Celtic Brooches

Traditionally, brooches were used to secure clothing, most often to fasten a cape, cloak, or robe closed, although they could be used for any garment, really. Today, though, you can use any of Dark Knight Armourys fantastic Celtic brooches however you wish, whether you are wearing them in the traditional fashion or just showing them off like an ornate pin. And trust us when we say that these brooches are definitely worth showing off. Crafted in fine sterling silver or pewter metal, these brooches are quite ornate in appearance, as even the most simple of them possesses a rich detail that is quite pleasing to the eye. We offer both penannular brooches or true Celtic brooches and Celtic-styled pin clasp brooches, ensuring that you can get the clasp you desire to complement your desired look in whatever way you wish. And not only do the different styles of pins look great, but the intrinsic Celtic design on the brooches are quite the sight to behold too. So if you are looking for a nice Celtic pin or perhaps for a brooch to keep your cloak secured on those cold days, then you are going to want to visit Dark Knight Armoury and browse through our Celtic brooches.
Celtic Claddagh Brooch by Maxine Miller
Linked with the eternal power represented by the Celtic Knotwork in this design, loyalty is lifted to new heights. This sterling silver brooch pays tribute to Celtic art with the Claddagh design meticulously etched into the side.
Price: $110.00
Crowned Scottish Thistle Brooch
A floral emblem of Scotland, the thistle stands for nobility of character and birth. The Crowned Scottish Thistle Brooch displays this prickly flower within a heart frame with an ornate crown perched on top.
Price: $25.00
Scottish Thistle Wreath Pin
The national floral emblem of Scotland, the thistle, as seen in the Scottish Thistle Wreath Pin, displays a prickly blossom and leaves which supposedly alerted the Scots to a stealth invasion when one was stepped on.
Price: $25.00
White Bronze Celtic Eternal Knot Brooch
Wear a piece of Celtic tradition with pride, showcasing this intricate knotwork pattern in your outfit. The beautiful White Bronze Celtic Eternal Knot Brooch displays a symmetrical Celtic knot in a complex woven design.
Price: $23.00
White Bronze Claddagh Knotwork Brooch
Combining two noteworthy Celtic symbols, the White Bronze Claddagh Knotwork Brooch features a striking Claddagh design in the center of an oval knotwork border. This Celtic pin makes a fine icon of eternal friendship and love.
Price: $23.00
White Bronze Gemstone Claddagh Brooch
Originally designed to be worn as a ring, the Claddagh is given as a token of love and friendship. The White Bronze Gemstone Claddagh Brooch transforms the traditional ring design into an attractive circular pin.
Price: $25.00

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