Military Apparel

If you are looking for military apparel, look no further. You have found THE section to visit at Dark Knight Armoury for all of your military clothing needs. More than just graphic tees, though, this section is home to two distinctive styles of clothing. Those looking to celebrate the armed forces and its various branches will find plenty to wear here, including US Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine t-shirts that are great for casual wearing. Offered in male, female, and kid sizes, they are a perfect way to show some support for your favorite military branch. Anyone looking for something tactical to wear will not be disappointed either. Our tactical clothing is heavily inspired by military apparel, creating shirts, jackets, vests, and pants that are incredibly functional, making them great for casual or outdoor wear.
Military Footwear, Combat Boots, and Soldier Boots
If you are looking for military styled footwear, Dark Knight Armoury has it. Our selection includes costume style military boots that are great for light wearing, as well as heavy duty combat boots that are perfect for casual and heavy use. Offered in sizes for men, women, and kids, our military boots are a solid choice for grabbing some tough looking and tough wearing footwear.
Military Hoodies, Tactical Jackets, and Military Outerwear
Branded with bombs, guns, and branch logos, the military hoodies and jackets category at Dark Knight Armoury is the place to go when you want great military style. Our military hoodies sport branch names and logos to show your support, and some feature humorous graphics for a bit of levity. Our jackets echo more traditional military styles, providing a blend of tactical functionality and casual military style.
Kids Military T-Shirts, Youth Tactical Wear, and Flight Suits
Parents, if your youths have an interest in the military, than look no further. Dark Knight Armoury has a selection of kids military apparel that includes a variety of garments for casual wear and play. Military graphic tees are fantastic as everyday garb, and our more tactically styled apparel includes flight suits and traditional military uniforms that are perfect for gaming and outdoor wear.
Mens Military T-Shirts, Military Humor Tees, and Camouflage T-Shirts
Enhance your everyday style with a bit of tactical themed military wear from Dark Knight Armoury. Our mens military t-shirts are tough enough for soldiers but available to civilians. Made in quality materials, they feature military branch logos and both themed and humorous graphics. They are great for casual wear, while allowing you to be as amusing or as serious as you want about your preferred military style.
Military Long Sleeve Shirts, Patriotic Long Sleeve Shirts, and Army Long Sleeve Shirts
Add a bit of military style and patriotic pride to your everyday life with our selection of Military Long Sleeve Shirts at Dark Knight Armoury. These easy to wear, light layers of warmth feature graphics, logos, mottos, and symbols of the US Armed Forces, including the Marines, Air Force, Army, Navy, and Coast Guard. Many of our long sleeve shirts honor veterans who have served their country as well as those currently fighting for American freedom.
Tactical Apparel, Camo T-Shirts, Soldier Clothing, and Military Attire
For true military style, look to the tactical and camo clothing section of Dark Knight Armoury. Here you will find apparel inspired by a typical soldiers garments, allowing you to gear up in a shirt, jacket, and pants that sport a bevy of tactical features. We also offer camo patterned clothing in a variety of patterns, including woodland, desert, and ACU digital. With all this, you can easily wear the military style you know and love.
Womens Military T-Shirts, Military Humor Tees, and Graphic Military T-Shirts
For all the women who support and serve the military, Dark Knight Armoury has plenty to offer as far as military apparel goes. Our selection of womens military t-shirts includes branch tees supporting the Army, the Marines, the Navy, and the Air Force. We also offer military humor t-shirts and graphic tees that are perfect for casual wear, so women can show their military style as often as they want.

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