Leather Arm Armor

The arms are very important in battle. After all, losing one or having one disabled could all but ruin you in a fight. That is why keeping them protected yet mobile is important, and nothing strikes a perfect balance between lightness, mobility, and protection like the various pieces of leather arm armour offered here Dark Knight Armoury. Here, you will find leather arm armour that will provide you with total arm protection, ranging from your shoulder down to the very tips of your fingers. Of course, what you wear should be based entirely around what you are doing. Our leather arm armour comes primarily in two grades, either 13-15 oz leather or 7-8 oz leather with some variations that fall in-between. 13-15 oz leather is armor grade leather, while 7-8 oz leather is thinner and more suited for LARPing events or theatrical wear. If you are looking for a little bit of arm protection or just want a good arm accessory, then you have come to the right place, because we offer many different styles of arm bracers. Want something a little more protective? Try a pair of leather gauntlets, which protects not only part of the forearm, but also the hand and wrist. Going for broke? Want the maximum protection possible? Browse our leather full arm armour to layer leather protections across your whole arm. And if you want something that helps you stand out while providing good protection, you will definitely want to check out our leather pauldrons and spaulders. As you can see, there is a lot of leather armour here at Dark Knight Armoury. If you know what you want, then click away and go right to what you need. But if not, then we wish you happy hunting as you locate that exact piece of leather arm armour that you desire.
Leather Arm Bracers and Wrist Bracers
Leather arm bracers are for more than just protecting your arms. At Dark Knight Armoury, we believe that a good pair of leather arm bracers or leather wrist bracers can be a great accessory, too, providing that added touch of style to your medieval or fantasy outfit, while also giving you a little extra security and protection on the side.
Leather Full Arm Armour
Complete arm protection is the way to go when you are heading into a real battle and lucky for you, Dark Knight Armoury offers a good selection of leather full arm armour that will give you total arm coverage. And the best part is that these layers of leather afford some great protection and range of movement, as well as a rather great look, too.
Leather Gauntlets
You will find not just leather gauntlets here, but also leather gloves, as well, making this the perfect category of Dark Knight Armoury to visit if you are in need of some good, quality hand wear. Of course, whether you get gauntlets or gloves depends on what you need them for, as both have their own uses and make for great accessories on their own.
Leather Pauldrons and Spaulders
Pauldrons are a perfect way to complete your armored look, especially when you are looking for that last bit of protection that will keep your shoulders safe. Or perhaps, instead, you are just looking for a good shoulder armor to wear with your current look. Either way, Dark Knight Armoury has what you need in our leather pauldrons and spaulders category.

"By doing a Google search for "authentic pirate clothing" I stumbled upon your site. Part of my order arrived within a few days of ordering it and the rest has just shipped. What Ive received so far has exceeded my expectations, especially at the prices I paid. Great quality, fair prices, and very attentive and helpful customer service. Business done right! Thank you!!!!"

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