Celtic Earrings

You do not have to save these Celtic earrings for a rainy day or a special event, because they look great no matter what you pair them with! At Dark Knight Armoury, we make it easy to accessorize your outfit by offering a great selection of extremely affordable and very pretty Celtic earrings, enabling you to show off the Celtic style you love any day of the week! As their name implies, these earrings all feature an incredible Celtic style that shows off any number of attractive Celtic designs. Some possess winding, twisting Celtic knots that never seem to end, while others are adorned with simple Celtic symbols, some with significant meaning and some designed purely to look amazing. Crafted with detail in mind, these earrings are all made from the finest sterling silver or pewter and possess an impressive level of detail, with many being decorated with elegant crystals to give them that added touch of color that really makes these earrings shine. Some are post-style and others are worn with ear hooks, just as some are stud-style earrings while others are dangling earrings, ensuring that we have just enough variety to provide a pair of earrings to any taste. So if you are looking for a pair of earrings to show off your heritage or your love of Celtic style, then you have in the right place, because Dark Knight Armoury has a selection of Celtic earrings that would put most jewelers to shame.
Antique Brass Wire Art Tree of Life Earrings
The Antique Brass Wire Art Tree of Life Earrings are both beautiful and meaningful, featuring the Celtic symbol of eternity and interconnectedness. These dangle earrings have a hoop structure with woven wire creating the tree shape.
Price: $15.00
Brass Triquetra Spiral Earrings
Embrace the traditional Celtic designs and amplify your persona style with the Brass Triquetra Spiral Earrings. This unique and daring accessory will take your look to new heights, so grab a set while you still can.
Price: $15.00
Brigid Cross Earrings
Often made of woven rushes or straw, the Brigid cross arises from the story of one of the patron saints of Ireland. The Brigid Cross Earrings display a stylized cruciform design with a central square and four radials.
Price: $25.00
Cat Sith Ear Wrap
More common in Scottish lore than Irish, the Cat Sith is a fairy creature in Celtic lore that takes the form of a black cat with a white spot on its chest. The Cat Sith Ear Wrap depicts a cat with its tail wrapped around your ear.
Price: $25.00
Celtic Animal Earrings
Your outfit may need a subtle touch like the Celtic Animal Earrings to complete your look before you hit the town. This dazzling set is sure to be the solution that allows you to combine your personal style with a versatile accent.
Price: $7.00
Celtic Arland Earrings
With elegantly curving, interconnected lines, Celtic knotwork has inspired the world for hundreds of years. The Celtic Arland Earrings display a unique geometric symbol based on beautiful Celtic design, made of 316L stainless steel.
Price: $17.00
Celtic Axe Earrings
The Celtic Axe Earrings make a perfect accent to any medieval ensemble. The beautiful emerald colored stone gives the Celtic Axe Earrings an ideal feminine touch. The Celtic Axe Earrings are made of lead free pewter.
Price: $9.00
Celtic Circle Knot Earrings
Celtic Knotwork is characterized by the endless knot with no beginning or end, and represents eternity in all its glory. These intricately woven Celtic Knotwork dangle earrings are a beautiful reminder of the fullness of the eternal.
Price: $22.00
Celtic Claddagh Dangle Earrings
The elements of the Claddagh represent the bond of love, with outstretched hands giving a heart topped with a crown for loyalty. Show your Irish pride or express your undying bond of love with this traditional Irish symbol.
Price: $49.00
Celtic Claddagh Knot Earrings
A beautiful token of everlasting love, the Claddagh is formed by hands that clasp a crowned heart. The Celtic Claddagh Knot Earrings depict this traditional symbol with knotwork arms forming a circular Claddagh shape.
Price: $25.00
Celtic Cross Dangle Earrings
The Celtic cross combines the cross with a nimbus that surrounds the point of intersection, often with other decorations. The Celtic Cross Dangle Earrings offer this construct with designs over the face of each cross.
Price: $7.50
Celtic Cross Earrings
Look your best the next time you hit the town with the dazzling Celtic Cross Earrings, which can easily accent any look. Combining modern fashion trends and ancient designs, this jewelry is as versatile as it is beautiful.
Price: $17.00
Celtic Cross Earrings
Beautiful accents to almost any medieval ensemble, the Celtic Cross Earrings are covered in unique knotwork texturing. These lead free metal earrings dangle from short chains that are suspended from their French hooks.
Price: $3.90
Celtic Cross Earrings
The Celtic cross is one of the oldest and most recognizable symbols of spirituality. These beautiful Celtic knotwork earrings feature the intricate details of ancient carvings found on ornate Celtic crucifixes. Makes a beautiful gift.
Price: $36.00
Celtic Cross Earrings with Gemstones
These traditional Celtic Cross earrings, crafted in sterling silver and adorned with gemstone accents, are a beautiful statement of Celtic pride, faith, and unity. They are meticulously crafted from fine sterling silver.
Price: $45.00
Celtic Cross of the Spirit Earrings
The perfect pairing of spirituality and symbolism, the Celtic Cross of the Spirit Earrings show off an eye-catching design of an equidistant cross with intricately intertwined Celtic knotwork throughout the arms.
Price: $25.00
Celtic Crystal Cross Earrings
The Celtic endless knot symbolizes eternity in its looping pattern that lacks obvious beginning or end. The Celtic Crystal Cross Earrings show such a design in the pattern of a cross with five green crystal accents.
Price: $7.60
Celtic Dangling Triquetra Earrings
Appearing in a myriad of designs, Celtic knotwork combines symbolism of the eternal with eye-catching patterns. The Celtic Dangling Triquetra Earrings offer a compelling design featuring a pair of knotwork designs.
Price: $23.00
Celtic Emerald Earrings
Your outfit may be missing a subtle but intricate accent like the Celtic Emerald Earrings, so embrace this original set. Your personal wardrobe would greatly benefit from a spectacular accessory like these dazzling earrings.
Price: $4.50
Celtic Endless Knot Earrings
Tasteful and unique, the design of the Celtic Endless Knot Earrings displays a fresh take on the ancient patterns present within Celtic art for millennia. These modern earrings are a great way to honor Celtic tradition.
Price: $20.00

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