults, it seems. Dark Knight Armoury offers a selection of junior zombie t-shirts and youth apparel that allow the younger generations to show off their love for the walking dead as well! Our selection includes a variety of graphics, ranging from morbid to humorous, allowing any young zombie lover to sport his or her favored style. Our kids zombie humor tees often make light of the zombie condition, while the more serious ones show off hordes of shambling undead, as well as various other zombie scenes. Some even feature end of the world graphics. Our youth zombie t-shirts are offered in various sizes as well, suitable for young kids, juniors, and even pre-teens. They are also made in quality materials, to ensure their fit and comfort. Featuring zombie style has just gotten easier, allowing kids of all ages to show off how stylish zombie tees can really be.
Junior Three Dead Zombies T-Shirt
Hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil are they age-old concepts that were once displayed using three monkeys. But now, with the Junior Three Dead Zombies T-Shirt, these concepts can be displayed on three dead zombie heads.
Price: $26.00
Junior Voodoo Zombie Graveyard T-Shirt
This zombie is not your typical brain-hungry corpse. The Junior Voodoo Zombie Graveyard T-Shirt depicts a fully-fledged ghoul that looks capable of using voodoo and mysticism to raise the dead from their graves as zombie servants.
Price: $26.00
On Sale For: $23.40
Junior Zombie Within T-Shirt
Let the zombie inside you see the world with the Junior Zombie Within T-Shirt. There is no letting your inner zombie go completely. For now, letting it see the outside world while it claws through your chest and shirt is enough.
Price: $26.00
On Sale For: $23.40

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