Japanese Era

Among historical warriors, few have amassed such legends and prestige as the Samurai. This well-known warrior is often considered to be one of the finest soldiers and warriors in history, and for good reason - many dedicated themselves to war and spent their whole life training for battle. This dedication has endeared them, their weapons, and to a degree, their culture, to the world at large. In honor of these masterful warriors, Dark Knight Armoury has dedicated as section to them, filled with armour, katana, clothing, statues, and more. Loosely translated, the symbol for Samurai means something equivalent to those who serve the nobility, marking the Samurai class as one that served as the military strength of the noble clans. And despite their small number, being less than 10 percent of the Japanese populous, the Samurai were notable in that they had a large influence on the culture. And even today, that influence continues, as their warrior-code and fabled skill make them a popular warrior to emulate. Dark Knight Armoury offers Japanese Armour, helmets, and clothing, as well as the typical weapons of the Samurai, all for you to own, admire, and use. We also carry some collectibles, like home decor accents, statues, and jewelry, so that you can emulate the beauty of the Japanese culture in your home.
Japanese Armour, Samurai Armour and Functional Japanese Armour
As can be imagined, Japanese armour differs greatly from the traditional European armour of the medieval ages. Distinctive and definitely different, any suit of Japanese armour is an instantly recognizable look that will definitely impress and awe others. And at Dark Knight Armoury, we are proud to offer you a selection of protective Japanese pieces, so that you can sport your favorite form of oriental protection.
Japanese Clothing and Samurai Clothing
The culture of ancient Japan is one that was well-known for its unique appeal, and the clothing of that era carries an inherent appeal and allure that is hard to deny. At Dark Knight Armoury, we have joined in the craze and are happy to offer you a growing selection of Japanese clothing, inspired by and modeled after the garments that Samurai, daimyo, shogun, shinobi, geisha, and more all would have worn in the Feudal Era.
Japanese Helmets, Japanese Kabuto, Samurai Helmets and Japanese Helms
Japan was not the first culture to utilize distinctive helmets to mark important individuals, although their helmets do carry a unique sort of appeal that goes above and beyond those of some cultures. Perhaps that is because of the high level of symbolism the helmets often feature. Dark Knight Armoury offers a number of Japanese helmets, also known as kabuto, that recreate the helms of noteworthy warlords and warriors from the Feudal Era.
Japanese Home Decor and Samurai Home Decor
You do not have to hang a banner, stand a set of armour, or display a katana in your home to capture some of that Japanese style for your decor. Instead, if you crave that touch of Japanese influence, you need only pay us a visit here at Dark Knight Armoury. Here, we can happily direct you to this Japanese home decor section, where you will find statues and accents that are perfect for adding that subtle infusion of culture to any room.
Japanese Katanas, Japanese Swords, Samurai Swords and Samurai Katanas
Few swords have a reputation like the katana. This legendary blade is purported to be one of, if not the finest sword design to ever be made. The claim is slightly dubious, but the fact is that few medieval swords are as intricate in design and construction as the katana. And at Dark Knight Armoury, we carry a number of katana that live up to their legend in both looks and functionality, both.
Japanese Tantos, Samurai Tantos and Functional Tantos
The tanto is a Japanese dagger. Unlike most daggers, though, the tanto was not merely a scaled down version of the sword, but instead, a completely unique piece, one that was forged with different techniques to suit the different form. Here at Dark Knight Armoury, many of our functional oriental tantos echo this notion, in that they resemble their parent sword, but also differ slightly in form and detail.
Japanese Wakizashis, Samurai Wakizashis, Functional Wakizashis and Japanese Swords
The daisho is an important part of the Samurai weapons. Consisting of two weapons, the daisho, which translated literally means big-little, consists of the katana and the wakizashi. At Dark Knight Armoury, we carry a number of wakizashi, many of which are inspired by our katana, so that you can make your own matched daisho pair to complete your samurai style.

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