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Rings have long been an important piece of jewelry. After all, rarely do you hide your hands when conversing, making them a prominent feature for all to see. The steampunk rings and bands at Dark Knight Armoury celebrate this unique genre by putting a glorious accessory on your finger, for all to gaze on and marvel at. Our selection of rings is for men and women alike, allowing anyone with an interest in steampunk to easily feature the style. For a touch of fantasy, we have steampunk eye rings that depict dragon eyes, beast eyes, and sometimes even human eyes! To show something a bit more technologically inspired, we have gadget rings that show off clockwork designs and unique machinery, often with moving parts so you can keep your hands busy. Fans of science fiction and steampunk will appreciate our octopus rings, which draw heavily from the themes of Jules Verne. Of course, we also carry Neo-Victorian rings, which show off classic designs like cameos, keys, and other elegant features, touched with just a hint of steampunk style. There are rings for everyone here, making Dark Knight Armoury the place to come when you need a signet or steampunk band for your finger.
Antique Clockwork Steampunk Ring
The Antique Clockwork Steampunk Ring is a magnificent accessory that is a perfect addition to any Steampunk costume. Not only is it a fantastic costume accessory but it is also a great little ring to wear for virtually any occasion.
Price: $8.00
Antique Evil Dragon's Eye Ring
Have you ever wondered what pure evil looks like? Well, it might look something like this Antique Evil Dragons Eye Ring. This reptilian eye has something of a dark and sinister glare as it stares out from its antiqued filigree band.
Price: $15.00
Automaton's Eye Ring
Straight from the workshops of famed Steampunk inventor Ezekiel Rosenstein, this Automatons Eye Ring is an ocular wonder - a Steam-powered robotic eye, complete with a working lid, mounted on a band and worn like a ring!
Price: $99.50
On Sale For: $89.55
Blue Dragon's Eye Filigree Ring
It is no surprise that this ring gives others the distinct impression that there is someone, or something, watching them. Featuring a reptilian looking eye, this Blue Dragons Eye Filigree Ring is quite the accessory to wear.
Price: $15.00
Bronze Steampunk Key Ring
This accessory might be the key to all your problems. Fitted on the hand like a weapon, the Bronze Steampunk Key Ring displays an old bronze skeleton key that has been repurposed into an eclectic and incredible piece of jewelry.
Price: $4.00
Clockwork Collage Steampunk Ring
Steampunk style just is not complete unless there are a few gears floating around. But when you wear this Steampunk styled Clockwork Collage Steampunk Ring, you will take clockwork gear designs in Steampunk to a whole new level.
Price: $12.00
Clockwork Peace Ring
Embrace the soothing aura of bohemian life and the hardworking nature of industrial fantasy by wearing the Clockwork Peace Ring! With its incredible sterling silver build, this unique accessory fuses the styles in eclectic charm.
Price: $47.00
Crimson Eye Ring of the Dark Lord
Having been inspired by the all-seeing eye of the dark lord, wearers of this ring had best beware, because while this Crimson Eye Ring of the Dark Lord is incredibly stylish, it is also yet another eye for this evil to look through.
Price: $15.00
da Vinci's Vitruvian Ring
Created by Leonardo da Vinci in 1487, the Vitruvian Man is a world-renown drawing that depicts, according to Roman architect Vitruvius, the ideal human proportions. Now you can show off this design with da Vincis Vitruvian Ring.
Price: $12.00
Dr Von Rosensteins Induction Principle Ring
The Dr Von Rosensteins Induction Principle Ring is made of pewter and solid brass, an authentic reproduction of Dr. Von Rosensteins indispensable key to the induction matrix. This Gothic ring has a bright, gleaming finish.
Price: $30.00
On Sale For: $27.00
Dragon's Acidic Eye Ring
The last place any human wants to be is staring down a dragon, although the danger is greatly lessened when staring at this Dragon's Acidic Eye Ring. Of course, that is assuming that the ring does not show the dragon everything it sees.
Price: $15.00
Evil Gothic Eye Ring
Mortals had best beware, because something wicked this way comes, and it comes with an eye of crimson fire, caged by curls of blackest night. This Evil Gothic Eye Ring is a piece of jewelry that features a big dose of style.
Price: $15.00
Gold Steampunk Gear Ring
The small details are often the first ones forgotten, and the ones that make the biggest impact. This Gold Steampunk Gear Ring is a small detail that could easily be forgotten and missed but makes an impressive impact.
Price: $3.00
Golden Griffin Eye Filigree Ring
Not all that glimmers is gold, and not all that is gold should be sought out and found. Seekers of gilded treasures will find only the watchful eye of a fearsome beast when they seek this impressive Golden Griffin Eye Filigree Ring.
Price: $15.00
Golden Griffin Eye Ring
As much a cat as it is a bird, a griffin is a fearsome beast that takes the advantages of both lion and eagle and merges them into one beast. And this Golden Griffin Eye Ring is the frozen, yet predatory stare of such a grand beast.
Price: $15.00
Green Dragon's Eye Ring
The Green Dragon's Eye Ring is made from an antique brass filigree base which is adjustable to just about any ring size. The ring features a green and yellow dragon eye as the focal piece. The ring is quite comfortable to wear.
Price: $15.00
Neo-Victorian Clockwork Ring
You may not be able to tell time with this Neo-Victorian Clockwork Ring, but you will certainly be able to tell others what real Steampunk style looks like, thanks to this rings impressive array of gears, cogs, and watch pieces.
Price: $15.00
Octopus Filigree Charm Ring
The only way to protect oneself from the monsters of the deep blue sea is to take up their charms and pray that they are forgiving or merciful. How could they not be, when a lady adorns herself with this Octopus Filigree Charm Ring!
Price: $12.00
Simple Sailor's Octopus Ring
Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to this Simple Sailors Octopus Ring. Almost like a deep sea charm, this ring features minimal decoration, although it does not truly need much as the octopus features plenty of detail.
Price: $8.00
Steamhead Gearpunk Ring
Behold, the first punk automaton! This surreal Steamhead Gearpunk Ring is a combination of steampunk and gothic style, featuring a cranial opening that reveals the innermost workings of this unique and intriguing steampunk phenomenon.
Price: $69.00
On Sale For: $62.10

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