Sword Plaques

An old saying claims that there is more than one way to skin a cat. Morbid as it sounds, it really just means that there is more than one way to do something. And in this regard, the phrase is right on the money when it comes to displaying swords, because at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a number of methods, and none are so unique as those found in our sword plaques section! Sword plaques are completely different from sword hangers and sword stands, as they carry with them a more unique and ornate design that makes them perfect for fine swords of many different varieties. This is particularly true when it comes to decorated sword plaques, which feature ornate designs, and carved details that make them every bit as impressive as the sword that it might hold. Many of the sword plaques that are offered here are completely universal, featuring mounting hardware for easy installation as well as a versatile design that allows it to be used with just about any sword imaginable, ensuring that no matter what type of medieval sword you own, you can hang it up with a display plaque to create a unique addition to your decor, one that will leave many in awe of your impressive and deadly looking collectible. Many of our sword plaques are made from fine woods, and those that lack designs still feature a stunning wood finish that helps to accent the appeal and beauty of any sword it is paired with. Pair one of Dark Knight Armourys great sword plaques with your own Excalibur, your Valermos, or any other named or unnamed sword you might own, and you will have a winning combination that is just begging to be mounted and displayed on the wall of your home or office.
Crest Universal Sword Plaque
This Crest Universal Sword Plaque features metal hanging hooks that can be adjusted to fit almost any sword using the pre-drilled holes on the back. The sword plaque includes mounting hardware and easy-to-use mounting instructions.
Price: $13.00
On Sale For: $11.70
Two Sword Eagle Crest Plaque
The Two Sword Eagle Crest Plaque is a carved wooden panoply from Spain. The two sword eagle crest plaque is a magnificent display piece in any home or office. This plaque can hold two swords, which are not included.
Price: $720.00
Universal Wall Plaque
Is that designed plaque just too much to hang your sword on? Looking for something to showcase the beauty of your sword, rather than steal its thunder by looking as cool, if not cooler? Then the Universal Wall Plaque is right for you.
Price: $14.00
Wooden Axe Display Plaque
An exquisite means to showcase the decorative weapon of your choice, the Wooden Axe Display Plaque features a beautiful natural wood grain finish to complement the historical appeal of the weapon that it displays.
Price: $29.00
Wooden Display Plaque for Decorative Swords
An exquisite exhibitor for ornamental swords, the Wooden Display Plaque for Decorative Swords is an elegant way to prominently display your decorative weapon. It is crafted from wood and finished to enhance its natural wood grain.
Price: $46.00
Wooden Sword Plaque
Any weapon you love needs a specific place sit when not being used. Our Wooden Sword Plaque is all you will need to display your weaponry for friends and family to enjoy. Made from wood, this sword plaque can hold one-bladed weapons.
Price: $10.50

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