Mens Gothic Jackets and Coats

Need some outer wear but cannot find anything that goes with your gothic style? Look to Dark Knight Armoury to fill that void in your wardrobe! Our selection of mens gothic jackets and coats include a wide range of designs, ensuring that you can get exactly what you need, whether it has new or old style. Not only do our gothic coats feature modern and historically themed aesthetics, but they also come in a variety of lengths, too. Long, heavy coats like dusters and frock coats are a perfect way to protect yourself from the elements while adding considerable gothic appeal to your look. After all, nothing quite draws attention like floor length frock coat or a black leather duster. Our waist-length coats are equally appealing and offered in differing styles as well, allowing you to choose from biker jackets, military coats, and formal jackets. All our mens gothic coats and jackets come in a variety of materials too, ensuring no end to the variety. Grab one from Dark Knight Armoury to add some gothic spice to your wardrobe, or grab a few so you can sport as many styles as you desire!
Black Vampire Coat
Elegant enough for an evening stroll along the piazza, or a macabre masquerade, this long coat has a versatile design that will complement any Gothic or Steampunk ensemble. Wear your Black Vampire Coat to the theatre, if you dare!
Price: $96.00
Death Re-Ripped Mens Biker Jacket
A staple in the wardrobe of any goth or punk, biker style jackets put off an aura of rugged toughness. The Death Re-Ripped Mens Biker Jacket embodies the styling of a biker jacket, in a sleek and comfortable denim design.
Price: $100.00
Demon Tribe Oriental Gothic Jacket
A must have in the wardrobe of any fan of gothic fashion, the Demon Tribe Oriental Gothic Jacket features a unique blend of gothic and oriental styling to create an eye catching, demonic themed casual jacket.
Price: $69.50
On Sale For: $62.55
Dragon Furnace Mens Fish Tail Jacket
Scorching flames burst forth out of the lair of the beast, fiery embers littered beneath his feet. With fire in his belly and emblazed scales, the noble dragon emerges from his cave on the Dragon Furnace Mens Fish Tail Jacket.
Price: $53.50
French Highwayman Coat
This stunning full-length coat is made of durable black denim and is designed with a generous split in the back, as well as the sides, for easy movement. A stylish wide period cuff with braid and buttons adorn the sleeves.
Price: $99.00
Ghost Reaper Bomber Jacket
Cloaked in the spectral souls of past victims, Death emerges from the Underworld in search of his next trophy. With skeletal hand outstretched, he yearns for the fresh taste of life, as portrayed on the Ghost Reaper Bomber Jacket.
Price: $50.00
Gothic Black Duster Coat
Coats are not always worn because it is cold. Sometimes, you wear them since they look cool. This is one of those times, because this Gothic Black Duster Coat is definitely a stylish accent and fine addition to any look, gothic or not.
Price: $114.61
Gothic Black Leather Pirate Jacket
Enjoy the rich feeling of real leather in the design of this fantastic, heavy black jacket. The Gothic Black Leather Pirate Jacket can be worn with just about any style for a fierce appearance that suits modern day adventurers.
Price: $385.00
Gothic Black Officer Coat
Make this coat a part of your fall wardrobe to guard yourself from the chill in the air while wearing your favorite outfits. The Gothic Black Officer Coat features solid black material that looks and feels great.
Price: $114.00
Gothic Double Breasted Shoulder Cord Coat
Inspired by military designs, this coat shows off bold details that make it an eye-catching piece of outerwear. The Gothic Double Breasted Shoulder Cord Coat features several black, tasseled cords over the left shoulder.
Price: $69.00
On Sale For: $60.00
Gothic Faux Leather Officer Coat
Add this sharp coat to your wardrobe so you will be prepared for when the air begins to feel chill in the autumn. The Gothic Faux Leather Officer Coat shows off the subtle gleam of black imitation leather in its sleek design.
Price: $139.00
Gothic Gold Brocade Pirate Jacket
Only a truly successful pirate could manage to go about dressed in this excellent, ornate jacket. The Gothic Gold Brocade Pirate Jacket features rich brocade with black, thick velvet lapels, cuffs, and collar in its design.
Price: $144.00
Gothic Grim Coat with Waistcoat
Dress like Count Dracula with this long period coat with an integrated waistcoat! The Gothic Grim Coat with Waistcoat looks great with gothic, steampunk, or Victorian attire as a dramatic piece of outerwear for the winter months.
Price: $101.50
Gothic Naval Officer Coat
Make a dramatic entrance wearing this long, buttoned coat. The Gothic Naval Officer Coat makes a great addition to your wardrobe for when the weather begins to turn chill with its extra-long design and solid black color.
Price: $155.00
Gothic Officer Coat
When the autumn air begins to turn chill, add this sleek coat to your ensemble as you head out the door. The Gothic Officer Coat features a shiny black material that looks great over gothic apparel and formal attire.
Price: $114.00
Gothic Pirate Jacket
Dress like an officer on a pirate ship with this excellent coat topping off your ensemble! The Gothic Pirate Jacket features black, thick velvet lapels, cuffs, and collar in the design of this solid black outerwear item.
Price: $121.00
Gothic Royal Tailcoat
For the elegant gents out there, this tailcoat makes the perfect addition to a stylish ensemble. The Gothic Royal Tailcoat Jacket gives you instant 1800s flair with its ornate brocade pattern and sophisticated design.
Price: $168.00
Gothic Striped Pirate Jacket
The bold stripes of this jacket offer a dramatic look for pirates, officers, or anyone who wants striking outerwear. The Gothic Striped Pirate Jacket shows off a bold, black and white stripes with black lapels, cuffs, and collar.
Price: $121.00
Gothic Van Helsing Coat
The archenemy of Bram Stokers Count Dracula, Abraham van Helsing is known best for his role as a vampire hunter. The Gothic Van Helsing Coat is a full-length duster perfect for modern monster hunters to show off.
Price: $108.00
In Goth We Trust Mens Fish Tail Jacket
The sacred oath has been inscribed in the ancient tomes. Its passages await the next initiate to place their pledge to the darkness. Show your allegiance to the darkness inside you with the In Goth We Trust Mens Fish Tail Jacket.
Price: $65.00

"'Larp and the medieval Faire so let me get in touch with that time period. I love this page because it shows me even more unique things from that time. I love learning about historical times and events and items. I have European descendents in my blood lines so it also makes me feel more connected to my origins and family roots."

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