Leather Breastplates

If something light and effective is what you need in your armour, then you may wish to consider one of the leather breastplates that you will find here at Dark Knight Armoury. Leather breastplates, like their historical counterparts, are the perfect way to provide some solid protection not only to your front but also to parts of your sides. Breastplates are among some of the oldest pieces of armor known, having been worn throughout the Middle Ages and well before, as even the Greeks wore breastplates of their own. Some of our breastplates echo the style of these historical pieces, being modeled directly after their medieval counterparts, while others possess a more distinctive and fanciful look, resulting in leather breastplates that feature a wide assortment of styles that are both historical and fantasy based. All of our leather breastplates are crafted in high quality leather, although the weight of the leather varies from piece to piece. Some are crafted from lower weight leather, which is thinner and lighter, making it perfect for use as a costume piece, LARP armor, or theatrical armor, while others are crafted from heavier weight leather, like 13-15 oz leather, which is thicker and makes for suitable armor when used in SCA events or reenactments. Some of our pieces are even custom-made to your measurements, making them a well fitted piece of armor that any warrior could appreciate! Leather breastplates work wonderfully on their own, or can be paired with padded gambesons or chainmail hauberks and shirts for added protection. Dark Knight Armoury is the place to be when it comes to picking up a great leather breastplate, which will provide you with solid protection on the battlefield and a great look off the battlefield.
14th Century Leather Breastplate
This simple yet effective harness is our least expensive route to body protection. Modeled after a genuine 14th century style, it provides basic protection with good mobility, and even kidney protection.
Price: $115.00
Baudouin Breastplate and Pauldron Set
Named after Jean Beaudoin, who was an early benefactor of the church before the Crusades, this Baudouin Breastplate and Pauldron Set offers not only solid core protection but a bit of defense in the form of defensive shoulder pieces.
Price: $242.55
Baudouin Leather Breastplate
Years before the Crusades, Jean Beaudoin was working to provide free passage to the Holy Land for Christians. This Baudouin Leather Breastplate is named after that benefactor and echoes a look that befits any early era Crusader.
Price: $163.35
Beaufort Breastplate
A good leather breastplate is not hard to find when you are looking at this Beaufort Breastplate. Simple yet striking, this armor combines medieval style and quality materials into an armor that looks great while keeping you safe.
Price: $193.05
Beaufort Breastplate With Pauldrons
Shoulder armor has taken this leather breastplate and transformed it entirely. Not only has its look changed, but the Beaufort Breastplate With Pauldrons also offers a higher degree of protection and a more impressive design.
Price: $316.80
Behan Breastplate and Pauldron Set
Leather is the armor of choice for assassins for a reason. Not only can it help to ward off blows, but it is light and flexible. Those qualities are well preserved in this Behan Breastplate and Pauldron Set and its roguish design.
Price: $272.25
Behan Leather Breastplate
Leather is the armor of choice for assassins and rogues for a reason. Not only can it help to ward off blows, but it is light and flexible. Those qualities are well preserved in this Behan Leather Breastplate, as is a roguish style.
Price: $163.35
Bohemond Breastplate and Pauldron Set
Several small plates can often be just as effective as one large plate. For proof, you need only look at this Bohemond Breastplate and Pauldron Set, which mimics the look and design of the medieval coat of plates in leather.
Price: $301.95
Bohemond Leather Breastplate
Inspired by the medieval coat of plates armor, this Bohemond Leather Breastplate offers a superior level of protection at a minor weight, allowing this armor to be worn comfortably whether you are at the fair or marching to battle.
Price: $193.05
Borge Breastplate and Pauldron Set
Sometimes, unadorned is a good thing. In its austerity, this Borge Breastplate and Pauldron Set achieves a distinctive look, one that brings defense and a unique sort of style to any ranger, soldier, or fighters overall appearance.
Price: $257.40
Borge Leather Breastplate
Not all warriors prefer their armor fancy, ornate, and adorned. Some prefer something more subdued. And for those who want their armor speak for their austerity, nothing beats the look of this Borge Leather Breastplate.
Price: $193.05
Briar Breastplate
Warriors seeking a distinctive and colorful look might consider this Briar Breastplate. Unlike its metal counterparts, this breastplate is lightweight and maneuverable, and it has a rich look that puts many metal armors to shame.
Price: $247.50
Briar Breastplate With Pauldrons
Although there is no doubting that this Briar Breastplate With Pauldrons is a handsome suit of armor, there is so much more to it than that. It is possible and even likely that underneath this leather armor is a skilled warrior.
Price: $356.40
Broderic Breastplate
One would think that a warriors breastplate would be simple, straightforward, and lacking in decoration, but such is not the case here. Functionality does not stop the Broderic Breastplate from being impressively detailed.
Price: $247.50
Broderic Breastplate With Pauldrons
A warriors first concern in armor should be protection, and this breastplate delivers on that. Style comes second, although in the case of this Broderic Breastplate with Pauldrons, style is intrinsic thanks to its masterful design.
Price: $366.30

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