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When your ship is boarded and your pistols are all spent, what does a pirate have left to defend themselves, save for their wits and their sword? At Dark Knight Armoury, you will find a selection of great pirate swords. Some are made based on historical designs, while others have a more fanciful look to them. All, though, are great for going with a wide variety of different pirate ensembles for guys and girls alike. Perhaps the most iconic and classic pirate sword is the cutlasses, offering a curved, single-edged design that provides plenty of cutting power and a small enough size to be easily used in the crowded confines of the ship. The saber is slightly different, offering a thinner, slightly longer blade that is perfectly suited for fighting on deck. Our more imaginative swords offer subtle variations on these classic blades, adding details like mermaids and sea serpents to their design, while others are striking deviations from the norm - take for example a pirate claymore, with crossed pistols for the guard and a ship wheel for the pommel and you will know what we mean! Still, each and every sword you will find in this section of Dark Knight Armoury is perfectly suited to pirate style, making this pirate swords section the category to visit when you need to arm your ensemble with a blade.
Authentics Ö Dussack Cutlass
Each Dussack is made from a single piece of steel and is clearly a no frills cutting weapon. Because of its simple and functional design, it was favored by commoners, who needed a weapon that could be used for a variety of purposes.
Price: $151.25
Bartholomew Roberts Pirate Cutlass
Based on the historic blades of legendary swashbucklers of old, the Bartholomew Roberts Pirate Cutlass is a remarkable replica sword made from cast metal alloy. This decorative cutlass comes with a matching leather texture scabbard.
Price: $109.00
Bartholomew Roberts Pirate Saber
A stunning interpretation of historic pirate blades, the Bartholomew Roberts Pirate Saber features an elegant basket hilt, an authentic sabre shape, and an included matching scabbard with ornate, chrome colored cast metal features.
Price: $150.00
Bartholomew Roberts Pirate Scimitar
With its embossed blade and stylish basket hilt, the Bartholomew Roberts Pirate Scimitar is an eye-catching addition to any sword collection or pirate display. This decorative sword is inspired by the blades of legendary pirates.
Price: $84.00
Brass Hilt Caribbean Pirate Sword
No pirate captain should be without a statement-making blade like the Brass Hilt Caribbean Pirate Sword. This single edge stainless steel sword is perfect for showing off your swashbuckler prowess, and it comes with a matching sheath.
Price: $74.50
Brass Pirate Cutlass
The Cutlass was a short slashing sword, ideal for the battles aboard great sailing men-of-war. The cutlass was, in fact, issued to the Naval personnel of many countries, replicating a French naval style of the early 19th century.
Price: $105.00
Bronze Pirate Saber
Pirates who lack something that would elevate them from simple buccaneer to gentleman-thief on the high seas should check out the Bronze Pirate Saber, a well-used but well-loved swashbucklers blade.
Price: $70.00
Caribbean Pirate Cutlass
Let the other scallywags know what is up when you show off the Caribbean Pirate Cutlass. State your claim as captain of the sea with this historically inspired pirate sword. The stainless steel blade curves and widens near its point.
Price: $83.90
Damascus Pirate Sword
Before attending your next boarding party, add this Damascus Pirate Sword to your baldric. The distinctive pattern of the folded steel sword is enhanced with decorative filework on the S-guard and a richly colored hardwood grip.
Price: $139.90
On Sale For: $125.91
D-Guard Pirate Sword
Cannonfire woke the lad from his slumber. Stopping only to grab the D-Guard Pirate Sword that hung near the door, the cabin boy felt a shudder as the foremast fell into the water. He turned to face the boarding party, sword in hand.
Price: $36.00
On Sale For: $32.40
Edward Teach Blackbeard Pirate Cutlass
Named after the famous 16th century pirate, the Edward Teach Blackbeard Pirate Cutlass is a stunning replica sword inspired by the weaponry of legendary swashbucklers. This decorative pirate cutlass includes a matching scabbard.
Price: $110.00
Edward Teach Blackbeard Pirate Saber
Inspired by the weapons wielded by legendary pirates of old, the Edward Teach Blackbeard Pirate Saber is a magnificent decorative replica. The matching scabbard and a cast metal skull fob are included with this decorative sabre.
Price: $129.00
Edward Teach Blackbeard Pirate Scimitar
The Edward Teach Blackbeard Pirate Scimitar is an eye-catching replica sword inspired by the weapons of legendary swashbucklers. This curved blade features an embossed artistic sea dragon detail and a brass tone D-guard hilt.
Price: $79.00
Golden Pirate Cutlass
The Golden Pirate Cutlass is a sword that is truly meant for a pirate captain. This sword is made from tough high carbon steel and is inspired by historic pirate weapons. The entire sword has been given an antiqued gold finish.
Price: $195.00
Gunmetal Hilt Pirate Saber
A swashbuckler ought to have a blade worthy of their cutthroat style. The Gunmetal Hilt Pirate Saber is such a sword, ideal for displaying your fearsome pirate spirit with its single edged, stainless steel blade and gunmetal hilt.
Price: $83.90
Hayreddin Red Beard Barbarossa Brass Saber
Drawing inspiration from Hayreddin Red Beard Barbarossa, a 16th century admiral in control of the Mediterranean Sea under Turkish rule, the Hayreddin Red Beard Barbarossa Brass Saber makes an intriguing addition to sword collections.
Price: $145.00
Hayreddin Red Beard Barbarossa Brass Scimitar
Its namesake coming from a Turkish admiral who controlled the 16th century Mediterranean Sea, the Hayreddin Red Beard Barbarossa Brass Scimitar is an impressive take on historical sword styles. A mighty ship appears on its guard.
Price: $89.00
Hayreddin Red Beard Barbarossa Silver Cutlass
Add swashbuckling style to your own domain with the Hayreddin Red Beard Barbarossa Silver Cutlass. This decorative collectible sword has a curve blade and takes its name from a historic admiral of the 16th century Ottoman Empire.
Price: $109.00
Hook Handle Pirate Sword
It is always a good idea to have a hook on hand while sailing the seven seas, as well as a trusty sword. Get both when you wield the Hook Handle Pirate Sword! This decorative sword draws inspiration from unique pirate weaponry.
Price: $61.00
Left Handed Pirate's Companion Sword
Where would the seafaring rogue be without his trusty cutlass? This stout left handed sword is made to be as rugged as the originals and features a high carbon steel blade with a gorgeous brass basket and nice hardwood grip.
Price: $165.00

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