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Ornate and showy blades are not in particular need of an equally flashy sword hanger, and so Dark Knight Armoury offers a selection of more traditional and muted designs that are perfect for picking up almost any style of sword, allowing you to display it either horizontally or vertically to create the wall decoration that you want your sword to be. In spite of their otherwise unadorned style, though, many of these sword hangers are perfect when it comes to creating killer sword displays, as their simple design allows the sword to speak for itself in terms of detailing and overall appearance. Our sword hangers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they allow swords to be easily displayed either horizontally or vertically, depending on the style chosen. We offer hook hangers that are perfect for holding a sheathed blade while it rests on the wall, either along the hilt and the blade, or by its guard, just as we offer adjustable sword hangers in various designs to suit the style of your sword perfectly, whether its Japanese, Celtic, medieval, or even a bit more modern. Vertical hangers and hinged broadsword hangers round out the group, giving the sword-owner who visits this section more than a few options when it comes to picking out how they want to display their sword. And given that some feature different finishes, all of which look great, you can also pick the one that suits your sword the best, to better ensue that it stands out all the more. So for the collector who is looking to show off their latest and greatest sword, Dark Knight Armoury has an array of affordable and appealing sword hangers, which give you nothing but options as far as a weapon display goes.
Adjustable Sword Hanger
Ideal for mounting bladed weapons, this wall hanger adjusts to securely hold swords and daggers of various sizes. The Adjustable Sword Hanger displays a minimalist design that keeps attention where you want it - on your sword.
Price: $21.00
Armoured Knight Sword Hanger
You have had a long day. You saved the kingdom, defeated the enemies, and now it is time to go home. Hang your trusty sword up on this Armoured Knight Sword Hanger before you tuck in and get your well-earned beauty sleep!
Price: $8.50
On Sale For: $7.65
Brass Bullet Expandable Sword Hanger
For a more modern sword display, or a more militarized one, look no further than this Brass Bullet Expandable Sword Hanger. The design of this sword hanger makes it perfect for military sabers, as well as a variety of other weapons.
Price: $8.50
On Sale For: $7.65
Broadsword Hanger
This Broadsword Hanger is designed for the wall display of any Hanwei broadsword, though it will likely work with any other type as well. Use this hanger to show off all of your broadswords!
Price: $15.00
Bullet Sword Hangers
Stylishly display your favorite firearm, sword, or other weapon of choice on the walls of your home with the Bullet Sword Hangers. Each wall hanger in this set depicts a 30-06 bullet at the end and a scrollwork style wall mount.
Price: $9.90
On Sale For: $8.91
Celtic Knot Expandable Sword Hanger
Celtic designs are fairly universal, in that they go well with just about any theme you can imagine. This Celtic Knot Expandable Sword Hanger serves well as a means to hang up your favorite sword or other weapon for display.
Price: $8.50
On Sale For: $7.65
Deer Sword Hangers
Perfect for hunters, woodsmen, and more, the Deer Sword Hangers feature the head of a stag with an impressive rack in their design. These wall hangers can hold a variety of sword shapes and sizes as well guns, axes, and other weapons.
Price: $13.90
On Sale For: $12.51
Fancy Vertical Sword Hanger
This Fancy Vertical Sword Hanger lets you display your swords in a more unique way - vertically, as opposed to horizontally. This opens up new opportunities and new ways to show off some of the blades in your own collection.
Price: $8.50
On Sale For: $7.65
Fleur de Lis Expandable Sword Hanger
Some weapons deserve a bit of noble styling when it comes to their display, and this Fleur de Lis Expandable Sword Hanger provides just that. Turn your sword into an eye-catching home accent with this set of Renaissance sword hangers.
Price: $8.50
On Sale For: $7.65
Fleur Shield Expandable Sword Hanger
A little touch of class and style can transform any sword from a deadly weapon into a stunning decoration. This Fleur Shield Expandable Sword Hanger is a set of accents that transforms any sword into a stunning wall-mounted decoration.
Price: $9.00
On Sale For: $8.10
Hinged Sword Hanger
Want an unobtrusive way to display your favorite sword or knife? Our Hinged Sword Hanger makes an excellent choice to meet your needs with its minimalist appearance, leaving all of the attention on your weapon of choice.
Price: $2.00
On Sale For: $1.80
Large Wall Mount for Medieval Swords
Gladius sword hangers are an attractive means of wall-mounting a sword. While the mountings hold the sword securely, they allow the sword to be removed and replaced easily. The OG018LG and OG018SM are used with Medieval styles.
Price: $27.00
Pirate Sword Hangers
Your pirate cutlass deserves a place of honor even when it is not in use, so be sure to give these Pirate Sword Hangers a look! Designed with a grinning skull above a pair of crossed swords, these hangers provide the perfect display.
Price: $8.50
On Sale For: $7.65
Rampant Lion Sword Hangers
Every weapon needs its a resting place. While sheaths, scabbards, cases, and cabinets offer some options, the charming Rampant Lion Sword Hangers let you keep your favorite sword on display even when it is not in use.
Price: $8.50
On Sale For: $7.65
Samurai Expandable Sword Hanger
Infuse the legendary appeal of feudal Japan with the Samurai Expandable Sword Hanger. Sold as a set of two, these finely detailed sword hangers can hold a wide variety of weapons and look especially stylish when supporting a katana.
Price: $8.50
On Sale For: $7.65
Sword Hangers - Silver Finish
Our steel Katana hangers provide an economical and sturdy solution for displaying any Japanese-style sword on a wall. Supplied in pairs in either nickel plated (0H2378) or black powder-coated (OH2377) finish.
Price: $10.00
Sword Hangers with Black Finish
Our steel Katana hangers provide an economical and sturdy solution for displaying any Japanese-style sword on a wall. The Sword Hangers with Black Finish make a simple and elegant choice for displaying your weaponry.
Price: $10.00
Wall Mount for Samurai Style Swords
Gladius sword hangers are an attractive means of wall-mounting a sword. While the mountings hold the sword securely, they allow the sword to be removed and replaced easily. The OG017 is for mounting Samurai-style swords.
Price: $23.00

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