Leather Mantles

While a gorget is built primarily for neck and collar protection, a leather mantle is more designed to provide an extra level of protection to the collar, the shoulders, and the chest, while leaving the neck free to move about. This means that you can wear one of Dark Knight Armourys mantles alongside a helmet or a mail coif with no added difficulties! Is it not great when you can combine armor styles and types without any added trouble? In all other respects, our leather mantles are rather similar to our gorgets, featuring a rounded shape that fits to the collar. They differ only in that our mantles are a bit longer and thus, provide a bit more overlap and a bit more protection to the area of the chest that sits just below the neck. Many of our mantles also feature buckles and straps on the side, allowing them to act as a harness and support that will hold other pieces of armor, including shoulder pieces like pauldrons. Many of our leather mantles are also hand crafted with your measurements in mind, which means that they are custom-built to your specifications. Combine all that with their relatively low price, and it is not hard to see why Dark Knight Armoury is your number one choice for leather armor, whether you want a leather mantle, or anything else!
Leather Mantle
Similar in styling to our SCA leather gorget, this mantle was designed to work with a helm constructed with extended cheek plates and with the possible inclusion of an aventail or mail coif, since there is no collar attached.
Price: $38.00
Rasmus Collar
Suitable for any dark warrior, the Rasmus Collar is an eye-catching addition to any leather armour look. Featuring a high, wide collar, sharp angles, and rivets, this piece makes an ideal finishing touch when worn over other pieces.
Price: $26.00
Warrior Suede Mantle
Warriors from all kingdoms will feel like a champion of legend when they put on the Warrior Suede Mantle! Designed to suit every warrior, this ferocious mantle exudes strength to all, be they a saintly savior or a formidable foe!
Price: $60.00

"My Princess Chemise Dress arrived today, and I am SO excited to wear it to the next RenFest I attend! Thank you for the amazing customer service. The original dress I ordered was out of stock with no ETA, and staff were so helpful. I was notified immediately and given great suggestions on what to order instead. It is rare to see an online company go above and beyond - you all truly do. And the product quality is excellent...can't wait for my corset to arrive. Thanks again :)"

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