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Your shirt is an important part of your steampunk ensemble. It can set the tone for the whole look. Make sure you set the right tone and get the right shirt by shopping at Dark Knight Armoury. Like a steampunk market, we offer a wide selection of options, giving you the best chance to grab the best shirt for you. Our steampunk shirts range in style, coming in fancy dress options and more casual appearances, so you can craft the steampunk style or Neo-Victorian look that best suits you. Our Neo-Victorian and steampunk dress shirts are generally full-length sleeve, with features like formal collars, cuffs, ruffles, plackets, and more. They pair well with fine steampunk slacks as well as cravats and jabots. For a more casual look, we offer shirts with a more relaxed Victorian and historical elements, providing a vintage look that pairs well with the steampunk genre. We also have a few steampunk t-shirts that are perfect for casual, modern-day wearing. Your steampunk style should be distinctive, and Dark Knight Armoury can help it be just that by providing a unique Neo-Victorian or steampunk shirt to add to your preferred look.
Black Airship Shirt
The perfect piece of apparel to complete your steampunk outfit, the Black Airship Shirt is versatile in its design, lending itself well to use in achieving the appearance of an airship captain or of a western gentleman.
Price: $45.00
Black Satin and Lace Jabot Shirt
For a look that is debonair and dramatic, this black dress shirt makes a fantastic addition to period ensembles. The Black Satin and Lace Jabot Shirt feels smooth against your skin while helping to create an unforgettable outfit.
Price: $42.00
Elite Duellist Men's Fitted T-Shirt
The Elite Duellist Men's Fitted T-Shirt is made in the gothic style. It features a steampunk piece of equipment with the Black Baron in the bottom left corner. This t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and is printed in full color.
Price: $40.25
On Sale For: $27.00
Formal White Victorian Shirt
A magnificent piece of formal wear for the Victorian gentleman to radiate his love of classic 19th century styling, the Formal White Victorian Shirt features a winged collar design and an eye-catching pintex yoke.
Price: $38.00
French Baron Shirt
The French Baron Shirt is a decorative shirt that could be considered a staple of renaissance style. Made from quality batiste fabric, this shirt is an elegant garment that no self-respecting renaissance noble would be seen without.
Price: $70.00
Gentleman's Renaissance Shirt
The Gentleman's Renaissance Shirt is one of the most elegant and dressy medieval-style shirts available. Made of batiste, this shirt features attractive and tasteful decorations that complement any upscale renaissance look perfectly.
Price: $60.00
Gothic Steampunk Gentleman T-Shirt
Steampunk fashion offers a charming twist on the usual Victorian or science fiction attire. The Gothic Steampunk Gentleman T-Shirt displays a steampunk-themed gear design over the left side of the chest of this comfortable piece.
Price: $20.00
High Society Shirt
The Victorian gentleman was a true fashion plate. Now you can adopt that iconic look with the High Society Shirt, which will become a favorite of your wardrobe. This formal shirt can be easily accessorized with a cravat or necktie.
Price: $49.00
Mens Ruffled Shoulder Shirt
Ruffles are a good way to draw attention to yourself, making this Mens Ruffled Shoulder Shirt a perfect garment to wear when you want to stand out when dressing yourself to be a noble, adorned in only the very best of garb.
Price: $39.25
Nehru Collar Empire Shirt
This formal shirt looks sharp under a vest and suit coat when you are aiming for an authentic period appearance. The Nehru Collar Empire Shirt displays an off-white color in a cotton blend that feels as great as it looks.
Price: $36.00
Off-White Side-Button Steampunk Shirt
An exceptional shirt for helping you achieve your Old West steampunk identity, the Off-White Side-Button Steampunk Shirt features a unique and eye-catching asymmetrical design with a side-button closure on its front.
Price: $38.00
Red Airship Shirt
Featuring an eye-catching steampunk styling, the Red Airship Shirt is a magnificent way for you to assume the role of an airship captain or simply display your enjoyment of the elegant allure of the steampunk genre.
Price: $45.00
Seigneur Shirt
Delightfully designed in the fashion of steampunk attire, the Seigneur Shirt is a magnificent addition to the wardrobe of any fan of steampunk fashion who desires a comfortable and stylish piece of 19th century apparel.
Price: $38.00
Skeletal Steampunk Rider Sleeveless Shirt
Not all steampunk is pre-modern or pseudo-Victorian. The Skeletal Steampunk Rider Sleeveless Shirt gives a glimpse of a post-apocalyptic steampunk setting, where death reigns supreme while riding the roads on a steam-cycle.
Price: $20.00
On Sale For: $18.00
Skeletal Steampunk Rider Sleeveless Workshirt
Not all steampunk is pre-modern or pseudo-Victorian. The Skeletal Steampunk Rider Sleeveless Workshirt gives a glimpse of a post-apocalyptic steampunk setting, where death reigns supreme while riding the roads on a steam-cycle.
Price: $40.00
On Sale For: $35.00
Stand-Up Collar Shirt
It may be Victorian inspired, but you can bet that this Stand-Up Collar Shirt looks great with all manner of different time periods, ensuring that gentlemen from the renaissance and pirates of the sea can both enjoy this shirt.
Price: $70.00
Steampunk Chained Collar Shirt
When you need apparel that will look fantastic no matter what your personal style is, you should give this shirt a try! The Steampunk Chained Collar Shirt features a charming design that also goes well with period or gothic attire.
Price: $55.75
Steampunk Cotton Engineer Shirt
With a flexible style that can adapt to the fashion of a gentleman or an airship engineer, this shirt makes a great addition to Steampunk attire. The Steampunk Cotton Engineer Shirt offers a comfortable, stylish piece for your closet.
Price: $55.00
Steampunk Sheriff T-Shirt
It would be great to be able to dress in full steampunk attire every day, but that can get quite expensive and time-consuming after a while. With this Steampunk Sheriff T-Shirt, you can show your unique style any day of the week!
Price: $22.00
White Cotton Cravat Shirt
When dressing as a Victorian noble or Steampunk gentleman, you deserve to look sharp and sophisticated. The White Cotton Cravat Shirt displays a stylish option with a flowing white design, a high collar, and a separate cravat.
Price: $55.00

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