Greek Era

While not quite the cradle of civilization. Ancient Greece has influenced many cultures, and it is no stretch to say that we owe much in the way of development to their scholars, warriors, and philosophers. Stretching back to the 8th century, Ancient Greece continued on to the end of antiquity, giving rise to legendary city-states like Athens and Sparta. This section of Dark Knight Armoury is dedicated to all of our collectibles that embody the style and culture of Ancient Greece. Here, you will find an array of items, ranging from simple trinkets to grand pieces of armour that are perfect for building your ideal Grecian look. From Spartan shields to Corinthian helmets, we have armor aplenty, ranging from simple bronze arm and leg guards to impressively built breastplates that will give you a heroic and powerful look worthy of a hoplite or a battle-commander. Greek weapons round out the military appeal, while those seeking a more peaceful style can find plenty to wear in our Greek clothing section. And for intriguing trinkets, we offer jewelry to adorn yourself in, Grecian gifts to give, and some finely struck coins that are modeled after ancient currency. At Dark Knight Armoury, we believe in immersion, and there is no doubt that if you want the complete Greek experience in your reenactment, we have all you need to make that history a modern possibility, and reality.
Greek Armour, Spartan Armor, Greek Armor, Greek Cuirass, and Greek Muscle Armour
When it comes to Greek armour, bronze is king. It was the dominant material of the era, and it made for the most solid armor possible in many cases. Of course, bronze was not the only metal used, though, so Dark Knight Armoury caters to a wide array of different materials. This way, any Greek enthusiast or reenactor can find the exact breastplate, greave, bracer, or tasset that they need to build their preferred Greek warrior or hoplite look.
Greek Clothing and Spartan Clothing
Many would think that Greek clothing was an easy thing to pin down and recreate, but such is not the case. The men and women of Ancient Greece were not without their own sorts of intricate styles and looks, and so recreating authentic Greek style can be as difficult as recreating other historical attires. Not so with Dark Knight Armoury in your corner, though - not so long as we offer to you an array of great pieces of apparel to choose from.
Greek Helmets, Spartan Helmets and Corinthian Helmets
While the Corinthian helmet might be the most popular and the most well-known Greek helmet, it is not the only one. And Dark Knight Armoury is all too happy to provide a selection of historically accurate Greek helmets that are perfect not only for display, but also for wearing, either as a part of a costume or as a functional piece of battle-ready armor.
Greek Gifts and Spartan Gifts
Not all history buffs are interested in reenacting. Some just like to collect, study, and view. And for the history lover who wants to involve themselves in Ancient Greece, Dark Knight Armoury has a great selection of fine Greek gifts that are perfect to give, offering up a touch of the ancient style of Greece in a variety of shapes and forms to suit the wants of practically anyone that you might give it to!
Greek Jewelry, Spartan Jewelry and Corinthian Jewelry
The Greeks were not a simple people. They had rich mythology filled with epic symbols, and often these symbols were proudly worn as decorations and jewelry. So when Dark Knight Armoury attempts to recreate that style, much of the Greek jewelry that we offer is modeled after the Greek myths and legends. That gives rise to a rich collection of fine pieces that you can wear to show your love for mythology and for this ancient culture.
Greek Shields, Greek Hoplite Shields, Ancient Greek Shields and Spartan Shields
Historically, the Greek shield was known as either an aspis or a hoplon. In many ways, it was considered to be one of the most important parts of a warriors battle-gear. This was as true for Spartans as it was for Athenians, Thebans, Trojans, and more. And now, Dark Knight Armoury offers a wide selection of Greek shields for you to choose from, to proudly display, carry, and use, as the hoplites of old would have in their battles.
Greek Swords, Greek Hoplite Swords, Spartan Swords and Greek Falcata Swords
Among Greek hoplites, the favored weapon was often the spear, used in conjunction with the shield. Yet every warrior also carried a sword, to act as a side-arm and replacement, should the spear be lost. And indeed, many Greek swords were every bit as deadly as the spear was. At Dark Knight Armoury, we love our weapons, and in this section we bring to you some of the blades that Grecian warriors would have favored in their many battles.

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