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Men and women from all walks of life wear earrings almost every day of the week. For those who love steampunk and sci-fi, nothing allows them to better show that interest then the steampunk earrings at Dark Knight Armoury. We offer a wide selection of styles, from simple studs to elegant, long, dangling earrings, ensuring that there is a style for any situation and ensemble. Our unique selection of stud earrings include gear studs and octopus studs, drawing on steampunks industrial themes as well as the sci-fi influences of Jules Verne. Longer dangle and drop earrings offer industrial and Victorian themes in equal measure, allowing you to choose from key earrings, cameo earrings, octopus earrings, gear earrings, and more. We also carry distinctive ear wrap earrings, which depict octopuses and steampunk technologies wrapping around your upper and lower ear! Distinctive, unique, and most certainly eye-catching, the steampunk and Neo-Victorian earrings at Dark Knight Armoury are a great accent to wear, both with your steampunk cosplays and your casual attire.
Amber Victorian Drop Earrings
These cute earrings would be a lovely addition to any Steampunk or Victorian outfit. They are made from antique brass hammered headpins with round amber glass beads and antique brass bead caps and French style lever back ear wires.
Price: $14.00
Aviamore Owl Earrings
Let these two owls impart their wise advice when you wear them on your next Neo Victorian venture. The Aviamore Owl Earrings each depict an identical mechanical owl face plated in copper and detailed with synthetic emerald gemstones.
Price: $21.00
Beaded Sparrow Charm Earrings
These lovely earrings display antique brass sparrow bird charms suspended by a beaded link, with small clear faceted glass beads and a bead of your color choice. It is a cute addition to any Victorian or Steampunk ensemble.
Price: $12.00
On Sale For: $5.00
Brass Anchor Earrings
You will never be too far from the freedom of the sea while wearing the remarkable Brass Anchor Earrings. This extraordinary set will set you apart from everyone in the room when you confidently model this nautical accent.
Price: $15.00
Bronze Steampunk Gear Earrings
Nothing says Steampunk more than a couple of decorative gears. The Bronze Steampunk Gear Earrings will suspend a pair of tooth-edged gears from your ears, creating an industrial look that compliments existing Steampunk styles.
Price: $4.00
Clavitraction Earrings
The Clavitraction Earrings are an archetypal reflection of steampunk ethos. Mechanistic cogs of retro industrial progress are repurposed as keys of intricate, clockwork precision, bringing Neo-Victorian ingenuity to any ensemble.
Price: $20.00
Clockwork Moon Man Earrings
The man on the moon can be found in many stories and cultures. It is no surprise that you might find him being upgraded in the world of technical fantasy. The Clockwork Moon Man Earrings give a new look to this classic character.
Price: $50.00
Electromagnet Stud
Henry's powerful 1827 development of this invention will now astonishingly increase brain power and memory retention! The Electromagnet Stud features a surgical steel post. It is sold individually but can fit either ear.
Price: $25.30
On Sale For: $19.00
Geared Up Steampunk Earrings
These long dangle style earrings are a must have for any Steampunk enthusiast. Whether you wear them everyday to express your love of Steampunk or pair these with your favorite Steampunk ensemble, they will look lovely either way.
Price: $12.00
Green Dragon Eye Stud Earrings
You might not have eyes on the back of your head, but whenever you put on these Green Dragon Eye Stud Earrings, you will at least have an extra pair of eyes on your person. Vibrant and startling, these earrings are very impressive.
Price: $18.00
Igor's Knife-Switch Earring
Source of the first breath of life from the primitive laboratory of Dr. Frankenstein. This Igor's Knife-Switch Earring resembles the grand switch often seen on grand gadgets and machines that often activates key mechanisms.
Price: $27.60
On Sale For: $24.84
Ikarus Ear Wrap
Soar to new heights with the Ikarus Ear Wrap. Inspired by the tragic tale from mythology, this Steampunk-themed design will hold strong even on a sunny day. Show the world that you aspire to rise above when you wear this ear wrap.
Price: $30.00
Industrilobe Stud Earrings
The Industrilobe Stud Earrings depict the quintessential cogwheel, representing the dynamic industrial and intellectual progress of the pre-eminent civilizations. These gears include a center crosspiece surrounded by teeth.
Price: $15.00
Kraken Earrings
In the deepest trenches of the sea, the kraken lurks, its enormous tentacles waiting to drag anything that passes overhead into the oceans briny depths. What better way to display your own power and depth than with the Kraken Earrings?
Price: $45.00
Machine Head Drop Earrings
The gears of industry press inexorably forward, framing your head with symbols of its operation. The Machine Head Drop Earrings feature a striking design with cogwheel ear studs that dangle additional cogs on short chains.
Price: $45.00
Magradores Moth Earrings
Under a moonlit sky, mechanical moths take flight over the ever-bustling, lamp lit Neo Victorian city. Take these intriguing steampunk insects with you on your next anachronistic adventure when you wear the Magradores Moth Earrings.
Price: $21.00
Octopus Dome Stud Earrings
Sometimes a bit of nautical style can go a long way in your look, especially when that nautical style is represented in as classy a way as these Octopus Dome Stud Earrings, which features a sea creature caged by glass and metal lace.
Price: $12.00
Penta Meridia Earrings
Next time you journey to a steam-powered realm of clockwork technology, be sure to have the Penta Meridia Earrings as your choice accessory. These steampunk earrings depict a copper pentacle on a round gear to symbolize balance.
Price: $21.00
Silver Anchor Earrings
Raise the sails and set a course for ocean adventure while wearing the daring Silver Anchor Earrings. This accent will become a treasured addition to your collection after you confidently wear it to your next social event.
Price: $15.00
Silver Steampunk Gear Earrings
These dangling Steampunk earrings are just the touch of pseudo-industrial style that could benefit a Steampunk costume! Featuring gears, bolts, and chains, the Silver Steampunk Gear Earrings are machined elegance at its finest.
Price: $5.00

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