Mens Long Sleeve Gothic Shirts

This is one instance where gothic style will not only keep you looking good and stylish, but it will also help keep you warm in the winter season! A mens long sleeve gothic shirt features not only great design and comfort, but also full-length sleeves that help to stave off the cold, and you can find a good selection of those garments right here at Dark Knight Armoury. Easily the most striking feature about these long sleeve shirts is their inherent gothic design, as each shirt features a wicked, full-core graphic that wraps front to back and onto the sleeves, as well. The designs are quite varied, as well. On one shirt, you will find a menacing grim reaper, as he points to select his next victim. On another, you can glimpse a dark angel as she clings on for comfort. Yet another shirt depicts the classic symbol of fantasy, a powerful dragon, ready to burn it all down. And these are only some of the designs that are offered, with many more being available, providing you with garments that show off dark fantasy, horror, and iconic gothic design with equal ease! And better yet, thanks to the shirts being made from fine materials like cotton, they are also very comfortable, which means each shirt will be an absolute pleasure to wear, too! Do not be surprised if, at the first nip in the air, you find yourself reaching for one of these fantastic mens long sleeve gothic shirts from Dark Knight Armoury, because you are not alone. After all, not many shirts can match the style and the comfort of these amazing garments.
Absolution Long Sleeve Shirt
The Absolution Long Sleeve Shirt is the perfect way to express your inner darkness alongside the gentleness of your soul. The front graphic models the heartfelt prayer of a fallen angelic maiden before arching cathedral windows.
Price: $24.00
Angel Despair Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Divine sorrow can plague even the loveliest of angel maidens. The Angel Despair Long Sleeve T-Shirt features full size gothic angel graphics both front and back, with a gothic cross accent over the wrist of one long sleeve.
Price: $26.00
Assassin Long Sleeve T-Shirt
A new age calls for a new reaper. No longer does the reaper of souls carry a scythe. Instead, this assassin of souls favors modern implements, and as this Assassin Long Sleeve T-Shirt shows, the new reaper is just as deadly as the old.
Price: $30.00
Big Face Grim Reaper Long Sleeve Shirt
What better way is there to show your love of all things spooky than in your wardrobe? With this Big Face Grim Reaper Long Sleeve Shirt, you can easily show off the iconic Angel of Death in a comfy, cozy, and certainly eye-catching way.
Price: $30.00
Black Gothic Officer Shirt
Look sharp when you attend your next social gathering wearing this excellent piece of gothic attire. The Black Gothic Officer Shirt includes a buttoned side extension as a dramatic flourish to this long-sleeved item.
Price: $60.00
Black Legend of the Wolf Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Legend speaks of the monstrous dire wolf, the alpha of the pack, with red eyes and a craving for mortal flesh. The back of the Black Legend of the Wolf Long Sleeve T-Shirt displays a pair of snarling wolves on the sides of an ankh.
Price: $30.00
Black Skull Roses Long Sleeve Shirt
The grave keeps its secrets by closing the mouths of the dead. The Black Skull Roses Long Sleeve Shirt shows the sorrowful face of the black widow, her beautiful visage painted with sugar skull patterns and her lips stitched shut.
Price: $30.00
Blind Justice Long Sleeve Shirt
It has been said that justice is blind. She is also beautiful and terrifying, thanks to her ways. This Blind Justice Long Sleeve Shirt gives mortals a chance to glimpse the beauty of Justice, even as she slays the guilty before her.
Price: $30.00
On Sale For: $27.00
Book of Flesh Long Sleeve Shirt
A tome bound in human flesh holds the darkest secrets of magic and the unknown. Take home a great piece of artwork that features classic dark fantasy images with the Book of Flesh Long Sleeve Shirt, which looks great from all angles.
Price: $25.00
Breaking Out Dragon Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Let your inner beast be free when you wear the Breaking Out Dragon Long Sleeve T-Shirt. Its front graphic is a ferocious dragon made to look as though it is clawing through the black fabric of the shirt, toothy maw open in a roar.
Price: $26.00
Breakthrough Skull Long Sleeve Shirt
The skeleton is rising from the grave, and he is coming straight for you! This bold and bone-chilling Breakthrough Skull Long Sleeve Shirt features a stunning lifelike image that will be sure to have onlookers running for their lives.
Price: $30.00
Captive Spirit Long Sleeve Shirt
Fallen from heaven, the forlorn angel laments her fate on the Captive Spirit Long Sleeve Shirt. Printed on black, 100 percent cotton jersey fabric, this gothic long sleeve shirt blends beauty and sorrow in a captivating design.
Price: $25.25
Cast Out Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Be gone, evil spirit! You will look like the recipient of a recent exorcism when you wear this Cast Out Long Sleeve T-Shirt, especially when people look at you from behind and see the vampiric skull as it emerges from the tatters.
Price: $30.00
Celtic Warrior Long Sleeve Shirt
Beware the Celt, for his warrior spirit is nigh indomitable! Look to this Celtic Warrior Long Sleeve Shirt, which shows off the raw power of the warrior, even as he rises from the grave to bring battle back to his enemies.
Price: $30.00
On Sale For: $27.00
Circus Of Horrors Long Sleeve Shirt
One look at this shirt and you can bet that it is one circus act that you will never forget. The Circus of Horrors Long Sleeve Shirt is reminiscent of a certain clown that feeds on fear, down even to the fanged maw and terrifying smile.
Price: $30.00
Companion Long Sleeve Shirt
Jubilant and carefree, fairies are rarely lonely, yet sometimes, it does happen. This woodland fairy finds companionship in the magical, moonlit scene that is this Companion Long Sleeve Shirt, and she finds it in a pixie like herself.
Price: $30.00
On Sale For: $27.00
Cream Gothic Officer Shirt
The sophisticated style evident in this shirt offers its wearer a great look for standing out at any formal gathering. The Cream Gothic Officer Shirt includes a buttoned side extension as a dramatic flourish to this piece.
Price: $54.00
Cthulhu Long Sleeve Shirt
His slumber is over, and he is ready to wreak havoc. Prove your allegiance to the god of chaos with the Cthulhu Long Sleeve Shirt. Show off his mighty wrath as Cthulhu storms a seaside town among turbulent waters on the front graphic.
Price: $24.00
Dark Roots Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt
From the skulls of the fallen, these twisted trees draw their life force. The Dark Roots Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt displays a pair of highly detailed gothic graphics depicting this scene in full size on its front and back.
Price: $30.00
Darkness Long Sleeve T-Shirt
The angel of doom approaches, bringing with him knowledge from eons of experience. With the Darkness Long Sleeve T-Shirt, prove your allegiance to this harbinger of fate by the impeccable portrayal of the Grim Reaper himself.
Price: $30.00

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