It is good to remember your roots. In US, our national roots go back to the Revolutionary War, and it is not a stretch to say that it is thanks to military action and our leaders that this nation became a self-governing entity. So it is good to know your roots, and to pay some respect to them. And at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a range of military accents and collectibles so that you can do just that. The military is, today, made up of several different branches, and this section does not skimp on paying homage to any of them, offering plenty of apparel, signage, and cool collectibles that stand in staunch support of the US Army, the Navy, the Air Force, and the Marines. Many more awesome items exist within as well, offering touches of military humor that are sure to create smiles. We also offer tactical wear that is perfect for costuming, gaming, and survival. With all of that, it is not hard to see why the military department at Dark Knight Armoury is one of most visited sites by those looking for something suitably modern to suit their style. So stop in today to see what we carry, and offer up your own salute in homage to the US armed forces and all they do for us today.
Military T-Shirts, Tactical Apparel, and Camo Clothing
Whether you are going tactical or just want to show some support for the military, you are sure to find what you need here. The military apparel category at Dark Knight Armoury is home to a wide assortment of garments, ranging from classic camo and military wear fit for a soldier, to more down-to-earth civvy garments that show off logos and graphics celebrating the various branches of the U.S. armed forces.
Military Glassware, Patriotic Drinkware, and Military Barware
Offer up a toast to the United States Armed Forces with our assortment of tankards, pilsners, shot glasses, and steins. Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee with mugs that honor the Navy, Marines, and Air Force. Sip from a pint glass full of ice-cold lemonade while saluting the soldiers who are Army Strong. Whether you seek a gift for a veteran or to serve up a daily dose of patriotism, check out our selection of military drinkware at Dark Knight Armoury.
Army Knives, Marine Knives, and Combat Knives
Dark Knight Armoury has a wide variety of military knives. We offer historic knives that are based on what the military has used in the past, as well as modern replicas that echo the blades used by the military today. We offer licensed knives both functional and decorative that sport Army and Marine graphics. We also offer fixed blade knives and folding knives, so you can have a military knife for any occasion.
Military Signs and Military Decals
Whether are you looking for something to celebrate your own years of service or a cool accent to hang on your wall to honor the US military, you can bet that you will find something to suit your need here at Dark Knight Armoury. We have a wide selection in this military signs and decals department, ranging from stickers to vintage steel signs that are perfect for adding a military touch wherever you think it is needed.
Military Statues, Modern Soldier Figurines, and Patriotic Decor
Dark Knight Armoury appreciates the bravery and valor of the modern soldier, which is why we have acquired items that accurately depict their fiery spirit. Expect to find richly detailed statues that celebrate the World War II veteran, or figurines that highlight the skill and grit still found in the soldiers of today. Whether you seek a gift for a special occasion, or tp furnish your home with patriotic decor, it is certain you will find something here.
Military Swords, Military Sabers, and Officers Swords
Find the perfect Military Sword for your historical re-enactment or sword collection here at Dark Knight Armoury. We carry a range of functional and decorative military sabers and officer swords modeled on the weapons from the U.S., Britain, Russia, Germany, and other countries around the world. Our NCO swords and cavalry sabers will suit the need of any collector or history buff, so be sure to take a moment to browse our great selection!
Military Compasses, Bug-Out Bags, Paracord, Survival Hats, and Survival Accessories
If you are headed out to put your survival skills to the test, do not miss out on some of the survival accessories offered at Dark Knight Armoury. We carry a wide range of unique and helpful accessories, ranging from caps and patches to show your spirit to tactical hoods and face masks for covert ops. We also carry paracord bracelets, bug-out bags, backpacks, durable belts, gloves, flashlights, gloves, and more.
Tactical Holsters, Pistol Holsters, and Modular Holsters
The tactical holsters at Dark Knight Armoury are great for a variety of uses, thanks to their variety. We offer shoulder harnesses, belt holsters, leg holsters, hip holsters, and conceal and carry holsters for pistols in a variety of sizes. Available in tactical colors like black, olive drab, brown, and camo, they are perfect for military games like paintball and airsoft, as well as for carrying a real pistol for defense, hunting, and hiking.

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