The dagger is more than just a weapon. All throughout history, from the Roman era and beyond, all the way up until Renaissance times, the dagger was as much a personal accessory as it was a blade for battle and defense. And at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a wide selection of daggers, which allows you to choose a side-blade that suits your needs and your taste. Daggers were, in general, modeled after the swords of the era, although their short blades made them more suitable for stabbing and thrusting, rather than slashing and cutting. As such, daggers were typically a self-defense weapon, although rogues and knaves of all sorts favored them as weapons of assassination and murder, as well. Daggers were often also used in conjunction with swords, acting as an off-handed weapon that was perfect for quick counterattacks and deft parries. Of course, a dagger was not only for battle, as both lords and peasant used daggers as a personal accoutrement and as a personal accessory, just like a man or a woman might use a pocket knife today. At Dark Knight Armoury, you will find Roman daggers, Viking daggers, medieval daggers, Renaissance daggers, Celtic daggers and fantasy daggers that fill all these needs and more, ranging from fully-functional blades that are perfect for reenactment and mock-combat, as well as useful little daggers that you can use as survival blades and personal accessories. Of course, we offer a distinctive array of unique styled daggers that are perfect for showing off in the comforts of your own home.
Fantasy Daggers
Every dagger you find here in the Fantasy and Unique Styled Daggers section at Dark Knight Armoury is not going to be your typically dagger. A far cry from your typical medieval daggers and Renaissance blades, each of these fantasy daggers is a distinctive and a unique piece that would look as great on a display as it would belted to a warriors side.
Medieval Daggers, Arming Daggers, Knight Daggers and Crusader Daggers
It is not hard to see why a medieval dagger makes for a perfect side-arm and constant companion. These impressive little blades are short yet quick, making them a great weapon to use when all other weapons are either too large or too unwieldy. And at Dark Knight Armoury, we have a selection of Medieval Daggers that are perfect for you to choose from.
Renaissance Daggers, Stiletto and Rapier Daggers
In many ways, the dagger followed the same progression as the sword. Throughout the Renaissance, swords became thinner, and so too did the daggers, although this did not change the function of a dagger one bit. In fact, it just made Renaissance daggers more deadly, as you can see by looking at any one of the fine specimens located here at Dark Knight Armoury.
Roman Daggers, Pugio Daggers and Late Roman Daggers
The Romans were no strangers to weapons and war, and thus, were not unfamiliar with the dagger. In fact, most-every soldier, whether they were a legionary, an auxiliary, or anything else, carried a dagger, as much for defense as for show. And for the modern-day Roman, Dark Knight Armoury carries a number of great Roman daggers to choose from.
Scottish Daggers, Scottish Dirks, Sgian Dubh and Highland Daggers
Like many other cultures, the Scottish people were rather familiar with daggers. Indeed, these highland warriors almost seemed to place special emphasis on their short blades, and that is why Dark Knight Armoury has taken the time to acquire a nice collection of Scottish daggers and dirks, all for your viewing and pursuing pleasure.
Viking Daggers, Viking Seax and Scramasax
The Vikings were a hardly people, and of course, they would have needed a hardy dagger. Yet the Viking Dagger, also known as a seax, was not used only the by the Vikings, but rather found its way into the hands of many peoples, making a typical seax a Norman dagger, a Saxon dagger, and a general, all-purpose medieval dagger, too!

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