Ritter Steel Swords

Old forging techniques come together with high quality materials and fine design in every Ritter Steel sword. This impressive blades are fully functional and battle-ready, while also featuring a stunning design that makes each one as fun to wield as it is appealing to look at. And with blades of tempered carbon steel, you can rest easy in the knowledge that these weapons are quite hardy. Fantasy meets medieval design in these swords, bringing the two together into a beautiful union that makes each sword a stunning example of inspiration and function. Guards of stainless steel and polished bronze give each of the swords a more distinctive look, ensuring that even when faced with a Ritter Steel sword, you will not be able to help but admire its appeal and its hardy functionality. They are offered from a variety of styles and eras, including Roman gladius swords, short Celtic combat blades, ionic Viking broadswords, two handed claymores and flamberges, and even more exotic weapons. Ritter Steel swords include a few curved swords, like the infamous scimitar, the oriental dao broadsword, and the legendary katana of Japan. And even these exotic, oriental blades are every bit as hardy and handy as their medieval counterparts, ensuring that no matter what weapon you grab from this section, you are sure to grab a functional one. So if you need something to practice with, whether you are practicing solo, training with a friend, or working on your cutting technique, you almost cannot go wrong with a Ritter Steel sword in your hands.
Authentics Ö Dussack Cutlass
Each Dussack is made from a single piece of steel and is clearly a no frills cutting weapon. Because of its simple and functional design, it was favored by commoners, who needed a weapon that could be used for a variety of purposes.
Price: $151.25
Braided Leather Ninja Short Sword
Exemplifying the style of a ninjato, the Braided Leather Ninja Short Sword features a straight blade with a sharply angled tip and a fabric wrapped handle. This sword is a splendid way to experience Japanese weaponry.
Price: $174.00
Brass Hilt Crusader Sword
The image of the knight and his sword will live forever through the sagas and tales of heroism during the Crusades (1096-1291) and it is easy to see why. These swords were highly valued and handed down from generation to generation.
Price: $303.25
Celtic Combat Sword
The Celts were brave warriors from early as 500 BC, fighting with strength and fury. The close combat sword was the chosen weapon in battle, as its flared blade possessed a strong and deadly edge that could be wielded quickly.
Price: $255.75
Celtic Flame Sword
This magnificent medieval Celtic Flame sword has magical Celt appeal! Each flame like blade of steel is masterfully forged by hand and comes with its own leather sheath, which is made individually to fit each kris blade.
Price: $274.75
Celtic Norse Sword
The Early Norse and Celtic people of the Middle Ages created functional swords beautifully that were adorned with designs from their myths and legends. This beautiful Celtic Norse sword has a curled scroll hand engraved into its pommel.
Price: $284.25
Chinese Broadsword
An exquisite blade fit for an Emperor. Brown, hand braided leather and red silk come together in a beautiful yet functional Chinese Broadsword. The blade is forged over hot coals and is four inches wide at the widest point.
Price: $284.25
Firestalker Sword
At last, the Firestalker Sword is for those who love fantasy and long to possess a functional steel blade forged as in ancient times, by hand over hot coals. The Firestalker Sword has hand cast brass fittings and an ebony grip.
Price: $379.05
Full Tang Martial Arts Competition Sword
The strong yet beautifully simple design of this sword is intended for those in the martial arts who compete and use their weapons daily. This sword has a thick hand forged blade that is designed to take the rigors of combat.
Price: $274.75
Full Tang O Dachi Great Samurai Sword
We are proud to offer the Odachi sword, a functional handmade work of art. Part of our braided leather collection, our functional Odachi Sword includes a scabbard that is hand made from wood, and covered in leather as shown.
Price: $445.75
German Landsknechte Flamberge Sword
This handmade sword is not for the faint of heart, as Great Landsknecht Swords were wielded by only the strongest and most fearless chosen front line Swiss and German soldiers of the Middle Ages, and for good reason!
Price: $663.25
German Wald Sword
This sword has been styled from an actual German Hunting sword held in private collection. Swords such as these were carried for hunting and protection throughout the forests with one hand making them a perfect riding weapon.
Price: $303.25
Giant Samurai Sword
The Giant Samurai Sword was individually made by hand with a natural wood grip and a sheath covered with hand bound and braided leather. The workmanship put into each sword attests to each being a functional, original work of art.
Price: $426.75
Golden Warrior Samurai Tanto
Made famous in feudal era Japan, tantos feature short blades with a sharpened edge which excels in thrusting strikes. The Golden Warrior Samurai Tanto is functional designed and stays true to this historic style.
Price: $99.75
Golden Warrior Samurai Wakizashi
Wakizashi swords were adopted by samurai in feudal era Japan to complement their larger katanas. The Golden Warrior Samurai Wakizashi is a splendid and functional example of this historic style of Japanese weaponry.
