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Embrace a whole new world of fashion with the range of spectacular Steampunk Hats that we offer here at Dark Knight Armoury! We carry an array of gorgeous steampunk headwear for Neo-Victorian ladies and gentlemen of the various social strata. Crafted from leather, felt, and other fine materials, many of these steampunk caps feature ornate decorations like feathers, lace, ribbons, clock faces, bullets, keys, gears, gauges, and much more. The designs range from vintage driving caps to leather top hats to veiled mini hats to aviator caps and beyond. Ladies can enjoy opulent fascinators and dramatic headdresses for formal occasions, while gents can make use of dashing derby hats and bowlers. No matter what genre of steampunk style you prefer, the steampunk hats we provide make the fantastic finishing touches for your favorite steampunk ensembles!
Absinthe Steampunk Top Hat
Inspired by the spirit of the same name, the Absinthe Steampunk Top Hat is a perfectly eccentric complement to a fearless wardrobe. It is a beautifully crafted top hat that features amazingly futuristic and appealing style.
Price: $367.00
Aeros Aviator Hat
Perfect for fans of the steampunk genre or those who seek a stand out look, the Aeros Aviator Hat features a stylish and versatile design which allows for it to be worn as eye catching casual wear or to complete your steampunk costume.
Price: $10.95
Art Nouveau Hat
An art movement enraptured by curved lines, natural forms, and harmonious designs, Art Nouveau was embraced by all the decorative arts, including fashion. The Art Nouveau Hat features a gorgeous design inspired by the period.
Price: $167.00
On Sale For: $150.00
Atlantis Top Hat
The elegance and myth of the sea meet steampunk style in the Atlantis Top Hat. Expertly handcrafted out of American leather, the artistic crown of this aquatic inspired top hat depicts an ethereal mermaid meeting with a dolphin.
Price: $247.00
Balance Hat
Prowling forward with a menacing gleam in its eye, the dragon shows no mercy to those who encroach upon its cavernous domain. The Balance Hat displays a fantasy graphic that has been beautifully laser engraved and airbrushed.
Price: $317.00
Black and Brown Topped White Steampunk Riding Hat
For one with discerning tastes, a riding hat is an important decision. It must complement ones riding attire perfectly. The Black and Brown Topped White Steampunk Riding Hat provides a stark color contrast, without compromising style.
Price: $68.00
Black and Brown Topped White Steampunk Riding Hat with Netting
For one with discerning tastes, a riding hat is an important decision. It must complement ones riding attire perfectly. The Black and Brown Topped White Steampunk Riding Hat with Netting provides a stark color contrast.
Price: $72.00
Black and Gold Geared Steampunk Riding Hat
The best Steampunk riding hat features influences from style without being overly obviously about it, like the Black and Gold Geared Steampunk Riding Hat. This hat is ideal for the lady who wants style without being too obvious.
Price: $68.00
Black and Ivory Mini Hat
Finding the right hat that compliments your outfit can be a chore, especially if you are looking for a visually appealing hat that is not overly decorated. Hold on, we have just that hat for you, in the Black and Ivory Mini Hat.
Price: $52.00
Black and White Striped Steampunk Riding Hat
The Black and White Striped Steampunk Riding Hat is the sort of hat that one would expect to see a Steampunk lady wearing while she is out and about on the town, riding a Steam vehicle to and from where-ever she might need to go.
Price: $68.00
Black Aviator Cap
The bomber hat was rather popular with aircraft pilots that flew open cockpits during World War I, protecting them from the cold air that rushed past their heads. The Black Aviator Cap is an accurate replica that will keep your warm.
Price: $14.95
Black Bowler Hat
The bowler hat, also known as the derby hat, has been a popular piece of headwear for well over one-hundred years. Now, here at Medieval Collectibles, we offer you a stylish Black Bowler Hat that is great for costumes and every day wear.
Price: $20.00
Black Coachman Hat
The Black Coachman Hat is a fantastic and authentic piece of headgear that looks great when paired with any Victorian or renaissance costume, especially if that costume is supposed to actually be a coachman of some kind!
Price: $25.00
Black Geared Steampunk Riding Hat With Goggles
It is hard to find something that black does not match. If you're certain you need a stylish Steampunk hat but do not know which matches well, then go with the safe bet - the Black Geared Steampunk Riding Hat with Goggles.
Price: $68.00
Black Mini Felt Top Hat
The Black Mini Felt Top Hat makes for a surprisingly accessible and attractive accessory. Of course it looks beautiful with elaborate, Victorian dresses, but they also compliment any elegant, regal, or otherwise noble attire.
Price: $58.00
Black Petite Steampunk Hat
Is a petite hat any different than a miniature hat? The answer could be yes or it could be no. It depends on your definition of petite. Is the Black Petite Steampunk Hat different? Yes, it is much smaller than typical miniature hats.
Price: $58.00
Black Top Hat
Never has dressing with flare and style been so easy as with this elegant yet simple Black Top Hat! Styled like the hats of antiquity, this hat is a great way to accent a variety of different styles, ranging from classic to Steampunk!
Price: $17.00
Black Trim Steampunk Riding Hat
Rediscover the world of steampunk by making this fantastic Victorian top hat a part of your outfit! The Black Trim Steampunk Riding Hat will ensure that your equestrian pursuits will be performed with the utmost quality and style.
Price: $68.00
Bowler Derby Wool Hat
The Bowler Derby Wool Hat is perfect for sporting sophisticated style at any occasion. Made of 100 percent Australian wool with a comfortable, organic cotton sweat band, this bowler hat is waterproof and has a soft, rounded crown.
Price: $46.00
British Pith Hat
Dont embark on your next jungle adventure without your trusted British Pith Hat. This costume hat displays the authentic style of a historic British helmet, its light khaki color accentuated by a dark brown faux leather chin strap.
Price: $20.00

" Beautiful item (DK1055) and a great price. Super fast delivery. I'll definitely be buying from this vendor again!"

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