Pirate Clothing, Pirate Costumes and Pirate Boots

Building a pirate ensemble is not as easy as it sounds. After all, pirates could, and often would, wear a wide variety of things. Whatever struck their fancy and whatever they could steal was often how they built their wardrobe. Lucky for you, Dark Knight Armoury has a wide array of awesome and incredible garments for you to choose from, allowing you to build your ideal pirate look, whether ye be lad or lady! Equally lucky is that you can use your apparel to create a wide variety of looks. This way, if you are not the captain of the ship, you do not annoy him by upstaging his look with something more impressive! This section is filled with incredible garments for guys and girls both, ranging from loose-fitting shirts and blouses to baggy trousers and flowing skirts. Those are just the basics, and once you have those, you can build up your look, adding an array of accents and accessories, like an admiralty vest with gold braiding or a worn leather baldric to hold a pistol or three. And for a truly impressive look, do not forget to look at our pirate coats! Heck, we even offer some pieces of pirate armor, in the form of stylish leather bracers that are perfect for fending off attacks when you get boarded! We also offer full ensembles, if you prefer to get something that is already assembled. We have it all here at Dark Knight Armoury, so if you want to look the part of a pirate, this is the place to come!
Mary Read Outfits, Grace O'Malley Outfits, and Complete Womens Pirate Outfits
It is easy to transform yourself with pirate style at Dark Knight Armoury, especially with our own complete pirate outfits for women. All of these outfits are full looks that are perfect for creating a pirate look. Made up of blouses, vests, coats, dresses, and skirts, they are a quick and easy way to create a customizable pirate look that will transform any woman into a pirate wench ready to sail, pillage, and plunder.
Pirate Captain Coats, Pirate Vests, and Naval Coats
Enhancing your pirate style just got easier, thanks to the selection of mens pirate coats and pirate vests at Dark Knight Armoury. Offered in brilliant reds and naval blues, as well as in a variety of other colors, our pirate coats and vests feature iconic looks from the Age of Sails that are sure to improve upon your pirate style. Made in a variety of materials and styles, these coats and vests are as comfortable as they are appealing.
Mens Pirate Shirts, Ruffled Shirts, and Captain Shirts
Pirates present a unique dichotomy in history and fiction. On one hand, they are tough and ruthless. On the other, romantic and noble. Dark Knight Armoury supports both visions of the pirate, allowing you to choose which you prefer. Our selection of pirate shirts are made in fine materials in historical and fictional styles. Some are simple and straightforward, others are more elaborate, featuring ruffles, buckles, and collars.
Mens Pirate Pants, Pirate Breeches, and Womens Pirate Pants
Once you have a pirate shirt, do not forget your pirate pants! Dark Knight Armoury has plenty to choose from, offering pirate pants for men and women alike. Pants are easy to move in, and our pirate trousers sport a unique array of styles, ranging from straight legged pirate slacks to pirate pantaloons with wide, billowy legs and tied ankles. Offered in a variety of fabrics and colors, our pirate pants are perfect for any pirate ensemble.
Satin Pirate Sashes, Skull Pirate Sashes, and Pirate Scarves
A pirate sash is a valuable accessory that can be used in several ways for a pirate ensemble. Dark Knight Armoury offers pirate sashes in cotton, satin, and more, as well as in a variety of colors, including red, black, green, gold, navy, and more. Our sashes are long bolts that can easily wrap around the waist, arm, or head, and many feature touches of decoration, like tassels at the end or embroidery on the edges.
Pirate T-Shirts, Pirate T Shirts and Pirate Tee Shirts
During the Golden Age of piracy, pirates were all the typical citizen could talk about, yet at the end of that age, piracy suffered a great decline. Today, though, a growing interest in pirates is back on the rise, and to accommodate that, Dark Knight Armoury is stocked with several incredibly awesome looking pirate t-shirts to sate a renewed public interest in pirates.
Wench Bodices, Pirate Corsets, and Leather Bras
For a more sultry and stylish look that will leave deckhands drooling, lady pirates should visit the bodices, corsets, and bras section of Dark Knight Armoury. We offer plenty of pirate corsets for proper shaping worthy of a lady, as well as unique bodices and leather bras that blend perfectly with pirate style. This way, you can look your best while sailing the seven seas in search of better plunder.
Womens Pirate Captain Coats and Pirate Vests
A good pirate look is all about layering. Once you have the basics, look to a vest or coat ' or both ' to complete the ensemble! Dark Knight Armoury offers a wide selection of womens captain coats and pirate vests, inspired by period garments and fictional female pirates alike. Available in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns, they are all excellent choices for adding a dash of style to your roguish swashbuckler ensemble.
Ruffled Pirate Blouses and Womens Pirate Shirts
A good swashbuckling blouse is a must for any womens pirate ensemble. Luckily, Dark Knight Armoury has scoured the seas to find the best ones available! Our selection of blouses and pirate shirts for women includes crop tops, off the shoulder blouses, ruffled shirts, laced tops, and more. Better yet, they are offered in quality materials, so that you can get a pirate top or buccaneer blouse looks and feels great!
Jagged Pirate Skirts, Pirate Wench Skirts, and Layered Buccaneer Skirts
A pirate skirt is a perfect way to add some ladylike appeal to any womans pirate ensemble while keeping a stellar swashbuckler style. Dark Knight Armoury offers skirts in short and long lengths that match nicely with historic pirate apparel. Jagged hem skirts and full length skirts add plenty of variety, and the pirate skirts can be easily layered, both with other skirts and with pants and tights to create distinctive yet feminine pirate styles.
Medieval Pirate Shirt
When people think of the Middle Ages, they think of knights and noble battles. But the Seven Seas were also rife with strife. The Medieval Pirate Shirt serves as a classy reminder that piracy predates the romanticized buccaneer.
Price: $43.18
Stortebecker Laced Shirt
Piracy existed long before the 1700s. It was around even in medieval times. The Stortebecker Laced Shirt is modeled on the clothing that Fourteenth-Century pirates like the German Klaus Stortebecker likely would have worn.
Price: $47.98

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