Steampunk Necklaces and Pendants

Based on the multitude of inspirations from the steampunk genre, Dark Knight Armoury has a diverse selection of steampunk pendants and steampunk necklaces to choose from. We have steampunk necklaces for men and women, for pilots, inventors, and engineers, for formal wear and casual use. Some are inspired by science fiction works, like those of Jules Verne, and feature octopuses and nautical themes. Others, like our cameo pendants and key necklaces, echo the classic sensibilities of Victorian jewelry with just a touch of eclectic steampunk style. Of course, we also offer plenty of industrial pendants and necklaces, drawing on steampunk tech to create gear pendants and gadget necklaces that look like working bits of actual machinery! Dark Knight Armoury has put a dazzling array of choices before you when it comes to steampunk necklaces and Neo-Victorian pendants. Fear not though, because the only wrong choice is to not get one at all!
Acidic Eye of the Dragon Pendant
Wearing this medallion will make it seem as though you have the eye of an ancient beast draped around your neck. The Acidic Eye of the Dragon Pendant is a touch of fantasy style that looks awesome with costumes and modern styles.
Price: $15.00
Amber Dragon's Eye Pendant
Wearing this medallion will make it seem as though you have the eye of an ancient beast draped around your neck. The bright Amber Dragon's Eye Pendant is a touch of fantasy style that looks awesome with costumes and modern styles.
Price: $15.00
Anguistralobe Pendant
The Anguistralobe Pendant features a working miniature of the 18th century tool used to measure the path of destiny among heavenly bodies. The gothic instrument employs a dark design tailored to the crueler twists of fate.
Price: $39.00
On Sale For: $35.10
Aviamore Owl Pendant
On wings of clockwork, the intriguing mechanical owl takes flight through the slumbering Victorian town. The Aviamore Owl Pendant depicts this ingenious creature plated with copper and embellished with synthetic emerald gemstones.
Price: $21.00
Black Steampunk Gear Choker
The Black Steampunk Gear Choker adds a touch of elegance and ingenuity to any look, whether it is overtly Neo-Victorian, gothic, or more modern. This lovely accessory is a treasure, no matter which time period captures your fancy.
Price: $4.00
Blast Furnace Behemoth Necklace
A Victorian mad scientists dream or futuristic creation of ambition and genius, the Blast Furnace Behemoth Necklace depicts a monstrous yet benevolent steam-powered mechanical dragon of immense proportions.
Price: $75.00
Brass Anchor Jewelry Set
Make a splash on the fashion world with a daring and vibrant collection like the Brass Anchor Jewelry Set. You will be showered with compliments after you proudly model these original accents to your next social function.
Price: $33.00
Brass Octopus Jewelry Set
Now you can bring home the ocean without getting your feet wet with the adventurous Brass Octopus Jewelry Set. This daring accessory will have your friends and family all impressed by your love of the sea and its creatures.
Price: $33.00
Brass Orb Chronometer Pendant
Pacing the steamship deck, the captain waited for her navigator to return with his calculations. Grasping the Brass Orb Chronometer Pendant in her gloved hand, she checked the time, then smiled at the sound of approaching footsteps.
Price: $18.00
Burnished Silver Keys Necklace
How nice it would be to carry a skeleton key around at all times! This Burnished Silver keys Necklace features three such little trinkets that look like they would open their fair share of locks.
Price: $8.75
Cameo Necklace And Earring Set
This striking jewelry set is a fine example of Victorian style at its greatest. The Cameo Necklace and Earring Set are a trio of beautiful pieces that depict an elegant silhouette of a woman, decorated with rich, golden detailing.
Price: $4.50
Cerulean Dragon's Eye Pendant
Wearing this medallion will make it seem as though you have the eye of a great and ancient beast draped around your neck. The Cerulean Dragon's Eye Pendant is a touch of fantasy style that looks awesome with costumes and modern styles.
Price: $15.00
Clockwork Bison Skull Steampunk Necklace
Apparently the artisans of a steampunk setting were not lost on the appeal of the skull as a decoration. This Clockwork Bison Skull Steampunk Necklace takes the grim skull of the bison and applies a liberal dose of steampunk style.
Price: $16.50
Clockwork Crescent Moon Pendant
Nothing can escape being upgraded in the realm of technical fantasy! Even the moon in the Clockwork Crescent Moon Pendant has been redesigned and repurposed to present incredible steampunk elements with an exclusive pagan touch.
Price: $30.00
Clockwork Peace Pendant
The Clockwork Peace Pendant makes combining bohemian and industrial tastes easier than ever! With its sterling silver build, this little steampunk pendant provides an eclectic charm of opposing styles in a fun and fashionable way!
Price: $45.00
Coeur du Moteur Necklace
The heart and soul of a mechanically-minded lover, this gear necklace bears the color of life-blood and the intricate workings of a complex mind. The Coeur du Moteur Necklace makes a great addition to steampunk attire.
Price: $55.00
Compass Gear Steampunk Necklace
After a foray into a steampunk setting, it seems a shame to have to leave without a souvenir. This Compass Gear Steampunk Necklace embodies the core of Steampunk design with Victorian style blended with clockwork technology.
Price: $16.50
Copper Anchor Jewelry Set
This Copper Anchor Jewelry Set is idea for anyone who loves the thrill of adventure and the styles of sailing. Now you can add a new dimension to your wardrobe with a little help from this nautical themed collection.
Price: $33.00
Crescent Moon Steampunk Necklace
Display the beauty of the night sky and the unique design of steampunk style at the same time with this Crescent Moon Steampunk Necklace. This stunning geared necklace will look wonderful around the neck of any steampunk enthusiast.
Price: $12.00
Da Vinci Vitruvian Man Gold Plated Pendant
The Da Vinci Vitruvian Man Gold Plated Pendant takes inspiration from a famous drawing created by Leonardo in 1490. Within his writings, he states, Man is the model of the world. This sketch of the human body embodies this concept.
Price: $12.25

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