Womens Sleeveless Gothic Shirts

Ladies will sometimes go to great extremes to look good and stylish. At Dark Knight Armoury, we understand that, but we say that you do not have to tolerate discomfort as one of those extremes. So when you want to look good in the summer sun, chose instead to wear one of our womens sleeveless gothic shirts, so that you can show off great style and still be quite comfortable, too. These shirts make for fantastic summer wear, as many are many from either light cotton or an equally airy viscose-rayon fabric which, along with their sleeveless design, makes each and every one of these shirts cool and comfortable, even in the dead-heat of mid-summer. Offered in a variety of styles, ranging from camisoles to halter tops to corset tops to tank tops and more, these garments are sure to fit into your chosen style of dress, and with their nice prices, they will also easily fit into your summer fashion budget, too! Better yet, each garment features either a stunning gothic graphic or a great gothic design to enhance its appeal all the more. Black lace intermingles with dark fairies and bewitching black cats, while corset style lacing and fitting comes standard with gothic crosses and lace fringe. Blood roses, flying angels, and screaming skulls all round out the group, creating an array of garments that can be either dark and sinister or surprisingly cute and adorable - or anywhere in-between! So do not let the summer heat drag you or your summer style down. Instead, pay a visit to Dark Knight Armoury, and we can hook you up with some great womens sleeveless gothic shirts that will have your friends envious of your dark, cool summer style.
Absolution Chain Camisole
Renew your dark vows upon the winged cross of the aged gothic symbol. The Absolution Chain Camisole features a stunning gothic graphic and an edgy style that will transform any gothic maiden into a stunning creature of the night.
Price: $26.75
Angels Cry Womens Lace Vest
Sometimes, sorrow can even overcome an angel and reduce her to tears. Such an angel is what is depicted on this Angels Cry Womens Lace Vest, and while it is somewhat sorrowful and sad, it is also a profoundly beautiful design, as well.
Price: $34.00
On Sale For: $30.60
Ascension Womens White Gothic Vest
Mors ultima linea rerum. Death is the ultimate boundary, and in this Ascension Womens White Gothic Vest, death, embodied in a skull, ascends past this border on white wings, leaving behind things that are mortal and fated to pass.
Price: $30.75
On Sale For: $27.68
Bella Sleeveless Lace Panel Top
Elegant and alluring, the Bella Sleeveless Lace Panel Top is brimming with feminine detail. This sleeveless gothic blouse has ruffled lace trim at each hem and surrounding the panels of black floral lace at the front and back.
Price: $50.00
Black Cat and Purple Rose Lace Top
Peering eyes gaze through the dead of the night amongst a bed of purple roses on this Black Cat and Purple Rose Lace Top. A striking graphic and beautiful black lace accents make this top a wonderful choice for your Gothic wardrobe!
Price: $28.00
On Sale For: $25.20
Black Studded Tunic Blouse
The perfect casual gothic blouse for going out with friends, this asymmetrical top looks great over pants or leggings. The Black Studded Tunic Blouse displays metallic studs over the shoulders for a touch of punk rock style.
Price: $59.00
Daphne Gothic Paisley Top
Paisley has become very popular over the years, and if you want to keep up with modern fashion and styles while maintaining the dark integrity of your gothic wardrobe, then the Daphne Gothic Paisley Top is the right buy for you!
Price: $52.25
Dark Fusion Racer Back Top
In an impressive display, the Dark Fusion Racerback Top effortlessly melds pure angelic beauty with the sharp detail of a skull. This graphic paints the stark differences and subtle similarities between immortal angels and earthly life.
Price: $18.75
Dark Roots Womens Sleeveless Keyhole Top
Unleash your inner dark maiden with the Dark Roots Womens Sleeveless Keyhole Top. This fearsome gothic tank top provides a powerful statement by showing off your feminine side with a laser-cut keyhole that sits just beneath the collar.
Price: $26.75
On Sale For: $24.08
Day of the Dead Womens Sleeveless Work Shirt
Dia de Los Muertos draws near. Show your respect with the Day of the Dead Womens Sleeveless Work Shirt. With its skin-friendly, Azo-free dyes, this gothic work shirt features stunning graphics to properly commemorate the dead.
Price: $40.00
Dead Hand Racer Back Top
The towns resident sorceress approaches, her beauty and power beyond measure. Little do you know, she has been terribly cursed and is looking for revenge. Behold the truth behind this mysterious maiden with the Dead Hand Racer Back Top.
Price: $18.75
Dita Black Lace Top
The Dita Black Lace Top offers incredible style to any ladies ensemble with its unique vintage flair. The sleeveless blouse is crafted from sheer stretch lace that displays an elegant floral pattern and feels very comfortable.
Price: $50.00
On Sale For: $45.00
Dragon Rose 2-in-1 Slant Top
A dragon examines a rose on a paisley background in the fun, yet darkly elegant, Dragon Rose 2-in-1 Top. This black and purple combination is sure to go great with virtually any gothic or fantasy style.
Price: $26.00
On Sale For: $23.40
Dragon Rose Womens Shoulder Lace Vest
In spite of their look, dragons are intelligent, and many enjoy objects of beauty just as much as humans. In this Dragon Rose Womens Shoulder Lace Vest, a lady can enjoy a dragon in the same way that a dragon might enjoy a trinket.
Price: $35.00
Esme Russian Rose Bow Top
This flattering feminine top displays a unique metallic rose print over its cotton canvas material. The Esme Russian Rose Bow Top features a sweetheart neckline and gathered bust with a simple satin bow in the middle.
Price: $42.50
Flaming Spine Womens Sleeveless Shirt
Fire, passion, and power are three things that you can easily expect out of this Flaming Spine Womens Sleeveless Shirt. The cut is subtle but the coloration is not, making it a garment that will let you stand out with ease.
Price: $32.00
Gothic Back Cutout Velvet Top
The unique styling of this shirt offers it a bold look that works for many gothic and modern ensembles. The Gothic Back Cutout Velvet Top features a large round cutout on its back with sheer, patterned material continuing to the hem.
Price: $32.50
Gothic Black Strap Corset Top
Gothic design is well known for that sometimes hard edge that really makes a design stand out, and even without any overt decals or decorations, this Gothic Black Strap Corset Top features that same edge that makes it a killer garment.
Price: $30.00
On Sale For: $27.00
Gothic Cross Womens Lace Backed Top
A wonderful balance between nature and the spiritual has been met on this stunning Gothic Cross Womens Lace Backed Top. Let your faith guide you to the peace and harmony that can be easily found within the world around us.
Price: $29.00
On Sale For: $26.10
Gothic Dieselpunk Top
When you need clothes that embrace avant-garde fashion, this top offers a stylish choice for those with a taste for unique looks. The Gothic Dieselpunk Top shows off swathes of skin on the upper chest and back and shiny buckle accents.
Price: $47.00

"Honestly, I'm a huge fan because Dark Knight Armoury represents a rise in LARP culture in the US. That we can have a store devoted to such a huge variety of garb, costume, props, weapons, etc., that manages to stay afloat and is based in my home state is just huge and awesome. It's always the high point of my excitement at the Gencon dealer's hall and the place I always ask for gift cards from for birthdays and the like.'I've really had a lot of very cool stuff come from your store and I wish you guys all the best in expanding and continuing!"

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