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The coat can be a very important part of a mans attire, and this is especially true in steampunk and Neo-Victorian fashion. After all, you can tell a lot about a man by examining his coat. The mens steampunk coats at Dark Knight Armoury say a lot about a man too. For instance, they say he cares a great deal about his style! His coat might also tell you what the man does for a living. Cyberpunk dusters and jackets echo a style fit for engineers and scientists, both mundane and mad. A stylish Victorian tailcoat implies nobility or formal dress, marking the man as either well-to-do or dressed in his best. Long military coats and trench coats offer a stronger style, hinting that the man might be a soldier, warrior, or adventurer. One thing about the mens steampunk coats at Dark Knight Armoury remains common, though, and that is they are all made from quality materials. Whether you dress in a long steampunk pea coat, a Neo-Victorian frock coat, or a cyberpunk jacket, you can bet it will be comfortable and stylish.
Black Velvet Gentlemans Tailcoat
Typifying the sheer elegance of a Victorian age gentleman, the Black Velvet Gentlemans Tailcoat is a magnificent piece of formalwear for the steampunk fan who is desires a stunning completion to their Victorian themed attire.
Price: $72.00
Britannia Guard Coat
This formal Britannia Guard dress coat is made of 100% wool with a drab green open front. The cuff braid, collar markings, shoulder patches, and chest emblems all add to an overall look, making it perfect for any steampunk style.
Price: $170.00
Brown Baker Steet Coat
This coat looks like it belongs on a certain detectives shoulders as he departs from his residence on Baker Street. Striking in its look and accurate in its style, this Brown Baker Street Coat is a great choice for any gentleman.
Price: $99.00
Capatino Wool Cloak
Take a step back in time and brave the mists of Victorian London with the Capatino Wool Cloak. Regardless of chosen role, be you a traveler, tradesman, or denizen of high society, this wool cape lends extra warmth and authenticity.
Price: $185.00
Cavalier Gentlemans Steampunk Coat
A wondrous coat for those who want to embody the exquisite elegance of Victorian formalwear, the Cavaliers Gentlemans Steampunk Coat is a beautiful frock coat which was fashioned after the styling of the Victorian era.
Price: $72.00
Charcoal Grey Baker Street Coat
This coat looks like it belongs on a certain detective's shoulders as he departs from his residence on Baker Street. Striking in its look and accurate in its style, this Charcoal Grey Baker Street Coat a great choice for any gentleman.
Price: $120.00
Clockwork Open Coat
With its distinctive look, this Clockwork Open Coat is a handsome choice for any gentleman to wear. It serves well, rain or shine, summer or winter, and will provide any lord just the right elements of dark appeal and gothic style.
Price: $149.00
Dorchester Tailcoat
The perfect way to complete your Victorian age aristocrat look, the Dorchester Tailcoat emulates the elegant styling of 19th century fashion in an eye-catching design which emanates an air of sophistication and refinement.
Price: $96.00
Empire Gentlemans Steampunk Coat
This Empire Gentlemans Steampunk Coat has faux sealskin lapels and arm straps. Our Steampunk coat features full pockets and antique silver buttons. This brocade coat is great to wear to costume parties or a Steampunk convention.
Price: $179.00
Empire Opera Coat
This Empire Opera Coat is a formal tailcoat with a Steampunk twist. The Empire Opera Coat is made of rich black brocade with artificial seal-skin lapels, antiqued brass gear buttons, and a real watch pocket.
Price: $179.00
Faux Leather Steampunk Short Jacket
Designed to meet the needs of steampunk enthusiasts, the Faux Leather Steampunk Short Jacket features a retro-futuristic style with a sleek leather-like appearance and a high-waist cut which pairs perfectly with Victorian trousers.
Price: $62.00
On Sale For: $55.80
Kandor Greatcoat
With a touch of drama embellishing its timeless look, the Kandor Greatcoat is ideal for steampunk adventurers, airship captains, and more. Made of heavy cotton canvas, this versatile coat can also be used for historical reenactments.
Price: $80.00
Mens Edwardian Tailcoat
A decorated dress coat is just the ticket to building all sorts of impressive styles. Take this Mens Edwardian Tailcoat, which thanks to its classic cut, will mesh perfectly into formalwear and costumes of varying types with ease.
Price: $160.00
Mens Victorian Dress Coat
A good, old-fashioned tailcoat might be just what you need to make your look work. This Mens Victorian Dress Coat is just that, with an added touch of style that will add some pizazz to your look, whether it is contemporary or historic.
Price: $190.00
Men's Victorian Style Frock
This Men's Victorian Style Frock is the perfect accompaniment to add to any cultured and gentlemanly appearance. Made from high-quality velvet, this frock-coat is nothing short of shear elegance at its finest, displayed for all to see.
Price: $199.00
Post-Apocalyptic Steampunk Coat
Show that you are a survivor by wearing this dramatic faux leather coat with the shirt and trousers of your choice. The Post-Apocalyptic Steampunk Coat displays rugged style and premium craftsmanship for your next look.
Price: $102.00
Steampunk Baker Tailcoat
A necessary piece in the wardrobe of anyone who is a fan of Victorian era styling or the steampunk genre, the Steampunk Baker Tailcoat is designed to mimic the sophisticated and elegant styling of 19th century formalwear.
Price: $55.00
Steampunk Brown Brocade Button Jacket
Achieve a look that is both edgy and elegant with this striking steampunk jacket. The Steampunk Brown Brocade Button Jacket features richly patterned brocade detailed with faux leather stripes and large, antiqued buttons.
Price: $128.00
Steampunk Brown Embroidered Rivet Coat
Offering a debonair look for fans of steampunk style, this long-sleeved coat makes a perfect option when dressing for cooler weather. The Steampunk Brown Embroidered Rivet Coat features intricate gear embroidery over one shoulder.
Price: $140.00
Steampunk Brown Pirate Jacket
You can easily imagine yourself as a pirate when you wear this fantastic brown jacket! The Steampunk Brown Pirate Jacket features a light brown color with black, thick velvet lapels, sleeve cuffs, and collar to create a striking look.
Price: $121.00

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