Leather Cuisse & Thigh Armor

Like its historical analogue, the cuisse armor that you will find here at Dark Knight Armoury offers superb protection to the thigh. Of course, you will not find only cuisse pieces here, but all sorts of great leather armors that are perfect for protecting the thigh and the upper leg, ensuring that, as a warrior, you have right where you want it. What made cuisses armor distinctive was that it formed an overlapped defense. The skirt of a hauberk or a tasset also existed to protect the thigh and upper leg, but could only do so from a downward strike. The cuisse filled the void and provided protection to the same part, but from all angles. Many of the cuisses armors and tassets that we offer here are crafted from 13-15 oz leather, which is armor grade that provides great protection, making it the perfect choice to wear when you are looking for leather armor fit for SCA or reenactment, although it also makes a great armor for LARP battles, costuming, and theater, too. Others, including some of our tasset belts, are crafted from lighter weight leather, like 7-8 oz leather or 9-10 oz leather, which is thinner and more suited for use as LARP armor. Some of our cuisses even feature an attached knee cop, also known as a poleyn, which keeps your knee safe from harm, too. We offer a variety of tassets and tasset belts, some of which are stand-alone and can be worn without harnesses. Looking to protect your upper legs and thighs when you go into battle? Then you will definitely want to pay a visit to us here at Dark Knight Armoury, where you will not only find stylish and effective leather cuisse and thigh armor, but also excellently priced armor that will keep you protected without breaking the budget.
Albrecht Tassets
The Albrecht Tassets are a great addition to any set of light combat armour, medieval outfit, or LARP ensemble. Made of high-quality leather and suede, these tassets are adjustable for a versatile and comfortable fit.
Price: $80.00
Antonius Leather Tassets
Protect yourself on the LARP battlefield when you add the Antonius Leather Tassets to your leather armour ensemble. Using high-quality, handcrafted leather panels riveted together, this tasset pair helps defend your lower body.
Price: $53.00
Berengar Ring Armour Tassets
A fierce addition to any LARP wardrobe, the Berengar Ring Armour Tassets feature a suede body and leather strips attached by rivets in a grid pattern throughout. Steel rings at the crossing of each strip complete the intense look.
Price: $120.00
Celtic Mantikor Leather Tassets
Trustworthy armour is always necessary when adventuring through a LARP kingdom, especially when it comes to guarding your limbs. Reinforce the style and defense of your roleplay character by adding the Celtic Mantikor Leather Tassets.
Price: $53.00
Conqueror's Skirt
This Conquerors Skirt is a great accessory to include with your armored look, as it not only adds a touch of warrior style to any suit of armor, but also features a Roman look that makes any warrior that much more impressive.
Price: $193.05
Conqueror's Tassets
A tasset belt is worn to provide protection to the upper legs. In that regard, these Conquerors Tassets do not disappoint. Combining leather and steel, these leg protectors are quite effective and quite striking, too.
Price: $346.50
Dark Lord's Tassets
A good tasset belt does more than protect your legs. Consider these Dark Lords Tassets. Not only are they an effective pair of upper leg protectors, but their spiked look also serves to make any warrior look that much more intimidating.
Price: $198.00
Dark Rogue Leather Belt
This Dark Rogue Leather Belt echoes a medieval design that utilized the belt not only as an accent but also as a form of defense! The belt is made entirely from 5/6 oz. leather and serves well as a piece of armor around your abdomen.
Price: $99.00
Kendra Leather Tassets for Ladies
Your armour has proven a strong defense upon the battlefield. You love the comfortable style and fit, but wish to customize your look. Add the right flair to your protective gear with the Kendra Leather Tassets for Ladies.
Price: $44.00
Leather Tassets
A tasset is a piece of plate armor that is designed to protect the upper legs. They traditionally hang from a cuirass or a fauld. Our Leather Tassets do exactly the same thing, only they are obviously made from leather, not metal.
Price: $49.00
Leather Tassets for Antonius and Mantikor
No combatant is a stranger to injury. Wise warrior that you are, you adorn yourself accordingly. A cuirass covers the core, but nothing guards the thighs. Complete your armour set with the Leather Tassets for Antonius and Mantikor.
Price: $53.00
On Sale For: $48.00
Necromancer's Belt
Most times, the devil is in the details, especially when the details are as dark and as grim as this Necromancers Belt. Styled for death, this belt is decoration for the dead and a functional armor that may keep a LARP warrior alive.
