Women's Gothic Shrugs, Boleros, and Capes

Whether you want a bit of extra layering for your look or some extra style, Dark Knight Armoury is here to provide with our selection of gothic shrugs, boleros, and capes. Adding a cape or shrug to your look can be a great way to switch up your style and create something that looks totally different, making a good cape or shrug a must-have for your closet. Crafted from a variety of materials and made in a variety of styles, our boleros, capes, and shrugs will fit into almost any gothic subgenre you can imagine. Hard rocking goth chicks will love the items in leather with spikes, while more subtle ladies with a vintage gothic style will find our lace shrugs and fabric boleros perfectly complement their ideal look. We even have some Avant Garde pieces, for ladies who really want to make a bold statement with their look! If you need to add something to your gothic look, whether it is vintage, casual, formal, or rocking, you'll find it here among the gothic capes, boleros, and shrugs at Dark Knight Armoury.
Alana Sleeveless Velvet Bolero
To add a touch of dark decadence to any look, choose the Alana Sleeveless Velvet Bolero. This elegant, Victorian-inspired bolero has ornate, black ruffled lace along each edge and secures at the neck with a frog and loop fastener.
Price: $32.50
Amy Bolero Shrug
When heading out for an evenings entertainment, make sure to guard against the chill in the air by taking along your Amy Bolero Shrug. This elegant shoulder cape will go well with a wide range of sophisticated formal apparel.
Price: $40.00
On Sale For: $36.00
Amy Lace Bolero Shrug
An excellent ladies shawl for all types of formal occasions, the Amy Lace Bolero Shrug covers your shoulders and upper back with sheer floral lace. The elegant lace shrug features a subtly ruffled hem along the edges.
Price: $20.00
On Sale For: $18.00
Black and Red Velvet Hooded Cape
You will make a bewitching sight when you show up dressed in a gorgeous outfit draped by the Black and Red Velvet Hooded Cape. This gothic cape features a striking look with its black velvet exterior and red satin lining.
Price: $120.00
On Sale For: $108.00
Black Brocade Bolero Jacket
The perfect cover up for dressy evenings out to dinner or the opera, the Black Brocade Bolero Jacket looks great with gothic and Victorian styles. This short black jacket ends around the midriff in the back and has long sleeves.
Price: $35.00
Black Organza Hooded Cape
You will resemble a starlet from a bygone era when you wear this stunning sheer evening cape as a part of your ensemble. The Black Organza Hooded Cape falls to your ankles in waves of sleek, transparent fabric for a chic look.
Price: $80.00
On Sale For: $72.00
Black Taffeta Bolero
Sometimes a lady needs an extra layer to her outfit, whether to pique interest or lend coverage. The Black Taffeta Bolero does just that! This short puff sleeve jacket fits right into Victorian, steampunk and romantic gothic fashions.
Price: $18.00
On Sale For: $16.20
Black Velvet Hooded Cape
You will look like a mysterious shadow in the night as you stroll beneath the full moon in this dramatic black cape! The Black Velvet Hooded Cape makes an excellent finishing touch to any of your fancy dress ensembles.
Price: $120.00
On Sale For: $108.00
Catherine Black Lace Cape
An elegant cover-up when heading out for an evening at the opera or a cocktail party, the Catherine Black Lace Cape drapes from your shoulders to down past the hips in the back. The sheer lace cape displays a lovely floral pattern.
Price: $70.00
On Sale For: $63.00
Dita Cream Lace Bolero Shrug
Perfect for anyone who enjoys vintage fashions, the Dita Cream Lace Bolero Shrug makes a charming ladies wrap for chilly evenings. The short lace jacket is crafted from sheer, ruffled lace that displays an elegant floral pattern.
Price: $50.00
On Sale For: $45.00
Gothic Beaded Collar and Shoulder Drape
When none of the ordinary accessories will do for your outfit, consider adding this dramatic piece to your ensemble! The Gothic Beaded Collar and Shoulder Drape features strands of beads over your chest and arms.
Price: $65.00
Gothic Bell Sleeve Shrug
Stand out from all your friends and family when you wear this eye-catching gothic accessory! The Gothic Bell Sleeve Shrug features a collar that extends over the shoulders and arms, ending in flowing bell sleeves.
Price: $60.00
Gothic Black Lace Bolero Jacket
Enjoy the open style of this black bolero jacket with just about any piece in your wardrobe. The Gothic Black Lace Bolero Jacket cuts off high on the back and ties loosely at the front, making it a great light jacket for cooler nights.
Price: $40.00
Gothic Brocade Cropped Bolero Jacket
When you need a light jacket for gothic attire, this cropped bolero makes a fantastic choice. The Gothic Brocade Cropped Bolero Jacket works well as a cover up for formal outfits and many styles of gothic clothing.
Price: $42.50
Gothic Crown Button Crop Jacket
Crop jackets offer an excellent option for light outerwear when the weather begins to turn slightly cool. The Gothic Crown Button Crop Jacket makes a fantastic cover up for formal attire and looks fabulous with gothic styles.
Price: $34.00
Gothic Lace Bolero
Perfect for when you want to have the look of sleeves without the commitment of actually having sleeves, the Gothic Lace Bolero is a wonderfully gothic accessory for you to wear over all sorts of sleeveless tops and dresses!
Price: $34.75
Gothic Lace Sleeve
When planning to attend a formal event, you ought to enjoy the opportunity to dress up in an elegant ensemble! The Gothic Lace Sleeve provides an intricate accessory that adds a touch of striking fashion and flair to any outfit.
Price: $50.00
On Sale For: $45.00
Gothic Lace Widow Shoulder Cape
This versatile cape, worn over your shoulders, will keep off the chill as you take a midnight stroll in your finery. The Gothic Lace Widow Shoulder Cape features delicate rose-patterned lace that drapes over your upper arms.
Price: $34.00
Gothic Long Front Tie Web Jacket
Wear this charming gothic jacket over all of your favorite gothic ensembles for a dramatic look. The Gothic Long Front Tie Web Jacket ties in front of the bust in the front and descends almost to the ground in the back.
Price: $75.00
Gothic Moontuck Shrug
Enjoy the playful look of this shrug with a Victorian or gothic ensemble. The Gothic Moontuck Shrug features a ruffled high collar and short sleeves, giving this cover up elegance and charm that will be sure to catch eyes.
Price: $42.50

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