Leather Neck Armor

A blow delivered to the neck or collar is a quick way to ruin any warriors day. In the medieval days, it likely meant death, and today, it should still mean serious injury and perhaps even immediate defeat. That is why Dark Knight Armoury carries a selection of leather neck armors, including traditional leather gorgets and a variety of leather mantles. Plus, leather gorgets and mantels also happen to look really good when combined with a variety of our other leather armors, serving to create a complete and cohesive look. Plus, leather neck armor is sometimes a critical piece of armored protection, serving not only to protect your neck and collar, but also having additional amounts that help to support your pauldrons, providing that much more protection for your person. Our leather gorgets are designed to fit the contours of the neck and shoulder, providing the utmost protection possible, while are mantels are designed to help protect the shoulders and the collar. They range in styles from those that echo the look and feel of traditional medieval neck armors to more fantastic and incredible fantasy pieces that possess a wickedly awesome look and feel. Dark Knight Armoury likes to ensure that our customers get the best possible armor they can for all their events, and that is why recommend that no warrior go out without one of our leather neck armors, whether they are going to an SCA reenactment, a LARP battle, or even just a local Renaissance fair. After all, it is definitely worth the extra piece of armor just to look twice as awesome as before.
Leather Gorgets
A leather gorget is a great piece of authentic medieval armor, as well as a fantastic protection that will help ward off blows that might slip through to your neck or collar. But more importantly then that, the gorgets at Dark Knight Armoury are also a great piece to include in any armor set, for reasons of both protection and versatility.
Leather Mantles
While a gorget is built primarily for neck and collar protection, a leather mantle is more designed to provide an extra level of protection to the collar, the shoulders, and the chest, while leaving the neck free to move about. This means that you can wear one of Dark Knight Armourys mantles alongside a helmet or a mail coif with no added difficulties!

"With the help of the site and the awesome selection of merchandise. I was able to piece together my Dragr character and bring it to life at multiple faires. Seeing the look of amazement on children, adults and rennies alike made it all worth it. It's been so well received that performers at the Ohio renaissance festival have started to use me to interact with faire goers. And I love every minute of it!"

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