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If you find yourself looking for something from a specific era or culture, Dark Knight Armoury has made it easy to find! Our Eras and Cultures category breaks up several products into their respective eras and genres, making it easy to find what suits your interests and needs the most. Here, we have gathered as many of our products as we can into a variety of categories, ranging from specific eras in history to more broadly defined cultures and genres. If you're looking for historical pieces, check out our Crusader, Greek, Peasant, Roman, Tudor, and Viking sections. Fans with more modern history interests will love our Civil War and Western categories. If you love samurai and feudal era items, our Japanese section is sure to delight. More than history lives in this category too. If you favor the Gothic style, we have plenty to keep you interested, and the same is true for Steampunk, Celtic, and several other styles. Of course, we also plenty in the way of Pirate themed items, as well as an assortment of military and zombie gear! Dark Knight Armoury has something for everyone in our Eras and Cultures section, so take some time to scroll through and see what eras and cultures interest you the most.
Civil War pistols, Civil War rifles, Civil War Swords, and Civil War Sabers
There are many things that drive men to fight in wars, and rarely are they so simple or so cut-and-dry as to be laid down as just one reason. The American Civil War was no different. This war, began in 1861 and ended in 1865, was among the most costly of American wars in terms of human life, although it is also a defining point in our national history and heritage. And that is why it gets its own category, here at Dark Knight Armoury.
The Crusades Clothing, Swords, Daggers, Armour, Shields and Helmets
Starting in 1095, the Papacy, under Pope Urban II, called the First Crusade, which was stated with the intent of restoring Christian access to the holy places in and near Jerusalem. This act started a series of holy wars that would last nearly two-hundred years, spawning a culture and a style all its own, much of which is now offered here at Dark Knight Armoury.
Gothic Clothing, Feastware, Footwear, Jewelry, Handbags and Purses
Once upon a time, gothic style was a small movement exemplified by those who loved the English genre of gothic music. The movement boomed, though, and now, it is a world-wide culture and style all to its own! And here at Dark Knight Armoury, we attempt to cater to all styles of goth, both guy and girl, wild and reserved, to ensure that they have the gothic gear, clothing, and accents that they require.
Greek Armour, Greek Clothing, Greek Helms and Corinthian Helmets
While not quite the cradle of civilization. Ancient Greece has influenced many cultures, and it is no stretch to say that we owe much in the way of development to their scholars, warriors, and philosophers. Stretching back to the 8th century, Ancient Greece continued on to the end of antiquity, giving rise to legendary city-states like Athens and Sparta.
Gypsy Clothing, Gypsy Pants, Gypsy Skirts and Gypsy Apparel
Colorful, bright, and free - these are all common terms associated with gypsy style. As a people, gypsies are often considered as free spirits and wanderers, who roam about and do as they please. They are also known for their dancing, for their celebrations, and sometimes, for their magic. The only magic to be found here at Dark Knight Armoury, though, is the magical appeal of our gypsy section, which is filled with all manner of great garments.
Japanese Archery, Japanese Armour, Japanese Helmets, Japanese Katanas, and Japanese Jewelry
Among historical warriors, few have amassed such legends and prestige as the Samurai. This well-known warrior is often considered to be one of the finest soldiers and warriors in history, and for good reason - many dedicated themselves to war and spent their whole life training for battle. This dedication has endeared them, their weapons, and to a degree, their culture, to the world at large.
Military Signs, Military Decals and Military Shirts
It is good to remember your roots. In US, our national roots go back to the Revolutionary War, and it is not a stretch to say that it is thanks to military action and our leaders that this nation became a self-governing entity. So it is good to know your roots, and to pay some respect to them. And at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a range of military accents and collectibles so that you can do just that.
Musketeer Swords, Musketeer Clothing, Musketeer Costumes, and Musketeer Rapiers
In their day, the real musketeers were no doubt quite famous. History, though, remembers them as much for their own historical fame as for the incredible novel written by famous author Alexandre Dumas, titled "The Three Musketeers". Playing off both the iconic image and the historical one, Dark Knight Armoury offers an array of great musketeer themed items, so that you can have your fill of these legendary swordsmen.
