Leather Dagger Frogs

Even a weapon as small as the dagger needs to have a good, efficient way to be carried, and nothing works better then one of the many leather dagger frogs that we offer here at Dark Knight Armoury. We provide dagger frogs that will keep your dagger securely at your side, ensuring that the little blade is always just within quick, easy reach. Dagger frogs are typically similar in shape to sword frogs, although they are sized smaller to accommodate a smaller blade. This means that virtually all of our dagger frogs either lace up or feature buckled bands that are used to secure your dagger and its sheath in place. They are all made from high quality leather, with some of them being crafted right here in our shop from 7-8 oz leather to ensure the highest quality product available! They are a great way to hang your dagger, allowing you to secure your dagger diagonally or vertically at your side. Some even support a back mount that hangs a dagger directly behind your back, hiding away your little blade until the very moment when you need it. They are all simply styled and are a perfect way to carry just about any style of dagger, ranging from the relatively safe LARP daggers that prevail in live action roleplay environments to the look and feel of pure steel replicas and decorative daggers that see use as costume pieces and as actual weapons in reenactments. This makes a good leather dagger frog from Dark Knight Armoury a great choice to include in your look whether you are heading off to your local LARP or arming yourself for your next full contact reenactment.
Black Leather Dagger Frog
A good warrior never goes anywhere without a weapon at their hip, and this Black Leather Dagger Frog is ideal for keeping a small blade secured at your side. This way, you will never have to be without a blade, no matter where you go.
Price: $11.50
On Sale For: $10.35
Diagonal Dagger Frog
Our Leather Frog is designed to suspend the dagger or sword and scabbard from a waist belt. The sword frog comes with long leather straps that adjust to fit all size scabbards. It fits most 3 inch wide belts with ease.
Price: $15.00
Fantasy Dagger Frog
Our Fantasy Dagger Frog is hand crafted of durable, full grain leather with nickel plated metal studs. A secure carrier for your dagger or dirk, it is a must-have for any who prefer to keep a small blade handy.
Price: $15.00
Leather Back Hanger Frog
This leather frog attaches to the back of your belt to hold your main gauche or dagger on your back. Hand crafted from the finest quality leather, this frog allows for a dagger to be hidden away and drawn when your foes least expect it.
Price: $22.00
Leather Dagger Frog
This dagger frog is designed to hang from your belt and will securely hold your dagger in place. Please specify if you would like the frog to accommodate for left or right handed draws. It comes in two colors.
Price: $12.00
Leather Dagger Frog
Made of sturdy 7/8 oz. black leather, this frog has two different size adjustments to fit your dagger. Designed for a left hand draw, this frog hangs on your right side, allowing you to carry both sword and dagger with ease.
Price: $12.00
Medieval Dagger Frog
This Medieval Frog is perfect for daggers or small swords. Our Medieval Dagger Frog will fit belts up to 3 inches wide. It is available in black or brown, as well as in left hand draw, right hand draw, or straight up and down.
Price: $12.00

"I just got my bracers from these guys and let me tell you that they have the best customer service. I talked with a representative online on their website and they were very helpful on answering my questions and even went as far as to call me when my order was shipped which is something other companies don't do. I can proudly wear these high quality bracers to the renaissance fair this year and will order other products from this website in the future. "

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