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You could be forgiven for wanting to wear something gothic every day of the week. After all, the gothic genre and style have so much to offer that it would be a pity NOT to, really. And that is why Dark Knight Armoury offers a whole section stocked with great gothic clothing, so that when it comes down to it, men and women can have something gothic for any given day of the week. Filled with such a great variety if garments, this section is made up for clothing for men and women both. For easy, casual wear you will find gothic tees featuring great graphics on them. For something a bit more formal, we offer gothic vests and trousers for men, to create a formal look that will turn any fellow into a high society gothic gent. And for the girls, we offer a selection of casual shirts, blouses, and tank-tops, as well as a selection of lovely dresses, bodices, corsets and skirts that mix and match dark Victorian features with rich gothic colors. The end result is that when you shop here at Dark Knight Armourys gothic clothing section, be you a guy or a girl, you are sure to find something fun and fantastic that is sure to suit your vision of great gothic style.
Mens Gothic Hoodies, Dark Fantasy Hoodies, and Skull Hoodies
Need something quick and easy to wear to add some extra warmth or style to your look? Look no further than Dark Knight Armourys selection of men's gothic hoodies. Perfect for year-round wear, our hoodies sport a variety of designs and graphics, ensuring there is something for everyone. You will find wolf hoodies, skull hoodies, dragon hoodies, grim reaper hoodies, vampire hoodies, and more here.
Mens Gothic Jackets, Gothic Coats, Gothic Waistcoats, and Biker Jackets
When wearing gothic attire, you cannot always just add in any old black coat. Sometimes, you need a properly styled jacket for your look. Dark Knight Armoury has plenty of mens gothic jackets and coats to choose from. We have military and biker jackets, as well as formal coats that are sure to provide just the touch of style you desire. They are offered in a variety of materials and lengths to ensure you are always at your most comfortable.
Mens Gothic Pants, Gothic Shorts, and Dark Fantasy Pants
Pants are a must for almost any ensemble. If you are dressing in gothic fashion, Dark Knight Armoury has the gothic pants for men that you need to ensure you stay gothic all the time. This section offers not only casual pants and cargo pants, but also stylized gothic pants with belted and buckled designs as well as shorts, for the men who prefer to stay cool in warm weather while still featuring gothic style.
Mens Gothic t-shirts
What guy does not love a wicked and wild t-shirt with an awesome graphic to add to his collection? At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a huge selection of great mens gothic t-shirts, all of which feature an amazing array of great gothic designs, ensuring that no matter what a guys taste, he is bound to find a wicked design to wear when he looks through this selection.
Mens Gothic Vests, Gothic Waistcoats, and Leather Gothic Vests
To show how sophisticated gothic style really is, don one of the men's gothic vests from Dark Knight Armoury. Our gothic vests are offered in traditional black, in materials like cotton, velvet, and leather. We also offer more stylized options, including striped vests and colorful brocade vests. They are a perfect choice for showing off rich gothic style with casual and formal wear, as well as with themed gothic ensembles.
Mens Long Sleeve Gothic Shirts
This is one instance where gothic style will not only keep you looking good and stylish, but it will also help keep you warm in the winter season! A mens long sleeve gothic shirt features not only great design and comfort, but also full-length sleeves that help to stave off the cold, and you can find a good selection of those garments right here at Dark Knight Armoury.
Mens Sleeveless Gothic Shirts
When warm weather hits, it is usually time to tell sleeves to take a hike, metaphorically speaking. Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a great selection of warm weather-wear, in the form of our mens sleeveless gothic shirts, which allows any guy to look his gothic best, without forcing him to endure the horror that are sleeves in the summer.
Womens Gothic Gloves, Gothic Veils, and Gothic Accessories
A true way to really make your ensemble shine is to pair it with a tasteful assortment of matching accessories. For the gothic woman, Dark Knight Armoury has a diverse array of gothic accessories that are perfect for doing just that. Ranging from gothic veils to black lace gloves to unique leg covers, we have just the extra touches you need to really set your look apart from the crowd.
