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Every detail matters in a mans steampunk style, even his shoes! To make sure you have the perfect pair of footwear for your next trip through a steam powered reality, make sure you grab your shoes and boots from Dark Knight Armoury! Our selection is perfectly styled to fit almost any steampunk theme imaginable, and we are always on the lookout for more. Victorian style boots echo a more classic look, while our more traditional steampunk boots feature heavy-duty designs decorated with gears and grommets. They go great with traditional steampunk looks, as well as with post-apocalyptic styles, cyberpunk themes, and more. Our engineer boots and steampunk combat boots are of particular interest, serving as great all-around footwear for steampunk pilots, pirates, captains, engineers, and more. Steampunk footwear can be hard to find, so make sure you bookmark Dark Knight Armoury, so you always know where to look for the best mens steampunk shoes and boots around.
Aviator Boots
If you are going to be engaging in hijinks on an airship, you are going to need a sturdy shoe with terrific traction. The Aviator Boots will help you maintain your footing even on precarious platforms a mile above the London skyline.
Price: $94.00
Buckled Steampunk Boots
Allow ingenuity and imagination free reign when taking the role of Neo-Victorian inventor. No matter the occasion that leads you to partake in a steam-powered adventure, the Buckled Steampunk Boots lends credibility to your look.
Price: $86.00
Simple Steampunk Boots
The Simple Steampunk Boots are a great mens Steampunk boot and would look great with any Steampunk, Modern, or Gothic attire. These Neo-Victorian boots are made from real leather and are adorned with antiqued brass gear buckles.
Price: $99.00
On Sale For: $65.00
Steampunk Excursion Boots
You will never run out of storage space when you wear these Steampunk Excursion Boots, featuring snap pouches that run the length of the boot. Decorated with ornate buckles, these mens boots are perfect for inventors and smugglers.
Price: $81.00

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