Leather Rapier Frogs

Your regular, run of the mill sword frog might not work for a rapier. Just as the rapier is a specialized blade, it deserves a specialized frog, one that will better accommodate its thin, stabbing blade. That is why Dark Knight Armoury offers a selection of leather rapier frogs that are perfect for securing a thin rapier to your side. Given that rapiers are rather different from typical medieval swords, it makes sense that their frogs would be a bit more distinctive as well, having been styled to suit a smaller blade. These rapier frogs are constructed similarly to our traditional sword frogs, featuring a similar shape and style. Thus, some feature laced ties that secure a blade and its scabbard in place, while others feature a buckled band to help secure the rapier in place. Each one, though, features a smaller fixture that is better suited for accommodating a rapiers narrower blade. They are all crafted from high quality leather, making each one a handsome, if simple, accessory that perfectly accents dozens of different Renaissance style costumes and dozens of different styles or rapiers. Quality construction also ensures that they are a great accessory that will last for some time, so long as it is not abused. A rapier frog is the perfect accessory for a fencer or a Renaissance style swordsman, as well as a great way to ensure that you always have your weapon of choice close at hand. So if you are after a nice way to keep your rapier always on hand, then you might want to pay a visit to Dark Knight Armoury, specifically right here in our leather rapier frogs section.
Black Leather Rapier Frog
For a swordsman, it is of paramount importance that the sword be kept within easy reach, at all times. This Black Leather Rapier Frog does just that, keeping the sword at a warriors hip so that it can be drawn at a moments notice.
Price: $15.90
On Sale For: $14.31
Leather Rapier Frog
This rapier frog is designed to suspend rapier scabbards at an angle from a waist belt. It comes with extra long leather ties that adjust to fit all size scabbards and has heavy-duty rivets to securely hold your rapier in place.
Price: $20.00
Three Buckle Rapier Frog
Our Rapier Frog is designed to suspend your rapier from a waist belt up to 1.5 inches wide. Three adjustable straps secure the rapier. This frog will fit any size rapier and secure it to your side.
Price: $30.00
Universal Sword Frog
This Universal Sword Frog is designed to fit a wide variety of swords and scabbards, allowing them to be suspended from a belt via leather straps. It is made of black leather for a great look.
Price: $10.00

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