Leather Rapier Belts

Given that the rapier is a very distinctive sword, possessed of a shape that is vastly different from most typical swords, it stands to reason that they would require a belt and a frog that fit their size. That is why Dark Knight Armoury offers a wide selection of leather rapier belts that are perfect for securing your rapier at your side. These belts are designed specifically to accommodate rapiers and various thin or fencing swords of various shapes and sizes, which means that those swordsmen who favor a lighter and more nimble blade can keep their sword at their side with ease. All of our rapier belts feature an integral rapier frog that will accommodate the thin sheath of a rapier, and will also allow you to hang it at either your left or your right side. Some belts are adjustable, while others are strictly for right or left sides only, so read each individual belt description carefully. Many of our rapier belts themselves are also highly adjustable, ensuring that no matter what size of warrior you are, you can keep your favored sword securely at your side. And best yet, the sword will be held at a proper angle, ensuring you can draw your rapier quickly so that you might spring into action at a moments notice. Fencers, musketeers, and Renaissance swordsmen of all sorts should not be caught dead without one of our fantastic leather rapier belts, not only because they keep your sword at your side but also because each one is a handsome addition to any style of costume.
Double Strap Belt
The straps on this rapier carrier can be moved along the belt for you to angle sword to suit you best, and the sword frog is also adjustable, allowing you to easily accommodate any rapier you might prefer to carry.
Price: $54.00
Left Handed Rapier Carrier
Your rapier scabbard fits through leather loops on the carrier at the best angle for quick access. Hand crafted from the finest quality leather, this frog ensures that nobles and swordsmen alike can carry their sword with ease.
Price: $80.00
Right Handed Rapier Carrier
A two-piece design means that no matter who wears the Leather Rapier Carrier, it still hangs at the proper angle. Rapier scabbards can easily fit through the leather loops on the carrier, situated at the best angle for quick access.
Price: $80.00

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