Decorative Oriental Swords

Weapons collectors are sure to appreciate the range of excellent, distinctive blades that we offer here in our Decorative Oriental Swords category at Dark Knight Armoury. Oriental swords possess unique designs that set them apart from their Western counterparts. We carry a fantastic selection of Chinese and Japanese swords, such as decorative katana, decorative wakizashi, decorative dao, decorative ninjato, and more. A number of our ornamental Oriental swords show off incredible, eye-catching detailing that makes them ideal choices for showing off on a display stand, in a display case, or with a wall hanger. Other non-functional ninja swords come with sheaths, scabbards, and harnesses that allow you to use them as props or costume accessories. Made from metals ranging from stainless steel to high carbon steel, these decorative samurai swords and other Oriental blades are sure to become favorites among sword enthusiasts.
Black and Gold Katana with Stand
The Black and Gold Katana with Stand is a remarkable collectible weapon in the traditional style of a samurai sword. This carbon steel sword is forged by hand, has a full tang, and comes with both a display stand and a storage box.
Price: $80.00
On Sale For: $72.00
Black Blade Cloud Dragon Katana
Samurai were known for their devastatingly quick swords. The Black Blade Cloud Dragon Katana is based on the traditional Japanese weapon, and its narrow, slightly curved carbon steel blade has a black finish furthering its sleek look.
Price: $76.00
On Sale For: $68.40
Black Blade Dragon Katana
With its slick, black blade and fearsome dragon detailing, this handmade katana looks like a weapon to be reckoned with. The Black Blade Dragon Katana is made in a traditional samurai style, with a thin, curved blade and ornate tsuba.
Price: $76.00
On Sale For: $68.40
Black Blade Snake Dragon Katana
A fearsome, serpent-like dragon curls around this handmade carbon steel samurai sword, forming its round, black metal tsuba, or guard. The Black Blade Snake Dragon Katana is a remarkable take on traditional Japanese sword styles.
Price: $76.00
On Sale For: $68.40
Black Circle Tsuba Katana
The tsuba, or guard, was typically the most ornate part of a samurai sword. Crafted by hand and with a blade made of carbon steel, the Black Circle Tsuba Katana is a remarkable display weapon with a unique, circle-shaped tsuba.
Price: $54.00
On Sale For: $48.60
Black Dao Broadsword
Throughout Chinas history, the Dao has proven to be a formidable weapon of choice for warriors of the ancient world. The Black Dao Broadsword brings ancient history into modern times in a piece every Oriental enthusiast will honor!
Price: $87.00
Black Dragon Guard Katana
Bring the ferocity of the dragon into your collections and decor with the Black Dragon Guard Katana. This highly detailed Japanese sword has a historical look made unique thanks to its dragon accents, all featuring a gold tone finish.
Price: $36.00
On Sale For: $32.40
Black Flower Katana
Katana are known not only for their fast and deadly power, but their beauty as well, as the swords of samurai showed their nobility and wealth. The Black Flower Katana is inspired by Japanese sword styles and has a flower petal guard.
Price: $54.00
On Sale For: $48.60
Black Handled Dragon Katana
No weapons display is complete without a sleek and unique version of one of the most well known weapons in military history, the katana. The Black Handled Dragon Katana is the perfect addition to your collection of decorative swords.
Price: $60.00
Black Handled Gray Dragon Katana
Not only do katanas have a reputation as the preferred sword of the feudal samurai, but their iconic shape allows for awe inspiring design variations. The Black Handled Gray Dragon Katana is one such adaptation to enhance your display.
Price: $60.00
Black Japanese Ninjato Sword
The katana is often thought to be one of the finest swords, but this Black Japanese Ninjato Sword is a blade that would give any common sword a run for its money, possessing matching Japanese style fit for any oriental warrior.
Price: $34.00
Black Japanese Sword Set
Show honor and strength when you display this Black Japanese Sword Set. This set includes a katana, a wakizashi, and a tanto, the three blades of ancient Japanese samurai. Each traditional weapon is perfectly matched to the other.
Price: $52.00
On Sale For: $46.80
Black Ninja Sword with Cross Guard
If you are looking for the ultimate ninja sword, you will find it in this Black Ninja Sword with Cross Guard. The blade has been constructed from 440 stainless steel with a chisel point and given a black coating for a tactical look.
Price: $15.50
Black Paracord Two Handed Katana
The Black Paracord Two Handed Katana offers a modern twist on the traditional samurai katana. Whether you are a master of the martial arts or seek weaponry befitting a zombie apocalypse, this long sword is sure to capture your notice.
Price: $65.00
Black Pearl Dragon Japanese Sword Set
The Black Pearl Dragon Japanese Sword Set includes three perfectly matched Japanese samurai blades, a katana, a wakizashi, and a tanto, all with beautifully pearlescent, traditional dragon designs on their solid black scabbards.
Price: $64.00
On Sale For: $57.60
Black Swirl Tsuba Katana
The swords of samurai are known for their quick, narrow blades and ornate, highly detailed guards, called tsuba. The Black Swirl Tsuba Katana has a unique twist to its round guard, made of black metal in a swirling cut-out design.
Price: $54.00
On Sale For: $48.60
Black Tao Tai Chi Sword
Inspired by a well-known Chinese symbol, the Black Tao Tai Chi Sword brings yin and yang to life in a sword the ancient masters would be proud of, the traditional design of this tai chi sword inspiring balance and peace of mind.
Price: $53.90
Black Tsunami Ninjato
Every ninja needs a sword that can harness the devastating power of the tsunami - a sword like the Black Tsunami Ninjato. Like water retreating from the coast, if this blade pulls from its scabbard, it is too late for those in its path.
Price: $46.00
Black Twin Ninja Sword Set
If one sword is good, then two swords have got to be better, right? You tell us. This Black Twin Ninja Sword Set puts two ninja blades into your hands, allowing you to experience the power and the dizzying grace of wielding two blades.
Price: $26.00
Blue Handled Dragon Katana
Two iconic symbols of Japanese culture and history have come together in the exceptionally decorative Blue Handled Dragon Katana. This samurai sword is the perfect way to add a piece of Eastern inspiration into your display.
Price: $60.00

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