Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we carry many fine Deepeeka products to decorate your home or add authenticity to your Renaissance fair experience. We carry a variety of collectible swords, historical armour, medieval clothing, decorative shields, and more. You can create a truly impressive historical campsite with our Roman and medieval camp tools, which include everything from historical cookware to fire starters to period tents. In addition to excellent display weaponry, Deepeeka produces many fine medieval daggers and historical accessories like powder horns and leather belts. When you want to create an incomparable reenactment experience or to decorate your home or office with excellent historical touches, take a moment to browse the Deepeeka section here at Dark Knight Armoury.
10th Century Gotland Viking Cross Axe
Vikings are known as one of the most brutal groups of people to have existed, yet they were also capable of incredible craftsmanship. The 10th Century Gotland Viking Cross Axe is an homage to the bold weapons used by these warriors.
Price: $131.00
11th C. Viking Sword
This 11th C. Viking Sword is an almost instantly recognizable style of sword, one that is as iconic as the people who made it famous! In your hands, it will make you feel more like a Viking, allowing you to channel your inner Norseman.
Price: $161.00
12th C. Crusader Sword
A crusader lived or died, by their blade, so as you can imagine, some took their swords very seriously. For pure efficiency, a sword in the style of this 12th C. Crusader Sword would have been favored, for its shape and its availability.
Price: $161.00
13th C. Sword of St. Maurice
St. Maurice, also known as Mauritius, was the leader of the Roman Theban Legion during the 3rd century. This 13th C. Sword of St. Maurice venerates him and his actions, which made him the patron saint of soldiers, knights, and warriors.
Price: $187.00
14 Century Bec de Faucon
In medieval times, the polearm was a popular weapon used in combat, meant to crush an opponent with a few blows. The 14th Century Bec de Faucon is one of the most deadly of these weapons, its features meant to disarm an enemy quickly.
Price: $198.00
1432 Milanese Sword with Finger Guard
Based on a famous museum piece found in the Royal Armouries in Leeds, this 1432 Milanese Sword with Finger Guard is a part of the Primus collection, as well as stunning recreation of the Type XIX Oakeshott style sword.
Price: $180.00
14th C. Two-Toned Hood
The dual colored style of this 14th C. Two-Toned Hood is a perfect match to our similarly named tunic (item number AH-PA2002). Worn with it or separately, this hood is an eye-catching accent to any number of authentic ensembles.
Price: $29.00
14th C. Two-Toned Tunic
Sometimes, you just want to stand out in your medieval attire. If that is the case, than little can compare with this 14th C. Two-Toned Tunic, which offers a duality of color alongside a classic shirt design from the medieval era.
Price: $44.00
14th Century Dark Knight Helm
The great helm is, perhaps, one of the most iconic helmets in medieval history. It possesses a well-known form that is used by many who participate in reenactments. This 14th Century Dark Knight Helm adds a twist to the classic design.
Price: $171.00
14th Century Italian Beast Hammer
The war hammer was a powerful and fearsome weapon in the Medieval era. The 14th Century Italian Beast Hammer intensifies that fear with a roaring beast sitting atop its pole that is prepared for the brutality of battle.
Price: $203.00
14th Century Italian War Hammer
If a foe should approach you clad in full armor, you know what weapon to reach for. This 14th Century Italian War Hammer was made for armored opponents, possessing a hand-held size that packs a punch against any who stand in its path.
Price: $90.00
15th Century Blunted Ring Hilt Sword
Every sword enthusiast needs a stunning piece to complete their collection. The 15th Century Blunted Ring Hilt Sword is just that, its eye catching features and blunted edge making it ideal to be a sword on your wall or your side.
Price: $189.00
15th Century Foot Soldier Half Armour
As weapons of the middle ages became more advanced and armor became more common, armies began fielding soldiers that wore this 15th Century Foot Soldier Half Armour, instead of the once-typical padded and chainmail protections.
Price: $639.00
15th Century Foot Soldier Knee Guard
Any warrior in battle, from the lowliest foot soldiers to the most trained knights, knew that protecting ones knees was important. That is why many warriors chose to wear protections like these 15th Century Foot Soldier Knee Guards.
Price: $135.00
15th Century Ring Hilted Sword
When you are sword fighting, you need a weapon that is functional, alluring, and protective. The 15th Century Ring Hilted Sword encompasses all three of these features, making it your ideal sword for light combative use.
Price: $248.00
15th Century Rondel Dagger
This dagger draws its name from its shape. The 15th Century Rondel Dagger is based on a historical piece that echoes the popular daggers of the fifteenth century, especially those that were favored secondary weapons and misericords.
Price: $77.00
15th Century Sallet
A sallet is often regarded as the forerunner of the modern-day combat helmet, and when you are looking at this 15th Century Sallet, it is not hard to see why, as this helmet possesses a shape that provides good coverage and protection.
Price: $135.00
16th Century German Dagger Hammer
Medieval history shows an array of deadly weapons being used in battle, but few are as interesting and eye catching as this one. The 16th Century German Dagger Hammer paints a deadly image, depicting a powerful fist clutching a spike.
Price: $180.00
1796 Light Cavalry Saber
Known as the finest cutting sword ever manufactured, few blades have the history and fame that the 1796 Light Cavalry Saber has. This style of saber was later adopted by several countries, used primarily during the Napoleonic Wars.
Price: $117.00
17th Century Closed Burgonet
When wearing a helmet, protection is good, but comfort must also be a consideration. After all, a protective helm that is impossible to wear, is not worth much. This 17th Century Closed Burgonet blends protection and comfort perfectly.
Price: $176.00

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