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If you have Steampunk clothing, then you are part of the way towards a good Steampunk look. The other half you can find here at Dark Knight Armoury, in our section devoted to all manner of great Steampunk accessories! In a world where divergent and unique technology reigns supreme, anyone and everyone should have a few clever gadgets and gizmos to go with their steampunk look, ranging from cool bags to walking sticks to utility belts and beyond! When you need to accent your steampunk look, a few accessories are definitely the way to go. Are you a steampunk soldier? Consider a leather holster, a futuristic looking helmet, and a steampunk firearm that is sure to look deadly at your hip! An explorer? Do not go anywhere with your steampunk valise or bag, loaded down with navigational tools and ocular enhancers like telescopes or binoculars. Steampunk adventurers cannot go wrong with a utility belt, laden with pouches, bullets, vials and a pocket watch, to ensure that everything they need is right within reach! Even elegant and high society steampunk styles benefit from having a few of the accessories found here. Do not leave your steampunk style unfinished. If you have the garb but need the steampunk accessories, then pay us a visit here at Dark Knight Armoury, and we will equip you with all you need to make your look nothing less than perfect.
Airship Captains Katana
Sailing the skies and protecting airships from vile pirates is a dangerous job, but only if you do not have a good sword at your side! When you are captain of your own ship, no sword is as perfect as this Airship Captains Katana.
Price: $195.00
Alchemist Baldric with Glass Vials
Keep your potions and your sword at hand when you wear this Alchemist Baldric with Glass Vials. Displaying six corked glass vials along the chest, this leather baldric also has an adjustable sword frog with two buckles at the hip.
Price: $105.00
Alchemist Pouch with Glass Vials
Called to attend the lady of the manor, the alchemist removes a curious pouch from his belt. Releasing the clasp of the Alchemist Pouch with Glass Vials, he opens the leather satchel, selecting from among the tonics secured within.
Price: $75.00
Alchemist Sword Frog
The rogue adjusted the Alchemist Sword Frog on his belt as he left the apothecary shop. After checking that the corks were secure on the three vials of murky liquids, he walked slowly, melting into the raucous crowd of shoppers.
Price: $29.00
Alchemist Tankard with Leather Wrap
What potions will you keep close at hand when drinking at the tavern? When you drink from the Alchemist Tankard with Leather Wrap, you may carry a poison detector tonic, a powerful mana potion, or perhaps a taste of your favorite rum.
Price: $62.00
Anima Machinato Futurus Belt Buckle
Humans have always sought to advance themselves, and the same is true in a steampunk setting. In this Animus Machinato Futurus Belt Buckle, onlookers can catch a glimpse of a Steampunk citizens futuristic mechanical merger.
Price: $89.00
On Sale For: $80.10
Antique Gold Flintlock Pistol
The pirate and steampunk genres have aligned to create a replica pistol that can be used in either genre! The Antique Gold Flintlock Pistol has beautiful color tones that incline this replica weapon towards both styles of decor.
Price: $17.00
Archangel Belt Buckle
Not all gothic style is bones, mysticism, and chaos. Sometimes it can be something beautiful and subdued too. Such is the case with this Archangel Belt Buckle, which depicts a beautiful angel as she prepares to fly off to fight.
Price: $90.00
Archangel Mark II Fiberglass Mask
The Steampunk vigilante known as The Archangel and his freedom fighters battle against the Skyraiders and underworld criminals. This Archangel Mark II Fiberglass Mask is molded directly from the one used in the hit web series.
Price: $125.00
Aviator Scarf
When you are flying an open-cockpit aircraft, you quickly learn that the pilots did not wear their scarves and goggles purely for style. Goggles will keep your eyes safe, and this Aviator Scarf will help keep the chill away.
Price: $10.00
Bag Of Assorted Gears
Are you looking to update your wardrobe with a healthy dose of Steampunk style? Then this Bag of Assorted Gears is exactly what you need to give each and every garment you own a subtle touch of incredible Steampunk style!
Price: $11.00
Bag Of Gears
Steampunk style is notorious for the placement of cogs, gears, and flywheels not only in its machinery but also in its clothing. If you feel that your Steampunk attire is lacking cogs and gears, you can add more from this Bag of Gears.
Price: $6.00
Bike Gear Handle Steampunk Dagger
When trapped in an alternative Neo Victorian timeline, choose a knife as unique as the Bike Gear Handle Steampunk Dagger! Made of stainless steel, this spear point blade is attached to an eye-catching bicycle gear style handle.
Price: $19.00
Black Steampunk Ruffled Lace Gloves
It seems like, in Steampunk style, the hands are always forgotten in favor of goggles, gears, and hats. The Black Steampunk Ruffled Lace Gloves are an elegant addition to any outfit that adds a touch of color and a bit dose of style.
Price: $5.00
Black Steampunk Terminator Mask
Spark the imagination of your fellow Neo-Victorians, and bring to life a world powered by steam. No matter the purpose, whether for a glittering carnival or theatrical roleplay, the Black Steampunk Terminator Mask completes your look.
Price: $18.00
Bronze Lock and Key Skull Mask
So many costumes benefit from the addition of the Bronze Lock and Key Skull Mask, making it an essential piece for your wardrobe. Become a ruthless pirate from a steampunk era or add an intriguing twist to the role of grim reaper.
Price: $19.50
Bronze Steampunk Key Ring
This accessory might be the key to all your problems. Fitted on the hand like a weapon, the Bronze Steampunk Key Ring displays an old bronze skeleton key that has been repurposed into an eclectic and incredible piece of jewelry.
Price: $4.00
Bronze Steampunk Masquerade Mask
Enter the curious world of the Neo-Victorian in full style or add a distinctive touch to a theatrical performance with the Bronze Steampunk Masquerade Mask. This take on the traditional Venetian mask features mechanical enhancements.
Price: $16.50
Bronze Steampunk One Eye Mask
The Bronze Steampunk One Eye Mask shows where Victorian, industrial, and science fiction styles meet. This retro futuristic mask takes the shape of an asymmetrical masquerade mask and adds incredible steampunk flair to the design.
Price: $20.00
Bronze Steampunk Skull Half Mask
Eerie and eye-catching, the Bronze Steampunk Skull Half Mask offers a unique fusion of gothic and retro-futuristic style. The steampunk mask takes the form of a mechanical skull, showing off various tubes and gears.
Price: $20.00

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