Celtic Charms

When you want to create a little Celtic flair in your look, you can do so easily with the addition of these fantastic Celtic charms available from Dark Knight Armoury. Perfect for charm bracelets, your cell phone, or a keychain, these intricate charms display shamrocks, Celtic knots, crescent moons, Claddagh hearts, Celtic crosses, the Green Man, and other popular Celtic designs. The Celtic knots include quaternary knots, triquetras, triskeles, and other intricate patterns. Made from high quality metals, certain charms feature shimmering gemstones as an accent, as well. No matter how you use these Celtic charms, you can provide the perfect touch of Irish beauty to your style.
Celtic Arland Phone Charm
Intricate and timeless, Celtic knotwork is a classic choice that is always stylish. The Celtic Arland Phone Charm features a beautiful design inspired by these ancient patterns, and it comes attached to a versatile black strap.
Price: $3.00
Celtic Greenman Charm
With subtle Celtic inspiration in its design, the Celtic Greenman Charm offers a unique interpretation of the legendary Greenman image. His iconic leafy face appears with fine twisted knotwork details in his brows and beard.
Price: $20.00
Celtic High Kick Dancer Charm
Celebrate your Irish pride with this charm that combines three iconic Celtic symbols in its delightful design. The Celtic High Kick Dancer Charm shows off a dancer in mid-kick above a Claddagh heart design.
Price: $17.00
Celtic Knot Cross Charm
Displaying a beautiful design that draws the eye, the Celtic Knot Cross Charm features an intricate knotwork cross that hangs from a small loop. The elegant cross has equidistant bars and a subtle knotwork nimbus.
Price: $13.00
Celtic Knotwork Fleur de Lis Charm
A traditional symbol of royalty with a history reaching back to the Middle Ages, the fleur de lis takes the form of a stylized lily. The Celtic Knotwork Fleur de Lis Charm displays this classic icon within a knotwork circle.
Price: $14.00
Celtic Knotwork Heart Charm
The combination of intricate Celtic knotwork and an elegant heart creates the perfect symbol of eternal love. The Celtic Knotwork Heart Charm makes a great addition to a necklace, bracelet, anklet, keychain, or phone!
Price: $10.00
Celtic Moon Charm
With Celtic inspiration this crescent moon charm pendant is a unique way to celebrate the beauty and importance of the moon. The Blue Moon Collection has been created to celebrate the place the moon occupies in Pagan and Wiccan rituals.
Price: $8.00
Celtic Spirit Triquetra Charm
Ancient Celtic designs represent motion and the changes of nature with their winding spirals and intricate knotwork. The Celtic Spirit Triquetra Charm displays an elegant endless knot hanging from a small ring.
Price: $10.00
Celtic Triquetra Knot Charm
The triquetra speaks of various concepts of three with its three-pointed design, ideas such as past, present, and future or maiden, mother, and crone. The Celtic Triquetra Knot Charm hangs an elegant threefold knot from a simple loop.
Price: $10.00
Celtic Twin Triquetra Charm
Ancient Celtic triquetras represent various elements of the natural world with their three winding loops that form the triangular knot. The Celtic Twin Triquetra Charm displays a pair of knots hanging from a small ring.
Price: $10.00
Classic Celtic Cross Charm
There are some symbols that do not need ornate details or embellishments to be beautiful and hold a heartfelt meaning. This Classic Celtic Cross Charm is one of them, with a straightforward design that stands out all on its own.
Price: $17.00
Four Point Celtic Knot Silver Charm
A classic Quaternary Knot is captured in sterling silver, allowing you to wear one of the oldest Celtic symbols and express your love for this ancient art. The Four Point Celtic Knot Silver Charm showcases the beauty of Celtic tradition.
Price: $17.00
Green Man Silver Charm
You can use the Green Man Silver Charm anywhere you want a subtle yet striking reminder of the power of nature. Crafted in sterling silver, it is a lovely accent that can add gleam and appeal to almost any look.
Price: $36.43
Silver Knotwork Charm
This Celtic knotwork charm will make a charming addition to anywhere you want to add some Celtic style. Meticulously crafted from fine sterling silver, the Celtic Knotwork Silver Charm showcases the beauty of Celtic tradition.
Price: $17.00
Silver Shamrock Charm
You will feel blessed with the luck of the Irish when you wear this Silver Shamrock Charm designed by renowned artist Courtney Davis. A must have for St. Patrick's Day, attach this charm to a necklace, bracelet, brooch, or key chain.
Price: $14.00
Traditional Celtic Cross Charm
The Celtic cross is one of the oldest symbols of spirituality. This charming silver cross can be used to display your devotion on a necklace, bracelet, key chain, or anywhere you want to show your faith or love of all things Celtic.
Price: $14.00
White Bronze Celtic Cross Charm
Dating back centuries, Celtic crosses form an integral part of Celtic artwork and symbols. The White Bronze Celtic Cross Charm depicts a traditional Celtic cross design with knotwork details and a ring around the intersection.
Price: $15.00
White Bronze Celtic Heart Charm
With a combination of intricate Celtic knotwork and an elegant heart, the White Bronze Celtic Heart Charm forms a lovely symbol of everlasting love. Perfect for any sweetheart, this heart charm captures a hint of your eternal bond.
Price: $15.00
White Bronze Celtic Knot Charm
Capturing a sense of the classic knotwork style within a fresh, modern design, the White Bronze Celtic Knot Charm displays three interwoven loops that form around a central loop for a stunning overall appearance.
Price: $13.00
White Bronze Celtic Teardrop Charm
Offering a tasteful reminder of the interconnectedness of the universe, Celtic knotwork weaves into complex, eye-catching patterns. The White Bronze Celtic Teardrop Charm displays an endless knot within a teardrop shape.
Price: $15.00

" Just wanted to drop a note! AWESOME STUFF. It just arrived today :) I was pretty worried if things would still get shipped as they were all 'out of stock'. However, I was not let down. This is beautiful stuff! Awesome job and thank you."

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