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Roman helmets are some of the most iconic and instantly recognizable helms from history, and for that reason, Dark Knight Armoury is all too happy to provide a more than adequate selection of helmets that would have been favored by generals, legionaries, centurions, legates, gladiators, soldiers, and more, all for reenactors or collector who loves that Roman style! Historically, the most commonly known helmet was the imperial helm, which is virtually the style of helmet that anyone pictures when they think of a traditional Roman helmet. It is this style of helmet that features cheek protectors and a limited visor, and is sometimes decorated with a plume. Plumes on Roman helmets could have a variety of meanings, although the most common use was thought to be to help soldiers identify important figures on the battlefield, as plumes made a soldier stick out more. Colors could also matter, with some signifying certain things like a special duty. Of course, the imperial helmet is not the only style of Roman helmet we offer, as we also carry a variety of other helms that were used by Roman warriors, including a wide variety of specialized gladiator helmets that are as impressive as they are protective. We also offer a few plumes, so that you can switch out your plumes on your favorite helmet to change the look, or so that you can add a plume to your helmet to totally change its style. Please note that all plumes require a plume holder. Not all helms will accommodate plumes, so check your item carefully before deciding to add a plume. If you are a collector, then you are bound to find several great collectibles floating around here at Dark Knight Armoury, and if you are a reenactors or a swordsman, then so much the better, because many of our Roman helmets are also great to wear when you are headed off into combat, whether it is a LARP battle, an SCA event, or a traditional Roman reenactment!
1st Century Roman Cavalry Embossed Helmet
Featuring an impressively stylized design, this 1st Century Roman Cavalry Embossed Helmet is a decorative helm that would have likely been favored by members of the Roman cavalry, especially by officers enlisted in their ranks.
Price: $400.00
Archer Helmet
A Roman legion is typically seen as a grouping of shield-bearing warriors armed with gladii and pila (sword and javelin). However, legions did often include archers, who more often than not could be seen wearing this Archer Helmet.
Price: $201.00
Arena Gladiator Helmet
Crowds roar and the intense heat of the arena is enough to boil ones blood. Your adrenaline is high as you ready for the fight to finish. Don this helm and look through the visor to see through the eyes of a gladiator!
Price: $169.25
Auxiliary Infantry B Helmet
There are certain perks to forgoing a heavier helmet and choosing something a little bit more unrestrictive. This Auxiliary Infantry B Helmet, for instance, is a happy medium between offering good protection and unrestrictive wear.
Price: $289.00
Auxiliary Infantry E Helmet
This style of helmet was typically worn by the Roman Auxiliary troops, which were non-citizen soldiers of the Roman Empire. This Auxiliary Infantry E Helmet would have been worn by soldiers who wanted good protection for their head.
Price: $248.00
Black and Natural Plume
Plumes were not just ornamental decorations that were attached to helmets for reasons of style. In fact, a decoration like this Black and Natural Plume would have been significant, indicating a person or officer of importance and rank.
Price: $72.00
Black Helm Plume with Wood Base
Plumes were not just ornamental decorations that were attached to helmets for reasons of style. In fact, this Black Helm Plume with Wood Base would have been very significant, indicating a person or officer of importance and rank.
Price: $69.00
Blackened Halanor Barbuta Helmet
Inspired by the late Roman Empires horseman helmet, the Blackened Halanor Barbuta Helmet provides good protection to the wearers head and face and possesses an impressive look for LARP warriors and collectors to enjoy.
Price: $100.00
Brass Cavalier Roman Helmet
The Brass Cavalier Roman Helmet is the perfect combination of a Roman helmet designed to provide protection to a warriors head and flashy, impressive styling that makes the wearer difficult, if not impossible, to mistake or miss.
Price: $245.00
Brass Charioteer Helmet
Typical Roman adornments on helmets included tall hair plumes, although others were used. And on the Brass Charioteer Helmet, instead of a classic, stiff hair plume, the helmet features a simple black hair tassel as decoration.
Price: $289.00
Brass Deurne Helmet
Named after the region of the Netherlands in which the original helmet was found, this Brass Deurne Helmet is a reproduction based off of an actual historical helmet that featured amazing and attractive decorations across its surface.
Price: $447.00
Brass Gladiator Arena Helmet
Some gladiator helms were made to defend against very specific weapons or types of opponents. Others, like this Brass Gladiator Arena Helmet, were made to be protective while featuring a design that is both dramatic and intimidating.
Price: $216.00
Brass Gladiator Mosaic Helmet
Gladiator helmets tended to be as dramatic and theatrical as they were defensive, and none show this as well as this Brass Gladiator Mosaic Helmet. Modeled after the Thraex helmet, this armor is as protective as it is ornate.
Price: $400.00
Brass Imperial Gallic Aquincum Helm
Likely named for the location of its discovery, this Brass Imperial Gallic Aquincum Helm is a traditional Roman helmet with a twist - instead of steel or iron construction, which was common, it is recreated entirely in fine brass.
Price: $338.00
Brass Imperial Gallic I Helm
The classic shaping of this Brass Imperial Gallic I Helm makes it a great addition to any Roman look, while its unique finish - being entirely brass in design - makes it a stand-alone piece that will catch the eye and interest of all.
Price: $338.00
Brass Italic H NiederMormter Helmet
The imperial helmet is a classification applied to the helmet that was considered by many to be the quintessential Roman galea. The Brass Italic H NiederMormter Helmet is a replica of a historical helm found on an archaeological dig.
Price: $447.00
Brass Roman Officers Helm
Our Roman Officers Helmet features a lovely full red hair plume, marking the wearer as a leader and personage of status. The Roman Officers Helm is hand crafted in brass as well, creating a truly distinctive look.
Price: $254.75
Buch Helmet
The Buch Helmet is similar in style to a classic Roman helmet, although it does feature a few minor touches that give it a different silhouette. Regardless of shape, though, this helmet is just as protective as other Roman helms.
Price: $315.00
Caesarian Brass Coolus Helmet
The irony is that, as long as it took to develop the modern combat helmet, the Romans appear to have used something similar as one of their first helmets! This Caesarian Brass Coolus Helmet is one of the earliest Roman designs.
Price: $248.00
Coco Brown Plume
Plumes were not just ornamental decorations that were attached to helmets for reasons of style. In fact, a decoration like this Coco Brown Plume would have been very significant, indicating a person or officer of importance and rank.
Price: $72.00

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