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Have you always been fascinated by the infamous characters from the Golden Age of Piracy? If so, you can find something of interest here among the excellent Pirate Flags that we offer here at Dark Knight Armoury! Traditionally, buccaneer flags were raised when closing in on another ship to warn them to surrender or else face no quarter battle. With this selection of pirate ship flags, you can show off some of the swashbuckler flags of the most infamous pirates of the era, including Henry Avery and Calico Jack. Of course, the Jolly Roger flag remains one of the most well-known designs, so we make sure to carry the iconic skull and crossbones flag for you to display. Many of these decorative flags also show off burn marks and stylized wear and tear for an additional element of realism. A handful of these canvas flags are treated with a waterproofing agent to extend their life when placed outdoors, and a selection also feature metal grommets to improve the ease of hanging them. Peruse these excellent piracy flags to find the right one to suit your space and taste!
Arrgh Matey Pirate Flag
Is the pirates life for you? Well then, flag ahoy! Our Arrgh Matey Pirate Flag is an utterly piratey decoration that is perfect for use in your home, on your deck, or atop your ships mast! Want to show your pirate pride? Buy this!
Price: $15.00
Bartholomew Roberts Pirate Flag
One of the most infamous pirates on the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Bartholomew Roberts, also called Black Bart, was the captain of the Royal Fortune. His first standard can be seen on the Bartholomew Roberts Pirate Flag.
Price: $15.00
Battle Worn Large Jolly Roger Flag
No symbol represents pirates quite like the Jolly Roger. The Battle Worn Large Jolly Roger Flag is a unique way to prove your battle prowess as a sailor of the seven seas, with eye catching and authentic details that set it apart.
Price: $129.99
On Sale For: $118.00
Battle Worn Medium Calico Jack Flag
Most famous pirates had their own adaptations of the Jolly Roger, and Captain Calico Jacks is still one of the most well known today. Fly your own handmade version of this iconic flag with the Battle Worn Medium Calico Jack Flag.
Price: $89.99
On Sale For: $75.00
Battle Worn Small Calico Jack Flag
Calico Jack was such a famous pirate captain that, three hundred years later, his emblem is still one of the most iconic Jolly Rogers. With the Battle Worn Small Calico Jack Flag, you can have your own handmade version of this symbol.
Price: $49.99
On Sale For: $42.00
Battle Worn Small Henry Avery Flag
Pirates represent adventure on the high seas, and few were quite as adventurous as the legendary Henry Avery. Raise the Jolly Roger of the one and only King Pirate practically anywhere with the Battle Worn Small Henry Avery Flag.
Price: $39.99
On Sale For: $33.00
Battle Worn Small Jolly Roger Flag
With the Battle Worn Small Jolly Roger Flag, your superior prowess as a land raiding and cutlass wielding buccaneer can be shown anywhere! The convenient size of this flag allows you to easily display it in your home or office.
Price: $39.99
On Sale For: $33.00
Black Bart Pirate Flag
The pirate known as Bartholomew, or Black Bart, Roberts was infamous for his grudge against the Barbadians and the Martiniquians. He hated them so much, he made a flag, the Black Bart Pirate Flag, to advertise his enmity to them.
Price: $15.00
Blackbeard Pirate Flag
Perhaps the most feared pirate on the seven seas, Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard, used fear and intimidation as weapons. Fly the Blackbeard Pirate Flag and use the fear of your enemies as a weapon to get your booty!
Price: $15.00
Calico Jack Rackham Pirate Flag
Called Calico Jack because of the fabric his clothing was made from, John Rackham is one of the most famous pirates from the Golden Age of Piracy. His standard, seen on the Calico Jack Rackham Pirate Flag, is a type of Jolly Roger!
Price: $15.00
Jolly Roger Pirate Flag
Quite possibly the most famous of all the pirate flags, the Jolly Roger, as seen in the Jolly Roger Pirate Flag, has been flown by many pirate captains, including Edward England! Now you, too, can fly this iconic flag in your home!
Price: $15.00
Medium Calico Jack Flag
Named after one of the best pirate captains of all time, the Medium Calico Jack Flag depicts the emblem of Captain John Rackham. A skull and crossed swords, this symbol has become iconic of pirates since the early 18th century.
Price: $109.99
On Sale For: $90.00
Medium Henry Avery Flag
The Arch Pirate Henry Avery was undoubtedly the most successful pirate of the late 17th century. The Medium Henry Avery Flag showcases his iconic emblem, adding a handmade touch from the Golden Age of Piracy to your home decor.
Price: $99.99
On Sale For: $85.00
Medium Jolly Roger Flag
The skull and crossbones, known as the Jolly Roger, has been an iconic symbol since the early 1700s, or the Golden Age of Piracy. Now, you can fly your very own handmade Jolly Roger anywhere with the Medium Jolly Roger Flag.
Price: $99.99
On Sale For: $85.00
Small Henry Avery Flag
There are few pirates as infamous as the one and only Henry Avery, his iconic emblem a symbol of an impending raid from scoundrels of the high seas. Implement this sinister symbol into your decor with the Small Henry Avery Flag!
Price: $49.99
On Sale For: $42.00
Small Jolly Roger Flag
A sinister symbol of piracy since the early 18th century, the Jolly Roger has become a well loved emblem for fans of the pirate life. Prove yourself a swashbuckling buccaneer in your home decor with the Small Jolly Roger Flag.
Price: $49.99
On Sale For: $42.00
Surrender the Booty Pirate Flag
Are looking to strap on an eye patch and sail the seven seas in search of ships to plunder? If your answer is yes, then you are going to need a piratey flag to fly above your pirate vessel, like the Surrender the Booty Pirate Flag!
Price: $15.00
Thomas Tew Pirate Flag
Inspired by what is believed to have been the personal standard of infamous Rhode Island pirate, Thomas Tew, the Thomas Tew Pirate Flag is a fine example of classic pirate decor. This sea-worthy flag is something all pirates need!
Price: $15.00

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