Price: $356.40
Odomar Viking Leather Belt
The Nordic ship glides smoothly into the cove. Under the cover of moonlight, the Vikings unleash a bold attack. The Odomar Viking Leather Belt is a wise choice for protectively girding the waist when raiding a rich seaport.
Price: $346.50
Odomar Viking Leather Tassets
The fort overflows with metallic clanging and brutal war cries, both sides prove formidable in battle. The Norse warrior joins the conflict with no regard for fear, upper legs wisely defended by the Odomar Viking Leather Tassets.
Price: $272.25
Orc Brute Belt
Before you enter the killing field, make sure you have your trusty Orc Brute Belt on you. This unique piece of battle armor will provide you with protection and easily complete the look of your menacing Orc character.
Price: $158.00
Paladin's Tassets
Sometimes there are areas that are difficult to protect. It is not easy to be mindful of your defense when you are trying to keep your legs safe, and that is why these Paladins Tassets are a great addition to add to a suit of armor!
Price: $212.85
Praetorian Leather Battle Skirt
To a ranking Roman soldier, a war skirt was a stylish addition to their armor and an extra piece of protection to keep him safe in battle. This Praetorian Leather Battle Skirt offers to you a similar accent with ancient style.
Price: $193.05
Rasmus Tassets
Complement your fearsome leather armour outfits with the Rasmus Tassets. These tassets feature layered, angular leather panels riveted to a matching suede underlayer. Rivets adorn the edges of the underlayer, adding style.
Price: $51.00
Ratio Thigh Guards
Designed to protect the upper thighs in combat, the Ratio Thigh Guards are crafted from top-grain leather, leather stitching, and shield-shaped steel plates. The leg armour protects without slowing you down with unnecessary weight.
Price: $99.00
Savage Warrior Leather Tassets
The Savage Warrior Leather Tassets are a fearsome addition to any light combat armour kit. Displaying 3 plates backed with a piece of faux fur to match the Savage Warrior Leather Armour (DK5014), this armour protects your upper legs.
Price: $99.00
Solomon Leather Thigh Armour
Need something quick and easy, not to mention effective, to protect your upper leg and thigh? Consider trying out the Solomon Leather Thigh Armor. It is easy to put on, effective in use, and it just so happens to look really cool.
Price: $75.00
Standard Leather Thigh Armour
Our Standard Leather Thigh Armour is made of thick, combat ready 13/15 oz. leather. This armour features a simple yet functional design. We have designed this armour to fit the natural shape of your leg.
Price: $70.00
Valkyrie's Skirt
As a maiden of battle, Valkyries were garbed not in flowing clothes and robes that accented beauty, but in armor, making them terrifying and stunning to behold. And in this Valkyries Skirt, you will be quite the sight to see as well!
Price: $272.25
War Tassets
Tassets guard the upper part of the legs, which can be crucial in the middle of a battle when maneuverability may affect the survival of the fighter. The War Tassets hang from a belt to cover the upper thigh of the wearer.
Price: $193.05
Warriors Leather Tassets
Displaying 5 overlapping plates that gradually increase in width, these Warriors Leather Tassets are available in several colors to coordinate with your battle kit. The heavy leather construction will protect your upper legs.
Price: $85.00
Woodland Leather Tassets
Ancient magic awakens, casting a spiteful spell over the entire land. Our enchanted woodland is not immune to this curse. The Woodland Leather Tassets will guard your upper legs, while you ensure this great evil sees a final rest.
Price: $346.50
Woodland Tree Bark Tassets
The perfect armour for the true woodland warrior, the Woodland Tree Bark Tassets features a delightful design of intricately engraved wood grain pattern and three plates with the edges curled to resemble natural tree bark.
Price: $110.00
Woodman Cuisse
Our leather Woodsman Cuisse protects the thigh and knee. We craft this armor from 13/15 oz. top quality leather. The knee is hardened and molded to fit the natural shape of your knee and provides great protection during battle.
Price: $95.00

"I was just chatting with a rep named Megan. I accidentally closed the survey before I had a chance to fill it out. She went out of her way to help me and I wanted to point that out. I also spoke to one of your sale representatives, Kayla, was very helpful with answering any questions I had. Even though we talked through chat, I could tell she had a positive attitude towards her job and I liked that. Please let her know what I said and you guys keep doing what you do. Thanks again!"

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