Steampunk Brooches and Pins

Adding that extra touch of steampunk style to your look just got easier thanks to the steampunk pins and brooches at Dark Knight Armoury. Inspired by historical examples as well as imaginative designs, these pins can easily be worn with practically any garment possible ' all you have to do is pin them in place! Our selectin includes stylized badges inspired by military awards, most of which feature wings for the steampunk pilot or captain. Our steampunk pins feature cogs, gears, and other assorted gizmos, mimicking the industrial style that makes steampunk so appealing. Many also feature a touch of Victorian style, creating unique accessories like key pins made of gears and pistons, or clockwork darters that look ready to be wound up. Taking a nod from the Victorian era, we also have a selection of cameo brooches, some of which display icons and silhouettes from steampunk lore, like gas masks and octopuses. Perfect for a variety of uses, the steampunk pins and brooches at Dark Knight Armoury allow you to add steampunk style to almost anything, from jackets and shirts to backpacks and more.
Antique Dragonfly Gear Pin
Molding technology and nature into one, this Antique Dragonfly Gear Pin is a great accessory that looks like an impressive Steampunk invention consisting of machined dragonfly wings attached to a series of gears and mechanisms.
Price: $8.00
Antique Gear Wings Pin
Earning your wings on an airship is a grand occasion. Commemorate your accomplishment by wearing this Antique Gear Wings Pin on your lapel. This decorative brooch is an excellent addition to any Steampunk or Neo-Victorian outfit.
Price: $7.95
Aviamore Owl Brooch
When soaring through the sky on your steam-powered airship, take a suitably flight-friendly companion along. The Aviamore Owl Brooch features such a creature, depicting a copper plated steampunk owl with mechanical gears and wings.
Price: $21.00
Large Antique Gear Propeller Pin
The Large Antique Propeller Pin is an absolutely breath-taking accessory. Its large size only enhances its appearance, allowing more impressive decorations to be placed onto the pin while maintaining an extremely high level of detail.
Price: $11.00
Large Antique Key Gear Pin
Rarely is it the size of an accessory that matters. What is truly important is the level of detail, and luckily enough, the Large Antique Key Gear Pin is an impressively detailed piece that is as eye-catching as it is unique.
Price: $8.00
Magradores Moth Brooch
On the wings of ingenuity and invention, let your imagination take flight. Adorn yourself with the Magradores Moth Brooch and recall the transformation this insect must traditionally undergo before it, too, has the power to soar.
Price: $21.00
Mechanique Beetle Brooch
This steampunk accessory brings intrigue to the table. Insects, particularly clockwork ones, are nothing new to the genre, although rarely is something as impressive as this Mechanique Beetle Brooch seen, thanks to its exotic look.
Price: $12.00
On Sale For: $7.99
Penta Meridia Brooch
Add artful meaning to both every day and Neo Victorian outfits with the Penta Meridia Brooch. Blending rich symbolism with timeless steampunk style, this jewelry piece depicts a five-pointed star over intricate brass plated gears.
Price: $21.00
Steampunk Gas Mask Cameo Brooch
Combining all the style of the Victorian era with the unique fashion of science fiction, this brooch makes an eye-catching accessory. The Steampunk Gas Mask Cameo Brooch displays a black gas mask against a white background.
Price: $9.00
On Sale For: $7.00
Valkyrie Heart Brooch
Let the spirit of a fearsome shield maiden adorn every outfit when you accessorize with the Valkyrie Heart Brooch. Named after Odins chosen warrior women, the Valkyrie Heart Brooch lends a steampunk twist to the ancient Norse myth.
Price: $21.00

"I love the quality of the craftsmanship and how easy it is to find what you are looking for on the site.' I will be a customer of yours for a very long time.' I am going to have to build a room dedicated just to house what you sell!"

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