Price: $141.75
Great Claymore Sword
Finally, a real Claymore for all those modern Scots who long to possess a functional and battle ready Highland sword! Through history, tales have been told of mighty Scotsmen, hearty and ready to stand against seemingly unbeatable odds.
Price: $559.75
Knights of the Round Table Sword
A very distinctive medieval cross centers the guard of this magnificent knights sword. The Knights of the Round Table fought with honor and you can too, with weapons akin to theirs, with the sturdy construction of this sword.
Price: $312.75
Lion Crest Sword
Our medieval lion crest sword is an exclusive design featuring a regal rampant lion symbolizing courage and strength, carved into the solid brass pommel. The blade of the Lion Crest sword has fullers running down most of the blade.
Price: $312.75
Night Warrior Samuai Sword
This Samurai sword features sleek stainless wire accents, a hand braided leather grip, and a sheath. The blade of the Samurai sword is made of tempered high carbon steel, and the tsuba and end caps are made of solid brass.
Price: $283.25
Pirate Cutlass
This dashing pirate cutlass is a real beauty to behold. Created with a blackened steel guard to protect the finish and a hand-forged carbon steel blade, this cutlass is worth walking the plank for and is the perfect pirates companion.
Price: $246.25
Roman Gladius Sword
A very distinctive twist to this ancient designed Roman sword rests in the striking solid brass studs that encircle the rich wood pommel and guard. Truly an imperial touch to this historical functional battle ready sword.
Price: $312.75
Samurai Katana
The Samurai Katana was individually made by hand with a natural wood grip and a sheath covered with braided leather. The high carbon steel blade is hand pounded and forged over hot coals, using many of the original techniques.
Price: $274.75
Samurai Wakizashi
The Samurai Wakizashi was individually made by hand with a natural wood grip and a sheath covered with hand bound and braided leather. The workmanship put into each sword attests to each being an authentically functional work of art.
Price: $208.25
Sinbad Scimitar
The Sinbad Scimitar sword is truly an amazing sword, sure to demand respect from all. It has a formidable scimitar blade that is almost 5 inches at its widest point but still well balanced, allowing for a one or two handed grip.
Price: $369.75
Skull Katana
It is believed that the soul of a warrior lived within his sword, and to be a Samurai warrior was to uphold the highest spiritual and physical disciplines. This sword embodies a darker vision of the katana, fit for a sinister samurai.
Price: $312.75
Soul of Samurai Katana
The Soul of Samurai Katana will awaken the Samurai in you with this beautifully handcrafted functional sword. Smooth polished grips of ebony accented by brass create the perfect handle for the hand forged high carbon steel blade.
Price: $246.25
Soul of Samurai Wakizashi
The Soul of Samurai Wakizashi will awaken the Samurai in you with this beautifully handcrafted functional sword. Polished grips of exotic ebony accented by brass create the perfect handle for the hand forged high carbon steel blade.
Price: $179.75
Steel Hilt Crusader Sword
Our exclusive heirloom quality Crusader Sword is well balanced and a striking example of beauty in design! This well constructed blade is hand forged from high carbon steel and is tempered over hot coals, just like in medieval times.
Price: $283.25
Steel Scottish Claymore Sword
An absolutely stunning reproduction of 16th century Scottish weaponry, the Steel Scottish Claymore Sword is a functional weapon which exemplifies a claymore sword with its exquisitely powerful double-edged blade.
Price: $521.75
Trojan Short Sword
Featuring a magnificently stylish and functional design, the Trojan Short Sword embodies the styling of late Bronze Age weaponry with a leaf-shaped blade design, which is fairly short, as swords tended to be in this era.
Price: $312.75
Vampire Sword
This impressive Vampire sword has an overall length of 41.5 inches. The functional two handed Vampire sword is hand crafted with a 31.5 inch long, hand forged, high carbon steel blade tempered and hardened over hot coals.
Price: $369.75
Viking Chieftain Sword
This Viking sword looks so authentic in the hand that if you close your eyes you can almost feel the fog rolling off the shore and hear the crash of waves. The Chieftain leads another raid, taking your Viking band to far away lands.
Price: $296.50
War Sword
This functional, battle ready, two-handed barbarian war sword is hand-crafted and will make your enemies run from you in battle! A solid steel crown design pommel sits atop an exquisite ebony wood contoured handle.
Price: $331.75
Warlord Sword
Warlords and warriors rejoice, this two handed battle ready sword is for you! The barbaric lines of this mighty two handed fantasy sword has attributed to its wide appeal. The Warlord sword has a functional, flared, carbon steel blade.
Price: $474.25
William Wallace Steel Claymore
The earliest Scottish clansmen were strong and fearless. They wielded large swords with a simple yet powerful design. One was a man named William Wallace, who could have carried an early Scottish claymore sword like this in battle.
Price: $502.75

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