Womens Pirate Coats and Vests

Our womens pirate coats and pirate vests do double duty. On one hand, they protect you from the elements, shielding you from the wind, the rain, and the spray of the ocean. On the other hand, they provide superb style that makes each one a great addition to any pirate ensemble! Dark Knight Armoury knows that when a pirate wants to look their best, they need a classy coat or a lovely vest ' maybe even both! Our Mary Read coat and vest are named after a famous historical pirate, while also featuring historical style to match! Several others are named and inspired by the leading lady pirates from popular films, allowing you to echo their style in your look. Other pieces blend history with fiction, creating an assortment of interesting and elegant captain coats and pirate vests that accent both beauty and pirate appeal. A pirate look is all about layering, and at Dark Knight Armoury, we have the captain coats and pirate vests necessary for any leading lady to create an impressive look that belongs on the deck of a pirate frigate.
Angelica Brocade Privateer Coat
Finish off your wealthy pirate captain ensemble with a beautiful outerwear option like the Angelica Brocade Privateer Coat. This pirate coat features an intricate floral brocade pattern in black and shades of red-violet.
Price: $68.00
On Sale For: $61.20
Angelica Brocade Privateer Vest
Transform yourself into one of the legendary lady pirates who have commanded the high seas throughout history. The Angelica Brocade Privateer Vest serves as a fantastic way to add some color and pattern to your pirate ensemble.
Price: $57.00
On Sale For: $50.00
Angelica Suede Privateer Coat
Prepare to command the high seas whenever you are spotted in this excellent womens pirate coat. The Angelica Suede Privateer Coat features brocade vest sections on each side of its front and intricate lace running along the edges.
Price: $84.00
On Sale For: $75.60
Captain Jacquotte Delahaye Pirate Coat
Jacquotte Delahaye sailed the Caribbean Sea during the 1650s, captaining a gang of hundreds of other pirates and taking over a small island. The Captain Jacquotte Delahaye Pirate Coat pays homage to the legend of this buccaneer.
Price: $72.00
Charlotte de Berry Privateer Jacket
Named for a pirate captain who sailed various ships during the 1600s, the Charlotte de Berry Privateer Jacket possesses eye-catching flair suitable for the colorful life of this historical mutineer and ship captain.
Price: $80.00
Cheng I Sao Brocade Privateer Jacket
Cheng I Sao commanded a fleet of tens of thousands of pirates in the South China Sea during the early 19th century. The Cheng I Sao Brocade Privateer Coat pays homage to one of the most powerful pirates of history.
Price: $51.00
On Sale For: $45.90
Elizabeth Linen Pirate Vest
Show off your rustic swashbuckler styling by making this ladies pirate vest a part of your ensemble! The Elizabeth Linen Pirate Vest comes in a rich shade of maroon that looks great with other pieces of pirate clothing.
Price: $34.00
Gothic Black and White Striped Pirate Coat
When you need outerwear that matches the unique style of your personal taste, look no further than the Gothic Black and White Striped Pirate Coat! This fantastic striped coat stands out with its bold pattern.
Price: $83.00
Gothic Black Pirate Jacket
Are you looking for a jacket that has a hint of roguish charm to it? The Gothic Black Pirate Jacket would not look out of place on the captain of a pirate ship! This black jacket falls just past your hips for in a rakish look.
Price: $112.00
Loi Chai-san Brocade Privateer Jacket
The Queen of the Macao Pirates, Loi Chai-san terrorized the seas around Hong Kong in the 1920s. The Loi Chai-san Brocade Privateer Jacket pays homage to the life of this notorious pirate captain and her exploits.
Price: $55.00
Long Black Lady Pirate Coat
A fantastic option for anyone who enjoys a touch of swashbuckler style in their wardrobe, the Long Black Lady Pirate Coat is a great piece of womens outerwear. Long buttoned lapels run down the front of the black buccaneer coat.
Price: $127.00
Mary Read Pirate Coat
Mary Read lived as a man most of her life. She and Anne Bonny were pirates under Captain Jack Rackham, also known as Calico Jack. Most of the crew were unaware that there were women aboard. This coat emulates her style.
Price: $139.00
Mary Read Pirate Vest
This beautiful vest is a rich brocade with a scoop v-neck collar, making it a perfect stand alone garment or accent to our Mary Read coat. The Mary Read Pirate Vest is made of 100% rayon with a rich golden brown color.
Price: $55.00
Purple Brocade Lady Pirate Jacket
Exploring the Seven Seas does not necessarily require forsaking your fashion sense. Inspired by the trends of the 18th century, the Purple Brocade Lady Pirate Jacket adds an elegant touch to the role of a swashbuckling buccaneer.
Price: $119.95
Royal Blue Patterned Lady Pirate Jacket
This beautiful ladies jacket will give you a commanding look as you stand on the deck of your ocean-faring vessel. The Royal Blue Patterned Lady Pirate Jacket displays an ornate vintage pattern perfect for formal occasions.
Price: $108.00
Steampunk Brown Pirate Coat
You can easily imagine yourself as the member of a pirate crew when you wear this Neo-Victorian coat. The Steampunk Brown Pirate Coat falls to knee-length in a rich brown color that looks fantastic with bold accessories.
Price: $83.00

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