Womens Gothic Overbust Corsets, Underbust Corsets, and Gothic Vests
One of the gothic corsets and vests at Dark Knight Armoury is a perfect way to add shape to your ensemble while also showing off your figure. Available in a variety of materials and colors, our underbust and overbust corsets offer a distinctive look that is sure to wow a crowd. For something a bit more formal, our gothic vests for women can offer a different twist to your look that will show others how appealing gothic style truly is.
Gothic Dresses
Ladies, if you are looking for a way to spruce up your wardrobe with a bit of tasteful gothic style, then look no further than the gothic dresses that you will find right here at Dark Knight Armoury. Many of them combine classic elegance and modern style, while also featuring fine gothic imagery that makes each and every one a stunning piece to pull out of your closet.
Womens Gothic Hoodies, Skull Hoodies, and Angel Hoodies
Do not let the cold weather put a damper on your gothic style. Turn to Dark Knight Armoury, where you will find womens gothic hoodies that will help keep you warm while adding depth to your style. Sized for women, these gothic hoodies sport more fitted designs touched with feminine design elements, like lace, ribbon, and bell sleeves. They also sport wickedly appealing designs, like fallen angels, fearsome skulls, wild wolves, and more.
Womens Gothic Jackets, Gothic Coats, and Gothic Outerwear
Dark Knight Armoury has a wide selection of gothic womens jackets and coats to choose from. Ranging from heavy overcoats to long dusters, we offer a selection of traditionally styled gothic outerwear that is perfect for winter and bad weather. More than that, we also offer a selection of stylized coats and jackets, blending witchy styles and fantasy elements into a garment you can easily wear every day of the week.
Womens Gothic Pants, Printed Graphic Tights, and Goth Rock Pants
To keep your gothic style strong, Dark Knight Armoury offers a selection of gothic pants and tights for any woman to wear and enjoy. Our printed tights offer a stylish alternative to pants, thanks to their vibrant graphic prints, while our more traditional pants echo gothic styles that are great for both casual and formal wear. Gothic shorts round out the category, so you can have gothic legwear all year round.
Womens Gothic Shirts, Gothic Graphic Tees, and Formal Gothic Tops
Casual gothic style is easy to achieve if you shop at Dark Knight Armoury. Our selection of womens gothic shirts includes not only great graphic t-shirts, but also more elegant options that allow for a variety of gothic styles. Made in cotton, viscos, and rayon, among others, these lovely tops are distinctive in style, featuring rich color, vibrant graphics, fine mesh, luxurious lace, and more.
Womens Gothic Shoulder Capes, Gothic Boleros, and Lace Shrugs
If you are looking to add something to your gothic ensemble, look no further than Dark Knight Armourys selection of gothic boleros, gothic capes, gothic shrugs, and gothic shawls. A nice bolero is a great way to add layering and style, while a cape as vintage appeal. Shrugs and shawls, made in lace or accented with spikes and feathers, are also a superb way to transform your look into something noteworthy and eye catching.
Gothic Skirts
A good skirt is a must-have for any girl, gothic or not. And lucky for you, ladies, Dark Knight Armoury has a selection of great gothic skirts that are perfect for almost any occasion! Whether you are looking for something formal and classy, short and snappy, or comfortable and casual, you are sure to find all of that and more here, all designed with the intent of perfectly completing your gothic ensemble.
Womens Long Sleeve Gothic Shirts
Unique is a good word to describe Dark Knight Armourys collection of womens long sleeve gothic shirts. Why? Because unlike long sleeve shirts reserved for cold weather wear, this section features long sleeved shirts in various forms and designs. Some are made for cold weather, and some are made for all-weather wear, allowing you to enjoy their look at any time of the year!
Womens Sleeveless Gothic Shirts
Ladies will sometimes go to great extremes to look good and stylish. At Dark Knight Armoury, we understand that, but we say that you do not have to tolerate discomfort as one of those extremes. So when you want to look good in the summer sun, chose instead to wear one of our womens sleeveless gothic shirts, so that you can show off great style and still be quite comfortable, too.

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