Leather Sabatons

In the days of the Middle Ages, even the feet would be armored before heading into battle! So if you really want to adorn yourself like the warriors of old, then you should pay us a visit at Dark Knight Armoury, so that we can provide you with a set of leather sabatons, just like the ones that some olden warriors would have chosen to wear into battle. At their core, sabatons were designed to prevent the foot from being chopped off by a stray axe or sword blow, which would have essentially crippled a warrior in the middle of battle. Our leather sabatons are a perfect final accent to your medieval styled armored look, in which they add that final touch of authenticity to your otherwise armored appearance. Most of our leather sabatons are crafted from 13-15 oz leather, which is armor grade leather and ensures that the sabatons are every bit as protective as they should be. Virtually all of them are also quite adjustable and can be made to fit almost any size of shoe or foot. They can also be worn with greaves, which further enhances the protection your lower legs can have! Granted, you are not likely to risk accidentally severing your foot today in modern reenactment and certainly not in LARP battles, but all the same, a nice set of leather sabatons remains a wickedly cool and authentic little touch that really brings together a suit of armor.
Leather Sabatons
Our Leather Sabatons are the final touch for your medieval armor ensemble. We craft our sabatons from top quality 13/15 oz. leather. They are adjustable to fit any adult shoe size and attach over your footwear.
Price: $65.00

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