Peasant Clothing, Peasant Dresses and Peasant Armour
It is easy to see peasant as a dirty or a derogatory word, but in reality, it often just describes the common class of person from the medieval and the dark ages. Most were farmers, but some also had a trade-skill, allowing them to work as blacksmiths, millers, carpenters, builders, and more. And at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a selection of gear that allows you to build a look that is not only authentic but darn good looking too.
Pirate Clothing, Pirate Hats, Wigs, Pirate Swords, Pirate Pistols, and Pirate Jewelry
Is the life of the pirate for you? Piracy is not a particularly young crime. It has existed for hundreds of years, yet the resurgence of it during the Golden Age of Piracy made it a common subject during the 17th and 18th centuries, and even in modern times, it has experienced a revival. Pirates are beloved and even romanticized, embodying freedom and a roguish lifestyle dedicated to coin and glory.
Roman Armour, Pilums, Roman Swords, Tunics, Roman Daggers, Roman Helmets, Roman Shields
It has been said that Ancient Rome was a wonder. Likely considered by themselves to be the pinnacle of civilization at the time, the greatest cities of Ancient Rome lived up to those boasts, featuring sprawling markets, impressive architecture, and running water via aqueducts. And Roman military power was no small thing either, as it allowed the empire to dominate much of Europe for a time!
Scottish and Celtic Armour, Scottish Clothing, Scottish Daggers, Celtic Jewelry and Swords
First came the Celts, with their impressive designs and their fine knotwork patterns, as well as their prowess in jewelry and battle. And gradually these people evolved. Today, Gaelic descent involves a touch of Celtic tradition, and Dark Knight Armoury pays our respects to the modern and to the historic heritage in this Scottish and Celtic Section, where you will find instruments, armour, weapons, jewelry, and more.
Steampunk Jewelry, Steampunk Clothing, Steampunk Hats, Steampunk Collectibles, Steampunk Footwear, and Steampunk Gadgets
There is a revolution overtaking the field of fashion and culture, and its name is Steampunk. Neo-industrial with tones of technology and Victorian style, this intriguing subculture encompasses a world of fresh ideas to experience, one filled with style, technology and more that is both old and new. And all of it made possible by a world that was born based on the principles of the steam engine!
Tudor Clothing, Tudor Coins, Tudor Gifts and Tudor Jewelry
The year was 1485. The month, August. For yearly 30 years, a sporadic conflict has been fought between the two rival branches of the House of Plantagenet, with each side vying for control of the English throne. But the conflict was nearing an end. Relatively unknown at the time, Henry Tudor would strike the final blow that would end this war once and for all, as well as begin the Tudor dynasty of English kings.
Viking Axes, Viking Clothing, Viking Shields, Viking Helms, Viking Statues and Viking Swords
Among medieval warriors, few are as well-noted as the Viking. So infamous as to have an age named after them, the Vikings left a legacy on the face of Europe and on the world, which is remembered to this day as that of a vicious warrior and a skilled explorer, backed with distinctive ships and a complex culture that their victims rarely even caught a small glimpse of.
Western Pistols, Western Rifles, Western Holsters, Western Hats, Western Clothing and Western Badges
In a time of expansion and growth for the nation, the Wild West was an untamed frontier, as dangerous as it was rewarding for those who were willing to brave outlaws and Indians for their chance at wealth and fame. The turbulent times and tough area gave rise to gunslingers, lawmen, and bandits of all sorts, and it was these men who made the West famous. At Dark Knight Armoury, you can visit our Western section to relive some of those glory days.
Zombie Costumes, Zombie Survival Weapons, Zombie Collectibles and Zombie Decor
Thunder sounds and lightning splits the sky as an eerie moan shatters the silence. Hair-raising as it is, it is only the wind, or so you tell yourself. It could very well be zombies! Zombies have taken the nation by storm, it seems, and now Dark Knight Armoury is getting into the craze with some zombie gear, from weapons to decor to figurines and more, all to suit your hunger for the walking dead!

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